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Registration Agreement
You have been working the streets of Los Santos for some time. Running and Gunning and causing general mayhem, however perhaps you are growing tired of the senselessness and lack of challenge. Your entering a different world. A Free-Roam world where avoiding Cops, destroying evidence, planning Hits and running Rackets are a way of life.

Starting from the bottom, you'll find room for promotion, asset accumulation, real estate ventures, awards, and the coveted acquisition of territory. Its possible for you to create your own Crew, and build it up into a MC, a Gang or even a Mafia Family. By joining, you commit to adhering to our guidelines, and conducting your self IC (In character) while on the site and in closed Crew Servers.

Before you sign up, make sure you fill out the registration properly.

When it comes to choosing your name, it must be One first name followed by a Last Name, ie John Smith, Jane Doe, Alexander Putti etc.

Your name must have the symbol that represents what Console you play on at the end, as shown below. This will make it easier for you and others on your console to get in-game together:

John Smith PC
John Smith X1
John Smith XS
John Smith XX
John Smith P4
John Smith P5

It's also possible to include a nickname, just make sure you use double quotation marks, such as:

John "Gunner" Smith PC
"Big" John Smith X1
John Smith "The Fist" XS

Remember Bloodlines is a RP world. We operate in the shadows, we don't draw attention to ourselves and we keep our business discrete. If you are looking to blow everything up, drive erratically with Crew, and use tanks etc.. Then maybe this is not the place for you.. If you want to Role-Play the life your character leads as he makes his way up the Family Ladder, then you have entered the right Crew. We take our time and play with no rush in this "Organized Crime Simulation". Also keep in mind that Legits and Honest Cops are welcome, though understand this is predominantly a Mob Town.

Be sure to check out the site thoroughly. This will be our Hangout and primary place of communication. Get involved and show initiative with the Role-Play aspects of the Crew.

This shall be an adventure.

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