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20th Aug ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
Mercanti Family (Muscle+),

I'll require some assistance in running the Family Rackets across the state for the next few weeks. Business isn't running smooth right now so I'll need a couple of people to help me get business running right again.

So if you hold the rank of Muscle or higher and you have the time to do some work helping the Rackets run right over the next week or two, comment below and I'll PM you when I have enough people to help me.

- Carmine Balrone
22nd Aug Javier Guzman P4 befriended ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
9th Jul ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
Mercanti Family (Muscle +),

With the lowering number of people on the streets handling enforcement at the moment, Family businesses have taken a hit and the books aren't looking good.

I'll require 4 to 6 active people (muscle and above) to help me get some of the Family's businesses back up and running smoothly again. If we continue to neglect businesses than they'll soon fall into the hands of our rivals, which isn't going to happen.

If your interested in some work and wish to help me with this, comment below and once I have at least 4 comments, I'll PM your work.

- Carmine Balrone
22nd Jul Enzio SpilatroP4 befriended ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
14th Jul Sam Bond p4 befriended ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
25th Jun Tommy D'Esposito P4 befriended ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
30th May Tobi Montone P4 befriended ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
6th May ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
(IMPORTANT: Please have access to and experience in modding etc. to handle this)

Mercanti Family (Muscle +),

I have some work needs doing;

Some "unlicensed" venues that serve the men of New Angeles with there vice's have not only decided to not pay for our "protection" but have threatened our bagmen that went to collect. I want people to hold up these establishments in order to make them understand that not having our services will be bad for business. We have to send them a message!

1) 24/7 convenience store, Downtown Vinewood (front for an illegal gambling den)

2) Suburban clothing store, Burton (front for an illegal high-end bordello)

3) LS Customs, Rockford Hills (front for an illegal high stakes card game)

If your able to handle this (a good modder) and want to hold up one of the above businesses, comment below and handle it ASAP!

- Carmine Balrone

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