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30th May Tobi Montone P4 befriended ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
6th May ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
(IMPORTANT: Please have access to and experience in modding etc. to handle this)

Mercanti Family (Muscle +),

I have some work needs doing;

Some "unlicensed" venues that serve the men of New Angeles with there vice's have not only decided to not pay for our "protection" but have threatened our bagmen that went to collect. I want people to hold up these establishments in order to make them understand that not having our services will be bad for business. We have to send them a message!

1) 24/7 convenience store, Downtown Vinewood (front for an illegal gambling den)

2) Suburban clothing store, Burton (front for an illegal high-end bordello)

3) LS Customs, Rockford Hills (front for an illegal high stakes card game)

If your able to handle this (a good modder) and want to hold up one of the above businesses, comment below and handle it ASAP!

- Carmine Balrone
2nd May ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
Mercanti Family (P4 only),

I have some work for those interested;

Mangano Trucking & Hauling, an NA based trucking company, has refused to continue paying the Family for "Protection" of its depots and trucks. This is unacceptable....

I have a man on the inside who'll inform us on the valuable loads around town. So I need 3 men to each hijack one truck. You meet with the informant, choose which truck/item you want to hijack and then take the truck. You keep whatever you steal as I'm only interested in getting Mangano T & H back under "Protection".

If your intetested in helping me on this, comment below and hijack a truck ASAP!!

- Carmine Balrone
19th Apr ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
For those people who agreed to boost cars for my "client", I'm disappointed to see that none of them are being done. These cars need to be boosted and delivered ASAP!

The following people have orders that need to be done as quickly as possible; Gio, Vito Strauss, Sergey, Andy Shelby and Ivan.

So to the above names, please check my post to see which car you must boost, and do so right away, my "client" will not wait forever.

- Carmine Balrone
26th Mar ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
Mercanti Family (Muscle +),

I have work for anyone interested;

With our main competition in the AC Auto Theft scene now gone, we can began to move in and take over the business/clientele.

I have had a "local" client come to me with a shopping list. He needs specific cars and he'll pay the men that deliver them 1 x Cash per car. All we have to do is find the car, boost it, and bring it to the top floor of the multi-story carpark in Del Perro, its easy money!

He has 10 cars in his list, so if your interested in boosting a car for quick cash. Comment below and I'll comment the car you must find and steal (NOTE: 1 car per comment max. to give more people a chance to make some cash from this).

- Carmine Balrone
27th Mar Silvio Dante P4 befriended ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
14th Mar ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4
Mercanti Family (Mademan +),

I have an important task that I need only a "Made" member to handle ASAP!

Since we don't want to defend our turf and allow the Pavano's to steal our business, alright, let it happen. But if there gonna take what's ours, it's going to cost them....

I want someone to attend the sit-down with the Pavano Earner's I've arranged and represent the Family. You'd explain to them that operating in SA will cost them 10% of there action as well as any assistance we acquire without question. We might as well get something out of all this.

If you can handle this task in order to make sure the Pavano's (and the rest of The Commission) know operating here ain't free, comment below and handle this ASAP!

- Carmine Balrone

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