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New Members & Getting Started
Aldo Mercanti PC
Step 1: An Introduction to The Mercanti Family Role Play World 3.0
Here you will see a summary of how this Crew works, along with its basic history.
1st Jan 2016 by ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC in Current 3.0 Sta...
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Aldo Mercanti PC
Step 2: Registration
Before you can gain a point or earn a promotion you need to sign up.
30th Dec 2015 by ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC in You need to be ...
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Aldo Mercanti PC
Step 3: Character Creation
Now that you know what we do, you can create your own Role Play Character to join in.
30th Dec 2015 by ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC in Make your Chara...
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Aldo Mercanti PC
Step 4: Get Accomodation and a Vehicle
Now that your Character Exists in our world, you will need to get them a roof and a few doors.
30th Dec 2015 by ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC in How to get your...
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Aldo Mercanti PC
Step 5: Do a legit Shift
Now you have a car and a roof, you will need to pay for gas, and rent.
30th Dec 2015 by ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC in Earn your first...
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Aldo Mercanti PC
Step 6: Get paid for your work
Well you did the work, time to put the Points in your Bank Account
30th Dec 2015 by ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC in Go to the Bank
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Step 7: Go forth, the teller of tales, and seize whatever prey the heart long for, and have no fear
Everything exists, everything is true, and the earth is only a little dust under our feet - Yeats
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Member Assets and Accounts
Aldo Mercanti PC
**Official Mercanti Timeline**
This is where Members post Official 'Mercanti Journals'.
14th Jan 2016 by ℳ ♛Don Aldo Mercanti PC in Section 1. FAQ
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Andreas City (PC) Groups
The Bases of City wide Member Managed or Created Groups are listed here.
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The Mercanti Family Network
Vincent Sicero
Del Perro
First place to go for New Associates. Meet the Del Perro Capo and Introduce yourself.
328 Posts
7 Topics
Charles "Smiley" Farlo X1
3122 Posts
47 Topics
Mike "Lich" Cipriani
A Traditional Mob Territory. With neighbourhoods on the Canal and the famous Beach Front scene.
30 Posts
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La Mesa
An industrial area ripe for Rackateering. Highway underpasses and Train tracks hide its potential.
Subforums: La Mesa Customs
19th Jul 2014 by ℳ ★Phoenix_Jay Mercanti in "You ready for ...
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"Old" Tony Calvetti
East Vinewood
Poorer part of Vinewood with many opportunities. The Lost MC also inhabit this area.
40 Posts
14 Topics
Chris "XP" Gallo
The Docks
Where many traditional Rackets still exist.. Not a place to visit in your finest white suit.
Subforums: Local 32 (X)
18th Apr 2014 by ℳ ★Chris "XP" Gallo Mercanti in "Are you Local....
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Adelaide Caleone Calvetti
West Vinewood
Home to some of Vinewoods iconic tourist destinations. However it also has a dark side.
Subforums: Hornbills
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"Ace" Fr3sh
La Puerta
A Unique Territory. La Puerta is home to the Scrapyard & and the Heli-Pad.
Subforums: The Scrapyard
19th Apr 2014 by ℳ ★"Ace" Fr3sh Mercanti in Racket: "Scrapy...
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Alexander Cederlof PC
Casey's Diner (Crew Hangout)
This is the place to relax and hangout and meet others socially, Safe in Mercanti Territory.
344 Posts
39 Topics
Luciano Mareno PC
Bolingbroke Penitentiary
The Prison. Where members of the Family go for getting caught to often. Bribary only works sometimes
98 Posts
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