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A New Venture! Your imput wanted.
04:40 AM Mon 9th Jun 2014 - 09:00 AM Tue 17th Jun 2014(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Ok guys, i have a major issues i want to bring up....

Due to the ongoing criminal work that has been accomplished and all the bulky unmarked envelopes i am receiving, i am having a lot of trouble closing the door on the safe.. This needs to be remedied immediately..

OK so this is whats happening:

at the end of this event, 18/06/2014, i will announce a property that i will buy for the Family. all properties from which i will decide will be member submitted so that means get out there and take a look around for something that would be a quality addition to our real estate portfolio.


search around the city for a building, property, business or other enterprise or establishment that you think would make a great place for us to use.

when you are picking a place, consider what the primary purpose of this place might be, e.g. Auto Repair in XXXX and primary use as a cut house (place to cut drugs).. or the carpark in XXXXX and primary use as a place for gathering intel.. (ie we own the carpark and can go there and "search" a vehicle safely with the security cams on our side.. get the info of the people who own the expensive cars and use that to extort, rob or something for profit them..).. be creative come up with something either unique exiting and cool, or something relaxing and social.. its up to you what you suggest, i will pick the most Mercanti option.. as long as you submit it here with a imgur link to at least one photo.. ideally a map reference and what you think a great primary purpose for this place might be..

get in a car take a drive with a mate.. this is literally mafia work.. driving around looking for potential in this great land of opportunity... what do YOU see?

OK look forward to seeing these suggestions.. also note that i will keep in mind any good ones that dont make fist place this time..

Happy hunting..


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6th Feb 2015

Hey it was my old house you can buy it back don it is yours and it makes for a good hide away
6th Jun 2014
Heres a couple of nice places worth looking at
4th Jun 2014 ... #0
3rd Jun 2014
3rd Jun 2014
Note: the property will be for all the family to use.. so suggestions that block out people from being able to use it wont likely make it. possibly a place in San Rico.. who knows..
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