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01:24 AM Tue 13th May 2014 - 01:24 AM Sat 17th May 2014(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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OK, a task for anybody and everybody.

OK lets get back to the fundamentals.


Over this four day period in which the Event takes place, recon, plan, recruit and execute a "Job" of your choosing.


Heist, armed robbery, kidnapping, stealth theft etc.. any type of criminal activity that you think will net the family a little profit.


the only one is that the net result should total no more than $350,000.. so keep it small to mid range in scope. Real honest Mob work. There are really no other restrictions.. just use your good judgement.

Food for thought:

throughout the process, from Recon to Execute, be in character, RP in game.. you dont need to do an accent lol but take it slow and live the life.. this is where the true enjoyment can take place.

1 Recon:

Take a drive, ideally with a partner, and explore the city. talk about in world things and maybe meet up with a contact you have, or scout out a factory etc.. This is a chance to be creative and inhabit the mindset of a criminal looking to make a good score.

2 Plan:

Once you have found the site, or person, object or building in which you see potential, formulate a Plan in detail on how to go about performing the job. determine how many members you will need and what equipment. describe each participants role etc.. Keep in mind that it will be more difficult to successfully do a job if it demands a high number of participants. especially when you take into account Time Zone etc.. Once you have made the plan, post in this Events space as a Comment, the name of the Job that you are announcing you are going to do.. e.g. The Lumber Mill Heist etc.. This means that the job is somewhat official now and adds a little more excitements and pressure to get this one time  job completed successfully.

3 Recruit:

now you have a Plan, you should PM members who you think might be interested in the work and try to recruit the team necessary to pull the Job. If its too difficult to pre-organize a team, try to recruit right before you execute, if there are enough Mercanti's online at the time who are interested in doing your job. Again, i recommend you Plan a Job that requires only a few other members  or even just one other, to make it easier to eventuate.

4 Execute:

now that you have a Plan and a Team, you can put it into action. Once you have performed the Job, make a brief Imgur Journal of the Job and post it as a comment here, and in the usual Journal Thread. I say brief as i would prefer that while your doing the Job, you feel very present in it, as apposed to the feeling of preparing photos for later edit. Its a beautiful city... Enjoy.


I will consider this a victory if we are able to get 3+ Successfully completed Jobs in this time.

Respect. Initiative. Teamwork.


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18th May 2014
Hey thank you to those who put together a plan and got it completed. also to those who helped make the plan a reality. great job guys! : )
17th May 2014
Executing the plan

After the recon and planning stages, it was time for Phoenix and adelaide to get ready to execute their plan.

They call up a Mule and go to collect it.

P: here we are Adel, I will drive this and will follow your bike.
A: Ok, lets go.

They drive off, with adelaide in the lead on her bike and Phoenix in the mule and make their way down to the docks and the warehouse.
17th May 2014
Planning/Recruitment stage

After doing recon, Adelaide and Jay sat in the car and discussed what would be needed to pull off this job.
17th May 2014
Smuggling in LS - Recon stage

It was a sunny day and Adelaide and Jay were driving about the city, they put the radio and listen to some good tunes.

J: Hey Adel, lets cruise about and see if we can find something to do.
A: Ok

So they drive about and chat about Adels upcoming wedding and things and then her mobile rings..

A: hello, whos this?
Phone: Hi, this is Eduardo, remember we met a while back when you were in San Rico and I helped you up there and you asked if I have any info, to get in touch?
A: Oh yes, hi Eduardo. This is a long call, are you still up there?
E: No, im in LS now, I came down with some others a while back. Can we meet up?
A: yes, of course, I will be coming down with a collegue, Jay, he can be trusted.
E: ok, meet me in Rockford hills. I will text with the address.
A: ok,see you soon.

And adel hangs up and they get ready to leave. Just then, a text comes in with the address and they drive off.
12th May 2014
Anybody who needs a gunmen driver hacker safecracker or a pilot Im your man
12th May 2014
So all you got to do to start this is take a drive.. hope to see a few Jobs being posted soon.
11th May 2014
So guys let me know how the Recon stage goes..
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