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Meet and Greet
8:13 PM Mon 10th Mar 2014 - 8:13 PM Fri 14th Mar 2014(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Welcome to the New Associates! Glad to have you aboard and interested to see who makes it to Muscle.

Share a Drink

Nothing Fancy, Make it a goal to have a beer or a shot with someone who you have not met before. Event Lasts 4 Days. Tell them a lousy Joke.. nothing too funny! A 'Knock Knock' will do the job.

You might find you have a new friend, or partner in crime who shares a similar Time Zone.

Side Note:

Read through the Forums if you have not already.. Get acquainted with how we operate, be respectful and ready to learn, and begin your journey into the Underworld.

Respect. Initiative. Teamwork.

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11th Mar 2014
Candy here. I'm usually online at most street hours ( 9pm - 2am ). My Gamertag is TailoredFlunky6 and I hope to see you soon.
11th Mar 2014
Post here who you had a drink with..
11th Mar 2014
For any and all Xbox 360 members, I will be online between 3-6 EST. My gamertag is McPhee360Pro. Feel free to add me & I will be in a closed crew session. Inbox me any concerns.
10th Mar 2014
I think the worst Joke i hear will earn a special mention : )
10th Mar 2014
Big Boss (Banned)
Is this Meet and Greet for xbox players?
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