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The Mercanti Family Olympics
08:01 AM Wed 26th Feb 2014 - 07:59 AM Tue 4th Mar 2014(GMT/UTC -5.0)
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Come one come all,

Compete for Honour and Respect in The Mercanti Family Olympics!

This event will be open for ONE WEEK.

How this works:

Challenge other Mercanti Members to one of the Events, if they accept play the Event, then Post the result in this thread in Casey's Diner.


Arm Wrestling
Racing (No Traffic, No Catchup)


Each time you have a Victory in an Event you get one Point for that Event. Who ever has the most Points in an Event is the winner of that Title. E.g. If you are the Leader of the Tennis Event with say 4 wins when the event finishes, you get the Award "Gold Medal: Tennis" in your Profile. Plus there will be a small Closing Ceremony where the Winners will be celebrated. This should be a bit of light hearted fun and a way for people to meet others and let off some steam. If there is an Event missing let me know.

To the Victor go the spoils.

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26th Mar 2014
played oliver dowbiggin at golf a couple of days ago, i won -7 to -5
26th Mar 2014
Played Bojanix at tennis I won 6 games to 1
25th Mar 2014
Played phoenix_jay again at tennis and I won 6 games to 0
24th Mar 2014
Played big oliver dowbiggin at Golf, and won, -9 to -5
24th Mar 2014
Tennis vs pheonix_jay I won 6 games to 1
23rd Mar 2014
Tennis V Nerdgasm | AD I won 5 games to 1, conceded victory based on IRL restraints.
23rd Mar 2014
Tennis v Joey I won 6 games to 0
23rd Mar 2014
Tennis V Fingers. I won 6 games to 1
14th Mar 2014
Al Capone (Banned)
Big_Dim- (supawog007) and I were playing tennis and Dim scored 3-0 points so I rage quit, he won the game.
12th Mar 2014
Hi, im up for this, if anyone wants to play golf, darts, tennis or racing, let me know. Add me on ps3 Phoenix_Jay. golf is the main event, any takers?
24th Feb 2014
Im looking forward to trying some Events i have not done before like Darts and Arm Wrestling.
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