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Journal #1 : Arriving at New Angeles
Javier Guzman P4 23rd Aug 2017

Hi  all,
I am Javier Guzman, a Mexican who did some trafficking between Mexico and the US. Unfortunately, someday it went wrong when a rival gang took over our shipment, resulting in a big shootout. 
The mayhem got the attention of the police. They kept their distance till the fight was more or less over. 
Somehow I knew to survive, but got caught by the police in my attempt to escape. 
After a few years in a Maximum Security Prison, north of Acapulco, I was released... A lot sooner than I was supposed to be. But I thought it was a trap, so the cops would follow me back to my old gang. 
I decided to start over in a new country. 
With the few dollars I still had, I bought a plane ticket to New Angeles. There I would meet an old friend, Lamar, also known as LD. Lamar, would pick me up, but from there I would be on my own.
Guzman Mercanti Journal  #1  :

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