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Life as a thug
Milimeterpeterr X1 12th Aug 2017
It was late one sunny morning in las Santos, I was getting out of bed kissed my girl and got in my car. I had to go on a business trip to blain county. Once I got there I stopped at the store for some pipweiser and a pack of smokes.

The guy was looking at my jacket. He said what the fuck is that.

I was like what the hell you talking about that's my LS jacket I turned around pulled my suppressed out and popped his ass and left.

To be Continued
Mr. Vinnie "The Chin" Tomasino X1 17th Aug 2017
This is lit bruh
Big Andre "Prince" Scarcello X1 16th Aug 2017
Right fucking savage this man is.
ℳ ★Dr. Marco "Dottore" Stinto X1 Mercanti 13th Aug 2017
...what the fuck?
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