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the story of Alaric delano
Alaric 'Ric' Delano 9th Apr 2017
Alaric "Ric" Delano record
what is known 
20 years old, born and raised in Liberty City by his English born father and Russian mother. Ronald and Alla. it is known both have family with deep roots to crime. with his father coming from a long linage of organised criminals and it is believed might have had ties to the infamous Kray twins, his mother's side is thought to be one of original bloodlines for the  bratva. despite both of these connections his father moved to liberty city and became a lieutenant to a local Russian  crime boss as a favour to Alla's family. their side of the family became a  embarrassment due to his fathers lack of success.

all named by Ronald
William,Brandon,Jacob and his younger brother Micheal. his three elder brothers were feared by everybody in the neighbourhood  but  when all three went to prison, the fear disappeared but Alaric could defend himself and quickly he earned a reputation for being just as vicious as his brothers and soon fear returned. unlike his older brothers Alaric was smart and shown to have a cunning few his age could match, so even when his brothers got out he was the second in command and assisted his father in the running of the business.
he is believed to have been taught on the street and was a thief taking peoples possessions without being noticed.
his younger brother Micheal was nothing like his siblings as he wanted to live a law abiding live.

his family's rise 
after a gang war broke out his father and brothers ceased control of their bosses businesses and formed their own gang but at this point he had broken off and formed a mini crew who ran a small theft racket. he kicked up to his dad and informed him that the Russians are going to retaliate but his father ignored the obvious and did little to nothing, knowing the Russians will go for anyone, he helped Micheal get a university spot in New angles and said goodbye he attempted to help his mother but she insisted she would follow his father even to death. 
the dreaded day came his mother,father and his 3 older brothers were dead .
what happened after is up to debate. after the slaughter  he became a ghost  some believe he became a gun trafficker working with Russians and the IRA to get the guns, other reports says he ended up in different hellholes in south america but all that is known he is a criminal who has robbed,murdered,assaulted and other crimes  that we don't know of but will come to light.

O.C just something to set my character up til i can sort accounts out             
Alaric 'Ric' Delano 9th Apr 2017
if you've got any criticisms please do tell
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