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Year One Anniversary
Big Francis "The Mick" O'Brien P4 12th Dec 2016
Finally , my anniversary

Damn , I never thought that I'll make it to this point , thought I would drop this earlier
At this day , exactly one year ago , I was chilling , browsing around the web for a fitting GTA Crew which ain't a PVP Crew or similar bullshit . Then , I stumpled on this beautiful thing of ours , and I knew rightaway this something for me . I won't lie , I was pretty confused , with all the rules etc . Even said fuck it , too complicated . Then , Smiley came along and told me that I shouldn't leave it , will learn fast . And for damn right he told the truth ! I made friends here , many of them . When I first ever felt it that I was part of something big , man , unbelievable . Started as a little meth dealer in Little Seoul under the Genovese Reign , and worked my way up . Earls , Viceroys , Counts , Knights . The lot of friends , which are still here and the ones who ain't , a big shoutout to all of you ! You , gave me the feeling of community . Tho I had often moments where I just said fuck this I'm out , I'm still here . I couldn't just leave . It would be a damn shame ! That's why I am writing these lines happily , now to the special thanks :

Danilo Neves , Mentor in drug dealing and loan sharking , Riposa in pace

Jackie Neves , Friend , Family

Jarno Genovese , former Dukes Shotcaller and first Capo I worked for

Carmine Balrone , Friend , longest SC and Capo I've worked with , you made the Viceroys THE special crew for me

Dr . Marco Stinto , Ma German Brotha

Dom Vario , one of my best friends , always there for me

Tim Armarego , the fella who rosed to the top that fast , and who makes bombass suits

Smiley Farlo , convinced me to stay when I first wanted to leave

Andre DiMartino , Mademen on the same day my homeboy

And a special thanks for anyone who I've met so far , you the ones who made this community so great for me !!!

ℳ ©Captain Andre DiMartino P4 12th Dec 2016
Man, that day when we got Made, good memories. A year already, it flies past mate, the Viceroys really were a special crew for me too, man how times have changed. Congrats lad!
ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4 12th Dec 2016
It's been a year! Fuck me, it feels like only yesterday that you walked into the Richman Hotel looking to become a Viceroy. Loyalty isn't an easy thing to stick too but you've always maintained your loyalty to your respective boss and the Family as I whole. I have always been able to rely on your for the tough jobs and I always know when there's a divide you'll be on the right side to help. Your not just our Friend mate, your our Family, we love you like a brother and we look forward to having you for another year. Salute Francis!
Mr. Charles "Smiley" Farlo X1 12th Dec 2016
Good thing I convinced ya ass to stay. Congrats bud, welcome to the club for old men.
ℳ ★Dr. Marco "Dottore" Stinto X1 Mercanti 12th Dec 2016
A year already? Lets hope for another!
Mr. Dom Vario X1/PC 12th Dec 2016
Congratulations mate, heres to another year, salute!
ℳ $Sir Tim Armarègo X1 12th Dec 2016
Congratulations Tommy. Lotta things have happened in that year, that's for sure. To the next year, salute!
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