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Dossier of Francis O'Brien
Big Francis "The Mick" O'Brien P4 14th Apr 2017

Subject Nr : 6-05-08-67-2-14-8-87

Name : O'Brien, Francis, Joseph 

Known Aliases : Chef, The Mick, Frankie 

Age : 37, Tuesday, 8th August 1980

Nationality : American 

Race : Caucasian 

Criminal Records : 

Charged with : Multiple Offences (1st Degree Murder, Assault and Battery, Possession of illegal substances with intention of selling) (2005) 

Verdict : Guilty 

Sentence : 55 Years at Bolingbroke State Penintentary 
(Released after 12 years due bailout (2.500.000$) and participance at social rehab program)

Registered Firearms : 

Hawk&Little M9A1

Vom Feuer M4A2

Vom Feuer M39EBR

Confiscated Firearms : 

Shrewsbury 500 (sawn-off)

Suspected Affiliations : 

Mercanti Crime Family : Several investigations and hints lead to the conclusion that the subject is a suspected member of the Mercanti Crime Family, an organization which can be dated to be established in the early 80s in San Andreas, which has numerous rackets and crimes operating in, such as pimping, drug trafficking, organized theft, extortion, the list goes on

Del Perro Barons : Established Crew from NA, this crew is believed to be the one O'Brien lasted longest in it . In terms of numbers the biggest in New Angeles, controls the beach and surrounding area. According to informants the crew controls the drug traffic and extortion in NA, mainly in Del Perro

Suspected Associates : 

Andre DiMartino 

Carmine Balrone 

Garin Poole 

Logan Toretto (deceased)

Sergey Noukhayev

Johnathan Whelan 

Jack Byrne

Tomas Vercetti (deceased)

Dominic Vario 

James Vario 

Dr.Med.Marco Stinto 

Notes : 

•Works mostly alone.
•Settled down in New Angeles at the age of 15, together with his mother and older sister.
•Ex-Star athlete of the Davis High, brought gold back after a long loss streak on athletic competitions.
•Served in the Army from 1998 to 2003, achieved rank of Sergeant, participated in Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) and Operation Iraqi Freedom, carrier of the Purple Heart.
•Affected by PTSD since then, under psychological and pharmacological treatment.
•Suspected being involved in the murder of his wife Vivienne Ranoux
•The enormous bailout sum which was paid for O'Brien is believed to come from the deceased Tomas Vercetti, former Governor and suspected member of the Mercanti Crime Family. According to his lawyer, O'Brien's release was part of his last will, thus 2/3 of his fortune was spent into the bail
•Registered guns are believed to be stolen service guns
( M9A1, M4A2, M39EBR )
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