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Its been 1 Year.
Mr. Dom Vario X1/PC 27th Jan 2017
Well...367 days to be exact. Overshot it slightly but I just wanted to write this as a look back everything I've done with you fellas in a year. 

On February 26th I signed up to the crew after an old buddy of min contacted me about this thing of ours, started telling me about this character he was playing by the name of Jim Vario, and how he had a brother, Sam. From there I signed up as part of this bloodline, and together along with Connor, Mikey and myself, all five of us has worked to make this something special. It feels like it was only a few weeks ago that I looked up to people like Danny Neves, Tony Scaletta and Jarno, but now a lot of the old faces that used to wonder the corn are no longer with us. It kinda sets the tone doesn't it? Really drives home that a lot of the top guys that stand in our ranks, we all came up together as a crew, and still to this day we share that same bond that is the family.  

So I guess thanks? Heres to another year, couldn't have done it without a few of you guys you know who you are. 

ℳ $Sir Tim Armarègo X1 27th Jan 2017
To the next year, Dom. Congratulations.
ℳ ©Captain Jimmy "Righty" Vario X1/PC 27th Jan 2017
Shit it been a year well dom lets look forward to your 2nd.
Big Francis "The Mick" O'Brien P4 27th Jan 2017
Hear hear ! On a prosperous second year !
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