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ℳ $Sir Tim Armarègo X1 7th Jan 2017
I'm not big on anniversaries but, turns out this is my 1 year anniversary here in the crew so may as well say a few words.

A shit ton of events have happened in this one year, lots of fun moments, lots of not so fun moments. But, overall it's been a great experience being here. I've met a lot of cool people here in my time, I'd like to thank you guys, I won't bother naming people because that'd take ages but you guys know who you are.

Hopefully I'll be sticking around here next year fellas
ℳ $Sir Carmine Balrone P4 8th Jan 2017
Congrats on surviving Year 1 mate! In only a year you've become, in my opinion at the very least, the most liked and most respected member of the Family. You've not only conducted Family Business with honor and discretion, but you've led your city and crews with skill and precision, and you've made most of us some pretty bomb ass fucking suits too haha! Congrats on a year well done Tim and here's to another great year to come mate! Salute!
Mr. Dom Vario X1/PC 7th Jan 2017
Good that your still kicking around boss. Heres to another year, salute!
Big Francis "The Mick" O'Brien P4 7th Jan 2017
Mang . I remember when you joined back then . Rised through the ranks fast asf , producer of TWITMF and those bombass Suits ... congrats matey , on a prosperous second year !
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