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First Taste


Earned 1 Point.

Learning how the Mafia works is hard. yet you have managed to show some Initiative and have earned your first Official Point.

Now remember, Points are not just Money.. you might have been earning cash for a little while now. Official Points represent:

Etc.. Things that come from successful work in a Crime Family..

Now lets not get ahead of ourselves, you have learned one way to make Points. Keep learning and looking for opportunities, there are many ways to earn in this Family.

Keep it up, your going places.

Poor $

Congratulations! your now about as wealthy as a part time Student.

Bank Account: 5+ Points

(These Are Clean Points.. Which represent Clean money that is legal and accounted for and is sitting in your bank account.. If you have lots of Clean money, you can use it to legally rent in nicer places and you can afford to buy nicer cars. And becasue its all clean you dont have to worry about getting "Caponed" by the IRS.)

You have managed to earn a few Points now in your Career in the underwold. You cant afford your own house or anything like that but as a Mercanti member you have access to a range of Garages, Safehouses and Cars so hey, the Money will come in as you learn more and find ways to gain more Points and in the meantime your still living better than most of the country.

One day maybe you will own your own Mansion and Yacht and look back at this point in your career and smile.

Your now wealthy enough to have:

Read Before You Buy! Click > Here

- 1x Car/Motorbike $15,000 or under
- New Rental Options: Textile City/East Vinewood/Strawberry


You are new here.. Everyone in the Family starts out from nothing. The goal is to learn the Family business and start making some money to provide for you (Your current Roleplay Character) and your children's (Your future Roleplay Characters) future.

Earned 1 Point.

As you Earn more Points, you will become Richer. Right now you are Broke.. Probably why you are looking to the Family to earn some money. As you get richer you will be able to afford better and better lifestyle. This is reflected by Wealth Awards. Each Wealth Award will unlock new things for you to own. Right now, you are able to have the following included in your Mercanti Journals and use in Closed Crew Servers.. Ie, your Roleplay character has the following:

- 1x Car/Motorbike $10,000 or under
- You can take any room in an 'Apt For Rent' or 'Hotel/Motel' in Mission Row/La Mesa/Rancho/Davis/Chamberlain Hills/Murrieta Heights/Cypress Flats/La Puerta or LSIA

Here is the value of each car, so you know which one you are able to use as your Starting Car.

4. Family Man

The Boss has noticed your efforts out on the streets. You have been putting in Family Work and representing the Crew with pride. Your not afraid to get your hands dirty and you work with your team well.

Your stock is high right now in the Mercanti Family and your making a serious name for your self on the streets of Los Santos.. Your reputation is growing stronger and you command respect with your presence.

3. Mafia Guy

You have been working hard and you have shown your self to be a good Earner for the Family.  Your familiar with the Family Rackets and are making good money and gaining a solid reputation. Some people are starting to look to you for advice and your beginning to see that there is more money to be made by being smart than by being wild.

Your known as a serious businessman not to be crossed.

2. Gangster

You have been out there on the streets putting in work and getting things done. Your reputation is growing both in the Family and on the streets. Your methods, a touch unpolished, but your heart is strong and your becoming a valuable asset to the Organization. Keep learning the streets and the Rackets and earn your position in the future of the Family.

1. Starting Out

OK so you have put in a little work now for the family, or you have represented the Crew colours out on those streets, either way you are making the first steps in the right direction and it has been noted by the Boss.

Now its time to step up a gear and put in some Family Work. There are always Rivals who need to be knocked off, Workers beaten, Escorts pimped and Rackets maintained.. Go to the Italian Restaurant and get some work and show the Family your value, your journey into the underworld is only just beginning.. What type of criminal you will end up being is yet to be seen but the Family has high hopes for you.

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