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2. Gangster

You have been out there on the streets putting in work and getting things done. Your reputation is growing both in the Family and on the streets. Your methods, a touch unpolished, but your heart is strong and your becoming a valuable asset to the Organization. Keep learning the streets and the Rackets and earn your position in the future of the Family.

1. Starting Out

OK so you have put in a little work now for the family, or you have represented the Crew colours out on those streets, either way you are making the first steps in the right direction and it has been noted by the Boss.

Now its time to step up a gear and put in some Family Work. There are always Rivals who need to be knocked off, Workers beaten, Escorts pimped and Rackets maintained.. Go to the Italian Restaurant and get some work and show the Family your value, your journey into the underworld is only just beginning.. What type of criminal you will end up being is yet to be seen but the Family has high hopes for you.

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