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11 hours ago TankDempsey0115
I wish these guys would allow me to join them so i can get S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team the security we need. The BSAA never help us at all, TerraSave is never active. And Umbrella isnt enough.
14th Nov 2017 ℳ ★Tony "The Elder" Scaletta PC Mercanti
On behalf of respect towards my old friend don Aldo I'm shutting this place down lore wise until/if he ever comes back to resurrect this place

(As the sun sets on the vanilla unicorn 3 black super diamonds pull up in front, upon hearing the news of the families decay upon losing its leader 9 men amerge from the cars rifles and gasoline in hand. As they shoot up the building and torch it to the ground many mercantis flee for their lives in hope to rebuild in the future)
God bless folks take care I hope this place gets resurrected some day
1 day ago TankDempsey0115 updated their availability: 12 hours ago
1 day ago TankDempsey0115 with Vito "VD" DiSemone
Thanks, Vito. Any xbox one people here?
1 day ago TankDempsey0115 befriended Vito "VD" DiSemone
1 day ago TankDempsey0115 with Tony "Bullettooth" Andrews(ALL
Thank you for accepting.
1 day ago TankDempsey0115 with Mr. Callum Vanzetti P4
1 day ago TankDempsey0115
I wish my application wasnt rejected. Normally i would be accepted here.
1 day ago TankDempsey0115 with Giovanni "Smiles" Valentine X1
I joined the site a day ago and i am looking for work for my S.T.A.R.S. team. I am on xbox one and i would like to see about some work.
1 day ago TankDempsey0115 with ℳ ★Lucy Ross P4/PC Mercanti
If only my team had some assistance. Yes, i am in charge of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team and we are at war with The Asylum Rejects.
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