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Joined: 17th Mar 2014
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17th Mar 2014

I need help, can a member message me?
Joined: 20th Oct 2014
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20th Oct 2014

Nevermind. I found the way on how to share photos through imgur. But for those that might wonder, here are the steps I have found to be useful.

1.) Take a pic! (After your job is done )
2.) After saving it, it'll be available to be seen on your social club account.
3.) Log onto your imgur account and click 'upload' tab. You will see various methods. But if you want to upload off of your social club photo, click on 'website' tab.
4.) In your social club photo section, click on the picture you want to share. Within the picture once clicked, you will see 'share' tab on bottom right corner of the picture. Click it and navigate to the point where you can see the Internet address to the picture link and highlight, copy the link address.
5.) Go back to imgur and after you reach the #3.) step, paste the copied link address and you are set!

Now these are the steps I've chosen todo because my computer is broke. But if you are doing the same, after doing these steps, I believe all that's left is linking the created picture on imgur to here and on our crews social club site by linking the said imgur link address that you just created! Hope this helped. I know I was lost bit found out how. If these are already posted, please delete this. I just wanted to share incase there are imgur noobs like my self :l
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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » Casey's Diner (Crew Hangout)
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