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[Tutorial] How to write an nice Imgur Journal.
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Joined: 14th Mar 2014
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28th May 2014

Alot of new members are making new journals, that is pretty fantastic to see that the people are trying to get more involved to the family business, but sadly, alot of the new members doesn't know how to make an journal or that they bringing heat on the family. I made this thread for the new people in the family to learn about this, important thing.

⦁    How can I write an nice journal?
First of all, an journal is using alot of your time, inspiration and motivation. It's suggested that you are going to write an journal when you have the time for it, because when you are going to write an story and you are going to change it in the middle, because you didn't had the inspiration there, then you could see some problems in the text. Second of all, try to have some nice pictures. If you want the don his attention, he likes some nice pictures. Try to make some action pictures, try to stay normal, but don't make your story boring. You'll need the attention when you are coming for the first time in the family.

⦁    I am going to write my first job, what should I start first?
My first job was pretty big, I was asked to join in this job before I even knew how to write the stories and make the  pictures. I did make the pictures, but I didn't know how to write it all down in english and make it an nice story. Try to get in an some sort of bigger job, when this is your first time. If you want to learn the ropes of the family, try something like loan sharking, or pimping. Pimping is the one thing that is really done by alot of new people.

If you want to get more attention,  and you want to help an higher ranked person out, befriend an high ranked person. Try to start with an enforcer, or an mademan. Alot of mademans are having big jobs which is having alot of roleplay and fun. Or, you can ask an mademan you like for an job. And if they are being nice to you, steal for them a new vehicle, this is also an mission called Grand Theft Respect and the mission can be found several times on the website.

⦁    I would like to make an high risked job.
Whoah! You'll ask the permission of the don for that, you can't just do jobs which are going to be high risked. For example, you can't run your own heist as an associate of the family. If you do have an nice idea, you can talk with the don about that idea. If he gives you permission, you can do the job, if he doesn't give you the permission, don't do it. Alot of jobs are most of the time giving not alot of heat to the business, but if you are going to rob the bank, leave the getaway vehicle at the Vanilla Unicorn, then you will have the police all over the place.

If you are going to make an high risked job, be aware that you will never need to bring the family business in danger. The family, and the don doesn't like people which are bringing the heat to the family. For example, you can't kill someone and stay at the body for five minutes, in that time, you can get arrested or even shot by some citizen. You could try to make the assasination more spectaculair, when you kill someone, and you will run quickly to your vehicle. Always try to have an plan, and always try to have another plan if something isn't happening what is expected to do.

⦁    Should I make an journal for my own, or with several people?
Some people like to play with others, they can give their own inspiration to eachers and then, they can talk with eacher and become friends. You can choose, have an live like an party person with alot of friends in all the nightclubs, or become an lone wolf which is slaughtering the whole city. You can decide what you want.

Last Edit: 28th May 2014 by Adelaide Caleone Calvetti
Joined: 14th Mar 2014
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28th May 2014

A few people made an storyline in this family, not alot of them made them complete, and some of them never got completed or are still being made. This post is made for the members which is interested to make an storyline for their own charachters.

⦁    How can I start off with my new charachter?
It's suggested to make an first story about your charachter, think about the basic things you want to make. Are you interested to make an new charachter, which is coming from Liberty City? Make an first journal of you, leaving Liberty City to Los Santos International Airport with an commerical airplane.

Also, you'll need to think about some few things you would want to give your charachter a little bit extra. Let me say, if your charachter is born in Liberty City, tell that in the story. Tell the readers of your story how the youth of the person was, was the person her or his parents very wealthy, poor or average? Be sure to tell that in the story. Tell also about your family members, is your charachter having two brothers, one mother and one father? Say that in the story. These are things that are needed to be told, otherwise you'll have to make things up in the other story. You're introduction, the background of your charachter should be complete. Don't make something small of it, you will regret it. The introduction of your charachter should be big.

⦁    How can I be specific about my charachter?
Try to be specific about your charachter, if your charachter had an gun battle with the Zaibatsu, you will not have alot of power to visit Los Santos with big performance. If you are on your way followed by an Zaibatsu member, which is wanting to take you out, make an roleplay that you kill the guy smashing his face through the window of the plane, make something nice of it.

⦁    Where can I get help for my story of my new charachter?
You can get the help from Ms. Adelaide for making your charachte r more exclusive and big. I can help you out with the charachter, but I'll not make the whole story for you. You will get some custom idea's from the charachter I have got from you. If you're charachter is very aggresive, he or she have's an good reason for that. I can try to make the picture complete for you.

⦁    Try looking out of the box.
Alot of people are looking in the box, the box is an place where you only have somethings which are already used several times, and which are pretty boring. Someone told me, that my charachter and my writing was always good, because I was looking outside of the box. You might try to be creative, try to make your own good things. Something what is never used can become really pretty.

⦁    How can I make an storyline?
An storyline is something like an Grand Theft Auto storyline, the storyline will begin with the introduction of the charachter, the charachter, you, should be really representated in the story. Begin with making little missions for yourself, you can base them on existing jobs, like Pimping, but you can also ask a higher ranked person in the family for an job. This is making your storyline more exclusive for other people!

⦁    I will need more help with writing in storylines or charachter.
Ms. Adelaide and some other people in the family really wants to help you out with your problems, give your questions in the public headquaters chat, or send an message to the higher ranked people in the family. They will probably help you out with this.

Last Edit: 28th May 2014 by Adelaide Caleone Calvetti
Joined: 14th Mar 2014
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28th May 2014

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Joined: 14th Mar 2014
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28th May 2014

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Joined: 14th Mar 2014
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28th May 2014

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