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22nd Jul 2015

Alright so basically a friend of mine got some bad news and so we been keeping him company and keeping his spirits up etc and he got back into a cardgame called Magic the Gathering. so i have played like 2 or 3 games of it in the last week. about half way into the first game i was learning the rules etc but all i could think about was making my own Card Game, similar to Magic but with a Mafia theme... what a surprise right.. anyway, so i am playing around with some ideas and coming up with some drafts of cards etc.. And the whole thing is becoming more Mercanti as i go.. So thought it would be fun to add Members as Cards and thigns relating to the Mercanti RP world. And id love for yuo to come up with ideas and post Images taken ingame for use in the designing of these cards. SO feel free to get involved and assist me with this process..

QuoteWant to submit yuor own photos for consideration?

File types accepted: jpg, bmp, png, gif and tiff
Min resolution 648 x 501 pixels (300DPI) | Max file size 32MB
However, unless someone can work out how to get a snapmatic photo with that resolution, it looks like it will be selfie snapmatics.. so, to submit your character for consideration in this card game concept, you need to comment in the Comments section of this Post with a link to a selfie, or a journal of selfies taken with snapmatic in game.. look at the examples below, try to make the top right hand corner of the shot include a scene that you want to be remembered by etc.. ie this Snapmatic should be visually stimulating. do not add filters please, i can add filters later so standard selfie snapmatics only. when you post the comments with yuor link, include in the comments what street crew you are in, or the ones yuo have been in. this will help me include yuo into this game. You will be representing a Street Crew so make sure yuor wearing an outfit that represents the Street Crew, this is important.

Take a look at these examples below, these are the type sof selfies i am talking about:

Post in the comments a link to a photo like this:

and i will turn it into something like this:

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » Casey's Diner (Crew Hangout)
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