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Joined: 1st Feb 2014
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19th Mar 2014

Post the link and Name of the Member whos particular Journal entry yuo thought was outstanding.

I will keep an eye on the growing list and may use them to showcase our Crew on Reddit etc..


"I would like to submit ______ Journal:

Because it has a lot of depth and really feels like a story (or whatever description you would like to add)

*Link Here*

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

Joined: 15th Mar 2014
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19th Mar 2014

Not having read though all the journals yet, I choose Cody Rosenberg's journals. Have read most of them, and truly enjoyed his "Grand Respect Auto" where he delivered a car to Ms. Rose from LX to LS.

http://themercantifamily. ... ls-r12/getpage/45#45
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Joined: 19th Feb 2014
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30th Mar 2014

I nominate Rose's Raid journal.
Was very exhilarating to read and was very detailed. I could picture myself being there.
Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » Casey's Diner (Crew Hangout)
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