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"The Boss wishes to meet you.." (2nd Read)
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Joined: 29th Nov 2016
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29th Nov 2016

I was born and raised in broker back in Liberty city, that was before I was shipped out for the line of duty in the military. I did a lot of "special" operations over seas and such, hand me a gun and il paint you a picture. I was trained in covert ops, guerrilla warfare, interrogation, and well things that make most men afraid of the bogeyman. and why am I here? it's simple, I want more, more from hell.

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He that has eyes to see and ears to hear may convince himself that no mortal can keep a secret. If his lips are silent, he chatters with his fingertips; betrayal oozes out of him at every pore.

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14th Dec 2016

My name is Nicholas Emeterio
I was born in in Cuba Havana. I was the second son and sole Survivor of what used to be the wealthy Emeterio Family. Our family dissolved a decade ago due to some circumstances not really worth mentioning.
For some, my life is somewhat out of the ordinary, but for someone such as yourself, my life might not be that abnormal after all. To make a long story short, my life has genereally consisted of hijacking, robbery and murder.

I've worked as a self-independent debt collector and hitman for numerous criminal enterprises and gangs, including one of Cuba's most largest criminal families. It was around this period where I earned the nickname "Medianoche". My line of skills still echoes around the streets.

I have a broad range of specialities which mainly involves espionage, assasinations and enoforcement. With that comes the ability to handle guns, snipers, rifles handguns, of course, good driving capabilities. Í heard there was a family in town that needed some muscle, so here I am.
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Joined: 27th Jan 2017
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27th Jan 2017

*Dante walks in and his father, Marco Stinto follows him into the room...*

"Oh hello there, my name is Dante... I was born in Florence, Italy. My father told me about all the business opportunities here and since i was just finishing law school, i decided to come here... It's truly a strange place, i never had any trouble with the law but that doesn't mean i don't know how to handle myself, i have always been a good robber, i once managed to rob an entire warehouse in the old country for guns without the police getting word of it for 2 days... I'm gonna be looking for a job here, probably gonna associate myself with one of the crews, there's not much else to know. You'll hear from me again, i can promise you that."

*Dante gets up and shakes the man's hand, before leaving the room*

OOC: This isn't a second character.

Dante Stinto - Mercanti Enforcer
Elysian Island Earls
San Cali

Joined: 1st Mar 2017
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1st Mar 2017

My name's Paul Clarance Benelli, my friends back in Liberty City call me Paulie the Muscle. My cousin Enzo Benelli got whacked recently here on Los Santos, but fuhgeddaboudit! Im here today to offer my service to the Mercanti Family. You can rely on me on every shake downs, beat downs and even take downs heh heh!

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When It's good enough for you, It's good enough for me

Soundtrack: ... ch?v=twNepSJoMQk

Joined: 2nd Mar 2017
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7th Mar 2017

My name is Michael Fratelli i come from the less than sunny isles of Northern Ireland although my name may make you suspect i come from somewhere like Sicily. Im a jack of all trades but my speciality lies in bomb making, melee and fire arms and probably the most important thing im not a cop and i dont rat people out
Joined: 5th Mar 2017
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7th Mar 2017

"Name's Joseph Oscar Kuklinski, I was brought up in Carcer City. My mother brought us up in a working class neighborhood, and my father was murdered before I was born. His name was Anthony "Carcer Boy" Kuklinski and worked as a Hired Gun for the Carcer City Mob. And I was brought up around that lifestyle, the Mob lifestyle. I grew up to be like my father, a hired gun. Once I hit 31, I was locked up for Grand Theft Auto and Arson for five years and locked up in Bolingbroke State Penitentiary. Now I'm out in the streets of New Angeles with no-one, I lost my wife, I lost my kids, it's just me against the world."

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"I'd never hurt a woman or a child, I just don't have it in me. I have morals, and I have a reputation to up-hold."

Joined: 31st Mar 2017
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31st Mar 2017

*Sipping his drink and taking the occasional puff of his cigarette, then notices you and spins his stool around to face you*

I suppose it's only polite I introduce myself. My name is Donatello Dellucci, although most people simply call me Donnie. I've been in the business of 'dealing' with people (in a myriad of ways) since I was 19, 8 years ago. I grew up in Liberty City and saw a lot in my childhood. This was mostly due to my father's profession, a hitman for hire. Because of this, I learned a lot about the job and, in the end, my father introduced me to it formally. I ended up doing his contracts for him and eventually began to take contract under my own name.
I was contacted by a client who appreciated my work, but he wanted to know if I could assist him in a much different way. It turned out that he was running a street racing crew and was in need of a new driver. Now, at the time I wasn't too experienced, but my time with them proved not only monetarily beneficial, but my skill as a driver improved tenfold.
Despite the fact that I'd moved more towards a career as a street racer of sorts, my father didn't change over, even though I'd been making just as much as I had been before. Unfortunately, my father was killed on the job by, funnily enough, his target. When news came to me about this, I packed up everything and made my way to San Andreas.
And that's it, that's my story so far. Not one of particular note, but one that's made me the way I am and caused me a great deal of pain in the process. Thanks for listening, but if you don't mind, this cigarette isn't gonna smoke itself and my drink beckons."
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Joined: 3rd Apr 2017
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4th Apr 2017

I am Lewis Isac i was born in the United Kingdom went to Oxford university to become a lawyer in America. But when i went across the pond i didn't do very well for my first client in jail and i was running low on money so i used my never savings to buy a handguns for myself and i started robbing stores i found i had a knack for stealing so i started robbing bigger and better stores untill i robbed a bank alarm got set off and i couldn't escape in time and i got 5 years in prison for attempted robbery when i finally got set free i got contacted by one of your associates that he was interested in me doing work for him and well here we are
Joined: 3rd Apr 2017
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4th Apr 2017

I am Lewis Isac i was born in the United Kingdom went to Oxford university to become a lawyer in America. But when i went across the pond i didn't do very well for my first client in jail and i was running low on money so i used my never savings to buy a handguns for myself and i started robbing stores i found i had a knack for stealing so i started robbing bigger and better stores untill i robbed a bank alarm got set off and i couldn't escape in time and i got 5 years in prison for attempted robbery when i finally got set free i got contacted by one of your associates that he was interested in me doing work for him and well here we are
Joined: 1st Aug 2016
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2nd Jul 2017

*sits down in a booth and orders coffee*

"How's it goin'? Name is Johnathan Bianchi. I was born in vice city. I lived downtown in a 1 bedroom apartment going up, then we moved to Little Haiti due to my father being laid off. There I ran the street with my friend Sunny Giovanni. When we were 21 we robbed a store in little Hivana and Sunny was shot and killed. After that I went back a few months later and shot the owner of the store. A war broke out between the Haitiansame and the Cubans . The we're over 50 murders in the first 2 months. During the fighting I killed 4 men. I became the boogie man because I'd always sneak in to the house my target was sleeping and slit their throat. After a Lt was killed while he was sleeping. He was my last target. I went in, this time killing him differently l, I woke him up and I shot him in the head. I put 3 rounds in to his forehead and ran out. I was 22 at this time. I hopped on my bike and ran. The next morning there was a peace. I moved to San Cali in order to get a fresh start with a better 'business.' I'm sure my skills will come in handy. That's me. I hoping to get in to some transportation of 'business supplie.'

Any man who is dumb enough to mess with the Mercantile family, will end up like the others who have met me.

Baldo 'Ice man' Giovanni

Joined: 12th Aug 2017
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12th Aug 2017

*I shake the man's hand* ''It's an honor to meet you.''
*I take a step back before the introduction*
'' My name is Viktor but every body calls me Korobac or Koro. I come from the Balkans and although I was a kid when the wars broke out over here it has left it's mark on me. It was a life where only the toughest would survive and I must have been tough enough to stand here before you today. The shit I have seen and done in order to get here made me learn a thing or two about how the world spins. So if your question is, do I mind getting my hands dirty? Well... I don't think that I need to answer that.''
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Joined: 19th Aug 2017
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21st Aug 2017

*Nodding* Well my name Sir is Frank Castle. Some call me "Joker" others "Grey Skull," I retired from the military and through old connections I've made in Liberty City I heard that this family had a lot of credibility and if I was looking to make a little extra money then this family would most certainly be the best route to go. Didn't hurt that I also had an uncle here who unfortunately passed away recently so was in town to also settle a few things with his estate.

*He then looks from the man who vouched for him then to the man who seemed to be in charge.*

Other than that not too much to say. Made a few enemies here few friends there moved around a lot and made a few connections. From what I've heard around though it certainly wouldn't hurt having me work for you. My specifics are more in line with business as well as tracking people and killing them. I'm very familiar with weaponry as well as leadership since you know military.

*He said finishing with a smirk as he quirked an eyebrow.*
Joined: 6th Sep 2017
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6th Sep 2017

I nod my head to signify that I understood. I open my mouth, "I came from liberty city, used to work with the triads up north and as such got a lot of experience with all types of fire arms, and almost got killed by the various rasta gangs up there too," I say quickly before taking a sip of the wine provided to quench my thirst. "After Liberty City chaos died down after the Slavs and Russians stopped murdering everybody, I ended up doing some thievery jobs, mostly cat burglaries and the largest jobs that I did during that time were stealing a few diamonds unnoticed. Although I did eventually become what you guys would call made men, and controlled a crew of associates. I managed to learn some business as well, mostly due to me having to manage the selling of diamonds, some basic bartering and at times, who dies," I took another sip of wine.
"After the Russians had mostly died out, I decided to skip town, mostly due to the large conflict between the triads and the commission, and personally, I didn't really feel like dying. I vanished and made one of my associates look like me before shortly selling him out to one of the families in Liberty City as a major person and a threat. I came down to over here in search of a fresh start, although," I would soon chuckle in a self deprecating manner, "We can all see where that ended up for me." I'd sigh before beginning to open my mouth once again.
"So there you have it, should be pretty clear that I'm professional, seeing how I haven't been caught and know how to cover my tracks. I've been in the game before, so you don't need to worry about me doing stupid."
Joined: 31st Oct 2017
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31st Oct 2017

Names Vincent. Grew up on the streets of Detroit boosting cars trying to support my family. Sometimes I was forced to use violence and became very good with a gun and quick in a car. Eventually graduated to drugs and been trying to take the city over ever since. "The World is Yours"
Joined: 4th Dec 2017
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4th Dec 2017

Excuse me don but how can I join a game with my new found brotherhood
Joined: 16th Jul
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16th Jul

I am Jonas Krei. I lived in Canada most of my life until i moved here. I was involved in a lot of small crimes, most of them end with me leaving shedding a few drops of blood...didn't say it was mine. I was living in a small motel to avoid detection from my crimes and still reside at that motel. Currently i still participate in crime right now and have no intent on stopping...unless i need to lay low for a while which is why my crimes aren't frequent. My skills is that i make a good Enforcer, a Thief, And my past experience has made me adept at melee combat.
Joined: 5th Sep
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5th Sep

*Shakes the man's hand*
"Its a privilege to meet you"

"My name is Vincent Sicero a retired captain from the military, I'm generally good at hits and extortion and I am from Queens New York and I used to be In a extortion and loan shark operation with a few guys but the cops were catching on to my operation, so I figured I join the big leagues"
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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » The Italian Restaurant (1st Read)
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