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"The Boss wishes to meet you.." (2nd Read)
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Joined: 20th Aug 2014
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20th Aug 2014

The name is Vivi Kai, other wise know as Nicor Mullin. I come from San Adress and been doing pitty work, small change, ya know. Thought it was time to use my, skills, for a family, but not just any family the Mercanti's family. The best and most feared name people know. My skills you ask? im a good drive and not to bad with a gun, although I like to use words more then bullets if a can. No need for bloodshed if there is no reason for it, am i right?
Joined: 23rd Aug 2014
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23rd Aug 2014

The name is Oaski(O-Ski), My father was the leader of the 63rd Street Crips. My mother was the leader of the Uptown Blood Gang. When i was 2yrs old, my mother and fathers gangs got into a big shootout at a local park. 23 people died that day inculding my mother, my father, my uncle, and my oldest brother. Police found me in a stroller pushed in some bushes with blood all over me. I was sent to an adoption agency, where i was adopted by Isabella Gambino, the leader of a branch of The Gambino Family located in San Andreas. When I was 18 my mother Isabella died from food poisoning. I wasnt old enough to take over, but i knew the whole family business, inside and out! 1 year after my mom past, my uncle Tony, who took over for my mother, got busted for 3 murders, and snitch on the whole family. The government took everthing, and i was left to fend on my own.
Joined: 30th Aug 2014
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3rd Sep 2014

Joey. Joey Kuro. Liberty city. My father was some japanese prick who knocked up my italian mom. Some neighborhood guys had a problem with it and ransacked my Grand father's store looking for him. My Grandfather sent him back to Japan. The pussy left. Leaving my mother to raise me and my half sister. My mom was heart broke she never recovered. because of my father, Growing up I was always treated like an outsider and being a small kid didn't help. The neighborhood bully tried to test me so I Stabbed him with a number 2 pencil and took a brick to his face. I don't take kindly to disrespect so growing up, I fought alot. After a while I became the neighborhood bully. I was the black sheep but nobody fucked with me. At fourteen I caught my sisters boy friend beating on her so I shot him with his own gun. The guy was some big drug dealer. Word got around what happen. A rival dealer name was so impressed by me he offered me a job. I became a shooter. A damn good one too. fast and clean. I had gift for getting ghost on people. Because of that and my last name I got the name "Black". I've been a gun for hire since i was sixteen and one of the most skilled hitman you never heard of. unfortunately I was setup, lost everything. the man responsible is some where in Los Santos and evey idot knows the family runs Los Santos. The only thing that matters to me is seeing that fucker stop breathing. I'll happy offer my services to see that happen. So you want to no what I can do. Whatever it takes.

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Joined: 7th Sep 2014
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7th Sep 2014

Hello, my names Dillon but some people call me "ice" ive lived in los santos for about 5 years so far. im originally from liberty city, in liberty city i started out doing small jobs with some neighborhood kids, doing these convenient store hold ups gave you a nice rush when you start out, but that soon fades. long story short i got a taste for finer living and ended up pissing off some important people. and faked my death to move here.
Joined: 8th Sep 2014
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9th Sep 2014

What am I good at? Well that depends on what you need. My...Services have had effective and ... Quiet results across the Eastern side of the country. I can take out a target without them thinking of their last moments. Give me range or give me close quarters, I'm not a man who likes to die. I've done well to keep it that way. You need a gun - You got an Enforcer; You need a car - You got a Driver; You need a pickup - You got a Bagman. You name it, I've done it. I'm here to do business, not to start fires.

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Drop off the statement, I'll get the receipt.

Joined: 17th Sep 2014
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18th Sep 2014

  First off, I would like to say what an honor it is to finally meet you, Don.  They call me Montana, but I actually was born, and raised in Blane county.  I'm sure none of you have heard of me, even though I've been pulling heists around Los santos for the past 12 years.  That brings me to my main specialty: Stealth!  I stay under the radar at all costs.  I stake out even the smallest jobs for days to learn workers routines and shift changes, and weak points in security to minimize all risk.  Most of the time, a shot never has to be fired, but if it comes down to it, I have my trusty silenced pistol.
 My other two specialties would be deliveries via motorcycle, or aircraft.   Like I said, I grew up in Blaine county.  When I was 16, I started working for my fathers import, export business.  I started out delivering packages on bike through the hills, and rough terrain.  I was already a pro, I'd been riding all my life.  Within a year he had me flying small aircraft to drop off large shipments.  Cheap bastard wouldn't even buy me a parachute...  Since then, I've rode every bike around, and flown most aircraft.  I could even pilot a jetliner to take the family anywhere in the world.  Thank you for your time, Don.  I'm looking forward to a long life in the Family.
Joined: 19th Sep 2014
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20th Sep 2014

Hi, my name is Carlos, I'm from across the border, from Meico. There I worked with a small group of drug traffickers. But I got caught crossing the border a couple of years back. So when I got out of prison I decided to stay. I figured that there was more "opportunity" in the U.S. onowadays I deal with theft,armed robbery,drug trafficking and petty crimes. I'm a talented gunmen and a decent pilot. I' hope we can come to an "agrement"
Joined: 16th Sep 2014
Rank: Mademan
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22nd Sep 2014

Hi my name is Sam Vario you can call me Lefty. I am a grand son of the cleaner Giovanni Vario from Liberty Ciy he was a cleaner for the Ancelottis in the 50´s but he got killed by Plane accident in 1996. After that my dad and mom moved to Los Santos and took me with them. And my Italian dad was a cleaner to but not that kind he Clean the toilets in the Movie sets but in 2009 he died by some diesese.
And now my Swedish mom also got it but now there is a way to remove it but it cost alot so I decided to be like my grandpa and make some Money to myself and her. I started 2013 may with the cleaning job for some FIB guys i did that awhile until they got killed by some gangbangers. So this other Contact called me Madrazo to meet me in a warehouse out of Town so i did that then i see five guys tied up tourtured then tey give me a gun. I took the gun in my left hand because my cleaning bag was in my right hand then i shot them all in Cold blood. Then i here Madrazo say whats your name kid you can call me Lefty i said then he asked when and how i got it so i answered him I just came up with it and why because i exucute them with my Left hand to teach them whats right. Thats how i got my name but i would be happy to join the Mercanti Family

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War does not determine who is right only who is left - Bertrand Russell Motherfucker pay up now! - Sam "Lefty" Vario

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Joined: 22nd Sep 2014
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23rd Sep 2014

I quietly look over the man sitting before me. Obviously a man of some importance to be guarded like this. I smile at the mention of "family business".

"Name's Abigail, but most people call me 'The Fox'," I lean back in my chair, showing my comfort in such scenarios. "I've worked with many organizations, from the big guy in Vice City, to the Gambetti Family in Liberty City. Mind if I smoke?" I don't wait for an answer and light up a cigarette.

"I'm was what I like to call a freelance artist. I've cleaned up some of the best parties of the last few years. Ancelotti Family house fire? That was me. The mystery gunman at the North Holland Hustlers Club? Me again. The Rotterdam Tower sniper? Me." I take another drag of my cigarette. "I moved out here to Los Santos because I wanted to start fresh, become a 'person', But the more I attempted to 'blend in' and shop for my next microwave dinner, I realized that wasn't for me. 'Normal' people don't stand in line at the bank planning the heist. They don't look for security weaknesses in the local armored car company. And they certainly don't make a plan to kill everyone they meet. So I want back in. And what better place than beautiful Los Santos." I laugh slightly, crossing my legs. "But I didn't want to go back to playing for the highest bidder. That gets complicated." I lean forward and put my cigarette out in the ashtray on the table.

"So lets cut the BS. I want to work, and I hear you're the best to work for. So, put me to work." I wink and lean back in the chair.

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Abigail "The Fox" Scaletta
A fox is a wolf who sends flowers.

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Joined: 24th Sep 2014
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24th Sep 2014

Yo, the name's Slim, I ain't got a government name that you would know so don't worry about it. I used to live in LC, rolled with the North Holland Hustlers all my life. When my boy Tre got shot down I left the city and moved to Los Santos. I tried escaping the thug life but I've been dealing since I got here. If I'm gonna continue with this life then I guess I gotta join a crew. I need someone to watch my back yakno?

The Mercanti Family, that's better than any crew I've met here. So help me out, and I'll do what I can for the Family.
Joined: 26th Apr 2014
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27th Sep 2014

Been out of the game for quite some time, I was "involved" back in LC, used to be one of the heads of quite the cocaine smuggling business over there... funny thing is my boss was some crooked cop. One day he goes quiet and suddenly I'm out of work. I joined a little boxing club in Alderny and did some amateur fighting for a few months. I was good, but it just wasn't enough to fill that criminal hole that kept me going. I've always been a sneaky bastard, and I'd whacked some guys for the sake of my business before, so I put up some assassination ads in the LC black market. Work came quickly and the money from the hitman jobs kept me living comfy for a while. Apparently some Serb asshole sailed into LC on a boat and just started killing everyone who was important, so I hopped on the next flight to Los Santos.

Spent the next 5 years in a corporate drab life, some connections got me a decent paying office job. It was boring as hell, and all I wanted was to be a criminal again. Then, I heard about the Mercanti Family.

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Joined: 1st Oct 2014
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2nd Oct 2014

"Me... Well... I'm Joey Sinclair. I come from the jungle, the street. I was born here in Los Santos u know. Grew up on Forum Drive, I mean, I know my way around, I had to be like that growing up in the hood, i've always been street wise. U know My parrents always told me I was special, they always said I was going to make something of my self.

As a kid, on the way to school my mother would walk me into the city. I remember, I would always see the wise men, dressed in their fancy suits, mouthin off to dry cleaners about the poor dry cleaning, reving their expansive vehicles, sweet talking woman. I was truely intriged by the lifestyle, I knew I wanted in.

Since those days for most of my high school years I was selling all kinds of drugs at school and in the streets trying to get my name out u know, trying to make something out of my self. In that time I got a little work for some local gangs but never was fully apart of one. After high school I continued selling drugs and started doing more criminal activity.

As of lately I've been searching for a proper gang to join, a family in which people I can relate to and live by, to coninue my lifestyle u know. Its been a child hood dream to became like those wise men I used to see and look up to. Thats what im looking for here and I really appreciate you wanting to take me in. Any way Im sure you want to hear my skills. So im good at pistol handling and shooting, its been the most common weapon of choice for many years. Also I've had my fare share of drive bys, good at drive by shooting and driving. And as mentioned I've got high experience in drug dealing."
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Joined: 7th Oct 2014
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7th Oct 2014

"The name is Azrael. I suppose I won't get a name out of you." I slam back a shot. " You know since I have got into this city I have scared anyone who looks at me. Please sir, I mean no disrespect when I say this but if I am ever betryaed, you better kill me."
"With that out of the way. I grew up in Liberty City. Son of a single parent my dad had a hard time when my mom passed he blamed me. She died giving birth to me and so dad, being the charmer he is, named me after Azrael the Arch Angel of Death. Pops started at the bottom of the Siclian Mafia working with Uncle Leone. He made his why to Consiglieri." Slams back another shot and lights up a cigar. "At my young age I learned the ropes of the buisness. Although business was never talked in front of me since i was just a child, the muscle could always be bribed to inform me on what my dad was doing. I trusted that family. When I was 12 Uncle Leone had his consigliere whacked because of a deal gone sour. That was my pops. He never saw it coming. I trusted that slimy that bastard Leone and so did my dad. Only Leone never trusted any one else." Takes another two shots. "Look im sorry, but this is touchy. everyone thinks Claude killed Salavorte Leone. But I swore to my father, as he lay at my feet bleeding I'd kll Leone. The killer looked at me and passed on a message. Leone wanted me to know that "Every dog has its day".
"My Aunt Seraphina knew she had to get me out of Liberty City. So just like that I was on a plane to Los Santos. I never was a kid to stay out of trouble and soon found myself in a bad crowd. I needed to get out of Los Santos for awhile and fulfill a promise I had made. Claude was with me the day I killed Leone. I dont wanna share details but apperantly someone else was there. I let Claude take the credit. I went back home to Los Santos." I rub the back of my neck and toss back another shot. "I met a guy when in Liberty City, tied down by family too, named Packie McReary. We met through a connection my aunt had. Packie is an idoit but he is a reliable guy. We robbed the wrong guy and I managed to buy Packie time to get out. I got snatched. Needless to say he got me into some trouble wth a man named Madrazo. Now Madrazo, being the feared man he is, has an eye for talent. I became his hitman. I took down countless lives and was bound clean. LSPD has 147 cold cases thanks to me. That is until I came across a strong family, The Mercanti Family. So here I am. Los Santos's most deadly hitman, at the hands of the strongest Don."

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil

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Joined: 7th Oct 2014
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10th Oct 2014

I go by the name jay cash but my friends call me doc . I'm friend liberty city where I ran with a small crew . I've come to see what the mercanti family has to offer . I'm good at fighting with my hands and Doing drive-by's
Joined: 19th Oct 2014
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19th Oct 2014

Hello, my name is Tom Manzoni. I come from Carcer City, where my father and grandfather were the mafia bosses. After my father died and my grandfather took over the family business again, I decided it was time to move to Los Santos and get a fresh start. I enjoy playing missions and making money. My particular skill set lies in planning, shooting and driving. I would consider it a great honour to join the Mercanti Family and I hope to hear from you soon! 
Joined: 15th Aug 2014
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20th Oct 2014

Thanks for trusting me first. Well I am born in Firenze over in homecountry. I imigrated to Alderney with my family when I was 8 years old and then to Los Santos when I was 22 Years old in the hope to find some..."work" here. And to answere the question what I am good at ? Well thats a good question, I am a very good driver and a very skilled shooter.

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All great things are simple,
and many can be expressed in single words:
freedom, justice, honor, duty, mercy, hope.
- Sir Winston Churchill

Joined: 20th Oct 2014
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20th Oct 2014

They call me '2faced'... But my name is Chow Yun Phat. I grew up in the streets of South Central in Little Seoul district. My uncle was a mademan oversea in Asia, with the Yakuza. I started doing the work of moving whatever was called for as a teen and moved my way up. Sadly my uncle died and there was family feud. The old vs. The young. Our branch broke off from the main family and in process, I moved back to the states ad a new person. A year went by and I got a call from my old family boss telling me that we need good, reputable ties in the state. He gave me a contact info, and now here I am with the associate I have met from the Mercanti Family. Before I tell you more, I have made an oath to this family. It is now my only family. My ties to the overseas is now strictly for business, and if the time comes to pick a side, I will be with the Mercanti Family for giving me the chance to start over, with a new life but similar ways of of the life I led before. I heard you guys are looking for a driver. Let me start out by saying that I grew up around motorcycles. The city overseas were big with lots of narrow alleyways, and the traffic made the motorcycle the to go vehicle when I was delivering objects and also on hits. It is easier to get away, has more accel than the average car, and the size makes it perfect to conceal when the heat is on. I also can drive cars. I put in 3 years as a personally driver for my old family bosses daughter. My weapon of choice is either a SMG or a pistol with a supressor. Mainly I delt with a single target when it came to using lethal matters, so I preferred something light and capable as it came handy, especially on a bike. I am also a veteran fighter in hand to hand combat, and especially with knives. Guns were only for drastic measures overseas because when it could be solved using your your own hands were more honorable. But times has changed, and so too has the method of war. If you seek more info, let me know anytime.
Joined: 22nd Sep 2014
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21st Oct 2014

Hello, my name is Ashley Vercetti. I was Claude's sister, and I'm still unsure why I'm even here...

I loved my brother, You see, but I knew that his life could end any day... and it did. I guess I just got used to the fact that he was going to die. But I miss him, and I wish to learn more about him.

But, on to my story.

I was born to a rich family in Vice City, younger of the two siblings. My whole life I had seen people come and go, come and never return. Me and my brother just got used to the fact that everyone dies, and I feel like it gave me strength, but also made me just a little colder inside.
Claude also made a friend who lived on the streets, he was an orphan. Our family gave him a home and I consider him to be my second brother.

After finishing school in Vice City, and went with to Liberty City for further education. Not much happened in Liberty City, I didn't like it too much there. After I finished my education I moved to Los Santos... few months lived in a big apartment my family bought me. I then realised I wanted something more simple in life. I found a small town north of Los Santos called Paleto Bay and I fell in love with it. Bought myself a small, cozy house and a bike and meanwhile discovered my love for flying. I was a very skilled pilot so I went on to become a part of the U.S. Air force. I worked in a military base as a jet pilot. And that's how my life went on for a few years... untill now.

When I heard of Claude's death I didn't know what to do. I just felt like I needed to return to Los Santos. So that's what I did and here I am, talking to the head of the Mercanti family.

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Never show anger at slight. Tell nothing. Earn Respect by deeds, not words.

Joined: 17th Oct 2014
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22nd Oct 2014

hey the names stacks , i moved to los santos from las venturas after i got into some trouble with the law for trying to extort a casino owner. Im originally from south bohan ive done alot of side work for some guys over there thats where i leared how to earn. I like staying low key and under the radar but i take care of business. im good with pistol but i perfer a baseball bat
or crowbar. Im looking forward to working with the family thanks for the opportunity.
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Joined: 24th Oct 2014
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24th Oct 2014

My name is Sahal "Killer" Rizzo. My cousin Azrael is well known for being a hitman and he took me under his wing when we found out my dad, his uncle, passed away. He has been teaching me how to kill clean. I have always been none to kill first ask questions later, and I have been quite messy. I am loyal to a fault and am looking to expand into the Family. Thank you for the opportunity
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