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"The Boss wishes to meet you.." (2nd Read)
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Joined: 23rd Mar 2014
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24th Mar 2014

Its an honor and a pleasure to meet you all. A bit about myself, I have been working freelance, mostly in the fields of emergency extractions and creative asset reallocation, since leaving Merryweather Security Consulting. Lately, I have been working an operation for a friend in the Family on extended vacation upstate, organizing races around Bolingbroke for the residents to wager on. He suggested I see you for more work.

As an example of my skills, just a few days I was contacted by some friends who were doing a deal outside Fort Zancudo when the police, FIB and even military investigators showed up. Five minutes after I arrived, the police and feds had given up the chase, my friends were on their way to the airport, and the bangers that had set them up were... no longer able to provide information to law enforcement.

I look forward to working with the Family, and contributing in whatever small way I can.

-- Never throw the first punch. Always throw the last.

Joined: 24th Mar 2014
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25th Mar 2014

I was born into a small family of gangsters about 22 years ago. I grew up learning to kill, steal, blackmailing and doing anything I could to evade the police. I was known to the gang as odd ball. Doing odd jobs with odd people was my thing. One thing that made me different from anyone else was my ways. No evidence and nothing to trace back to me. I am an expert with the sniper rifle. Long range kills are my specialty however I was trained for 10 years as a boxer so if it gets dirty I can fight with the best of them. Other than the sniper I carry a silenced pistol on me at all times for some easy undetected kills if need be. Thank you for accepting me capo.

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Only in death can you silence me.

Joined: 23rd Mar 2014
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25th Mar 2014

I'm from liberty city I've been doing dirty work since age 14 if you need firepower I'm the right guy to call if you need to disappear I can handle that too
Joined: 27th Mar 2014
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27th Mar 2014

Haven't been accepted yet but i really hope i do, love everything about this family and impatient to start "cleaning" up rivals. ... LyM/edit?usp=sharing

appreciate any views,comments, or likes

“I like these calm little moments before the storm. It reminds me of Beethoven. Can you hear it? It's like when you put your head to the grass and you can hear the growin' and you can hear the insects.”

Agent-TBW1 (Banned)
Joined: 4th Apr 2014
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4th May 2014

Trevor sends his regards

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Only the best can kill the rest.

Joined: 10th May 2014
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4th Jun 2014

Good afternoon Capo,

Thank you for taking the time out to meet with me. I can assure you, my aim is accurate, and my trigger does not hesitate. 

I'm from Vice City. Dominio Gianluca Fiorelli, or in some cases, that I don't expect, or hope, anyone to know about, might go by Lights Out Dommy. Its only a plaything of a name... and it seesaws between the fact that I've put bullets in the back of many unsuspecting heads and... that I leave no witnesses behind.

Can I drive? Yes, I can drive. Stick and automatic, wherever it needs to go, wherever you need to go.

Can I shoot? I have a few dozen references that can vouch for that, but the dead cannot speak.

Can I kill? Without a problem. Men... women... children; I believe killing to be an intimate business.
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Joined: 10th Mar 2014
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6th Jun 2014

the names martin "spider" cahill, i'm from Dublin, Ireland. i got caught up in low level work from the age of ten, mostly robbing houses and robbing cars. i graduated to drugs when i was 15, running my own little crew of 6, it was easy money and the drug business in Ireland was very lucrative, especially with fuck all to do, at 18 a guy i knew in the IRA asked me too help with some gun running they had going, i jumped at the chance.
I was too meet a guy in Dublin docks and collect a small shipment of guns of him, i had my van all ready and a couple of guys i could trust, i was waiting and waiting but he never showed up, all of  a sudden, cops come from everywhere, i tried to run but a huge fucking copper jumped me and i was down, they questioned us for 4 days, everyday was worse, they burned us with cigarettes, cursed at us, beat us but i wouldnt give them anything, all of a sudden they let me out. i walked out the police station but before i got in a taxi, a cop, who had it in for me said "martin, you know the IRA wont take too kindly to what happened" and he smiled, i thought "fuck, they will think i ratted on them, ill be dead by the day is over". i got in the taxi said "mister, take me to dublin airport", i got on the next flight out of there, which was to boston.
I settled there, doing little jobs for local irish gangs, extortion, betting, pimping , the usual good times. i met a broad in a irish bar, beautiful irish girl called debbie, she said to me one day "hey martin you never sit still its like you have 8 legs, so she called me "spider" and when id see her she would say "hey, spider, baby" so thats where i got my nickname. i loved boston but it was freezing as shit and it remined me of dublin too much, so i asked around, about other places to get good work and a good buddy of mine said "get your ass to Los Santos, the women are as hot as the sun" so i fucked off out of there the next day, grabbed all my belongings and didnt look back.

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Joined: 28th Jun 2014
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20th Jun 2014

Boss, The only thing that separates me from your average trigger happy lunatic is not only my sense of honor, no... I am a natural born leader boss. And I've had to work my way up from the very bottom back in Liberty city. I started out as your typical, arrogant hit man with an itchy trigger finger. Threw the years and constant murders I learned many things. How to handle business in a profitable and affordable way for not only one but multiple parties, how to strike fear into the soul of a man to ensure he won't be an issue anymore... How to be in and out of a job before the cash is even on it's way to my private account. But boss, one thing I've learned out this business is that no matter how much experience you think you have, how much experience you may have, it all comes down to proving yourself threw hard work and dedication. I had it all in Liberty City. Then I lost it all after a close shave in a police raid at my private apartment. My bank accounts have all been frozen, my reputation destroyed. I was the most feared hit man that walked the streets of Liberty City. Perhaps you've seen me in the paper? Maybe on television? My employers created the name. I merely adopted it to strike fear into potential targets. They called me "Red Death" why you may ask? Well why wouldn't you? The human mind is a curious thing and I can respect curiosity in appropriate circumstances. Back when I was a rebellious kid, I was known locally for spreading Communist propaganda, hosting Communist rally's, and uniting many under the name of Communism. Thus, the name came about. After my escape to LS though my unfortunate fate would tag me more as "Red Enigma" rather then "Red Death". All I wish is for the opportunity to not only prove myself, but to dedicate myself to one family, to one purpose, to one background. I will do whatever is needed to be done, no questions asked and no lip given. I would never turn down work. With my past behind me I would like to assure you, I am not and never have been known to be out of control. I know when a situation needs "Termination" and I know when it just needs a good talking to. I'm a good boy boss, and I'll be sure to make you proud. For Practical purposes, just call me Red.

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"It's not real anime unless it has constant jiggle physics." -Donald Trump, 2016

Joined: 19th Jun 2014
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27th Jun 2014

The name is Ivory Johnson, aka Hardreptil.
Been around these parts since day one. Worked the streets hard as a youngster, selling whatever I could get my hands on. I was a enterprising little fella back then. As I grew up I got tired of hearing the same talk everyday from them whining fools, complaining about their poverty. It seemed everybody was complaining but didn't do nothin' bout their situation.
So when I got the opportunity to head to San Rico I took it. I stayed there for a couple of years and did some small time embezzling, debt collecting and drug runs. I got to know a man called Paul who got to be a kind of employer I guess, whom I helped out when things needed done.
   After some time his business with the cartel intensified and things looked good for him. Hectic but promising. It didn't last long though. The sucker got clipped. The cartel didn't like the size of his nose, sniffin every pie he saw. They thought he was getting to greedy and didn't like his one man show. They were right, he was a greedy man, too greedy. He was an idiot. I learnt that too late.
   Our arrangements fell apart and his poor ass contacts dissapeared with his money. So I figured perhaps the time was right to get back to LS and see what the streets had to offer a now older and wiser man. That was almost a year ago."
   The memories of San Rico disturbed Ivory. The fact that his judging of Pauls character had been so wrong disturbed him. He wouldn't let that happen again. He wouldn't be as generous in the future. People would have to work for his respect.
   "I thought maybe someone down here would be in the need of a man like me. Give me a task and I'll see to that it gets done. Discipline and diligence are virtues I value. You get nowhere without them. That's a fact.
   I've allways been a freelancer but now look forward to the stability of working for an organisation like yours.
   If you're in need of someone persuasive enough to sell ice to a snowman or collect a debt from someone who never borrowed it in the first place, you need to look no further. People tend to listen to and find themselves agreeing with what I have to say."
   Ivory smiled,
   "My friends call me Buddha."

PSN: Hardreptil

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Jonie Kahn (Banned)
Joined: 3rd Jul 2014
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13th Jul 2014

Hey Boss - wow I feel so formal. Anyways since I am an associate I guess you're not the boss just yet. Either way I am happy to be here to work for the family.

I am pretty new to this whole thing, but I am enjoying it so far. Met lots of nice people! I just turned 16 and I am looking to run with this crew. So many cool guys already!

So my name on the street is reaper cause I am a weed farmer from Amsterdam. I was running some drugs for a few sindicates there and then they taught me how to grow the drugs. Hope I make it up to mademen someday.

Anyways that's it for me. Hope to see you guys on PSN.
Joined: 18th Jul 2014
Rank: Associate
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18th Jul 2014

Thank you for having me. Im Anthony but I go by Zero. I was born and raised in CT,USA but moved to Liberty City as there were more opportunity there. Soon all that ended when my brother was killed and after having dealt with his murders I decided to move to the Beautiful Los Santos to start over clean but could run from who i was ,Zero .
Joined: 27th Jul 2014
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28th Jul 2014

My name is Matt C. I grew up in Carcer for awhile, was moved away, came back when I could on my own and took a job as security for Chips helping take care of cheats. Eventually I got hooked up with a....lets call them film producer and worked with a crew for a bit. Also where I got the nickname Tallow man. I like working by candle light. Anyway, because of the work I did in Carcer I learned the value of being able to get into a place quietly and being able to put on a show. Whether that show is using a crowbar, shooting a person in the back of the head, or some fireworks depends on the occasion. Elsewise I just consider myself a collected jack of trades, able to to a bit of everything as a cleaner. Let's do business.
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Joined: 2nd Aug 2014
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2nd Aug 2014

I am Jessica, I do not have a lot of family and I am kinda a loner. I come from Liberty, I did some small scale sales before I came here. I am good at talking to people, hard working,loyal to those who are good to me,quick learner, decent shot, and I like to think I'm a damn good driver. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the family and hope there are many more to come.
Joined: 2nd Aug 2014
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2nd Aug 2014

Nice to meet you Parsley! I'm Jessica. I would be glad to work with you Sir.
Joined: 7th Aug 2014
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7th Aug 2014

My name is Adrian Velanto, Im good with cars, And getting work done. Im a loud mouth wise guy, but that doesnt come between my family/loyalty. Better with my hands then with a gun. If you wanna handle business add me.

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Family is the most important thing you have...
You never promise the world.. You work for it, and make shit happen.

Joined: 13th Aug 2014
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13th Aug 2014

"Now then, lads", the young man says in greeting. "Christ, I've never been one for formalities... Well, my names Manfred, or Manny for short - I'm not fussed either way. Me last name is-...", he stops hesitantly, "Don't have one; not anymore. The less that links me to me dad, the better.", Manfred proceeds to mutter a few ill words - presumably about his father.

"I grew up in England,", he continues, "and not down south with the rest of the ponces - I grew up in the north; the rough end of the rough side of the rough, filthy hell-hole that is Middlesbrough. Lived in a trashy old council estate with me mum and me-...", he pauses again - biting his tongue. "You'd easily get shanked for looking at someone the wrong way up there.", he pauses again, a blank look in his face - perhaps remembering the horrors of his youth? Or maybe even reminiscing?

"I started out fairly young, when it comes to conning that is. You have to understand, it was tough up there. Since the dole money my folks got was blown on meth, a few pounds was the difference between me eating for a couple of days or going hungry. I'd hang about the local shop, waiting for the delivery van to stop by. When no one was looking, I'd nick a box of sweets, and sell 'em off for ten pence less than shelf price in school. Obviously, as I got older, so did the demand - I'd switch over to the naughty magazines, then cigarettes, then booze... and then...", he shrugs and places his hands in his pockets, "Well, and then school was out. Didn't have any customers anymore. I'd saved up a fair bit though-... Well, I say 'a fair bit', for us, a 'fair bit' was about a couple of hundred pounds. Now, I wasn't planning on spending my days being some small time hustler back in Boro; so I went out to the cheapo shop, got a rubbish but believable suit, bought a ticket to Los Santos and never looked back."

Manfred begins to roll a cigarette as he proceeds with his story, "Started working down at the docks; manual labour. Obviously, that gave me access to goods every now and again, so I could go back to my old ways. Managed to keep my head from going under, but I'm getting tired of treading water, you know?"

"As for my skills," he continues, "well, I've got to say, I'm pretty lackluster in most regards... I can't drive, not well at least - could never afford to learn how to back home. Guns? Sure I get the gist of them, but they were a rare sodding sight over there - never used one personally. I'm good with me fists, mind. I had to be, in every aspect. None of this 'fair and above the belt' lark; it was dirty back home. Of course, that was a last resort; I didn't want to risk getting a bloody nose. I'd try talk my way out of things, and more often than not, it worked. I tell you, I'd value my tongue over a gun to get me out of a tricky spot any day."

He finishes preparing his cigarette and pops it between his lips, glancing at each of the figures before him, "What else can I say? I'm a pretty blank canvas, give me an opportunity and mould me how you like. Just as long as It means my days of treading water are over."

He turns and heads for the door, lighter in hand. Just before he exits, he turns and says, "Hell, I'll be happy with a life ring!". He offers a two-fingered salute and closes the door behind him.
Joined: 14th Aug 2014
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14th Aug 2014

I go by the name of Domo. I lived in Los Santos my whole life, slumming my way up. Whenever it comes down to business I like to be behind the wheel knowing that we will get away. But if I have to I will shoot. I'm very loyal to those who are loyal to me aswell, and will not hesitate to take the life of these who disrespect my fellow brothers and sisters. Most of the time you will catch my riding around town on a Custom Bati 800 motorcycle or my Felon GT. When it comes down to business, I only have two ways of taking care of it depending on the type of job. Either go in nice and easy or I shoot and ask questions later.


Joined: 14th Jul 2014
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14th Aug 2014

Any new associate members feel free to friend me and add me on PSN:kennyboi_68 looking to meet the "new guys"

Kill them with success and bury them with a smile.

Do not fear death for when you accept death and welcome it with open arms you realize the true meaning of living. Kendall Roberts

Joined: 25th Jul 2014
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16th Aug 2014

The Mob Assassination:

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Joined: 18th Aug 2014
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18th Aug 2014

I am an Albanian soldier, forced to leave my home town due to a blood fued that infects my country. Before this confusion, I was trained in the elite military forces of Albania, skilled in shot accuracy and flying any aircraft as if it were an extra limb. I learned to drive in the outskirts of my country and am now based in Los Santos earning a living off planning and executing heists, little choice but to work with men who are less likely to make it through the back door let alone the front. I Am in searchnot only for a Crew, but a team who I can rely on and be loyal to.

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