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"The Boss wishes to meet you.." (2nd Read)
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Joined: 1st Feb 2014
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1st Feb 2014

Mercanti Family

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*You enter the Italian Restaurant in Del Perro, near the Pier. You were told to come here by a member of the Mercanti Family who you had done a little business with. You had heard rumors about this place, and now you are here to see what will come of that strange invitation you received*

"Hey you made it good, good."

*you shake hands with your Associate from the Mercanti Family. The Associate leads you through the dinning area towards the back*

"Now you will notice this place is like a fortress right now.. I'm sure you have heard what happened right? The Capo of this area, Mike Mercanti, was killed recently. He would have been the guy you got to meet today"

*You are lead into the Back Office. There you see some fearsom looking, but well dressed men. One of them looks up and eyes you over for a moment, then turns to your Associate"

"This is the guy from the thing right?"

"Yeah this is him.. He was real solid on that thing, ive seen him do some 'real work' so i know he is a standup guy"

*The man pauses before responding*

"You vouch for him?

*Your associate nods his head slowly and purposefully. The man thinks for a moment, looks you over one more time and says*

"Alright.. But lets make it clear. You are now officially an Associate of the Family. That means you are not a full member but someone who we will do some business with. We will give you some opportunities to stand out in the way of "Family Business". But its up to you how far you take it. If you represent us well, put in some good work, and get involved and meet others in the life, who knows you might even find that one day you are a full Mademan in this thing of ours.. On that day you would be become a part of the Family, you would become a brother to me. However that is no guarantee, that day may never come. You must show respect, initiative and teamwork. Most do not become "Made" infact many a well recognized and feared Enforcer have retired like kings. Show us your worth and we will see how you go.

but one thing i need to hear from you first before i let you get at some work... What are you good at and where did you come from?"

*The Associate and the Man look at you and await your response....*

Reply to the question then meet the contact for some 'Family Business' in another section of the Italian restaurant. Then head to South Central and have a drink at the club and learn about the Family.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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3rd Feb 2014

Thanks for the opportunity to be in the family. I'm from Liberty City and have been on my own most my life, doing contract work for various clients until I was stabbed in the back by a close friend and colleague. After dealing with that problem, I moved to San Andreas to start over. I specialize in getaways and long range kills. Got someone that needs to disappear? I'm your guy.


I operate by Hammurabi's law: an eye for an eye.

PSN: d-_-bFr3sh

Joined: 5th Feb 2014
Rank: Honoured Mercanti
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5th Feb 2014

Hey thanks for having me in the crew, im over from vice city and I won't let you down. My main skills are driving, and silenced kills. I don't like leaving mess...or witnesses for that matter. You can normally find me in black suits, often without blood-stains.. And my vehicle of choice is normally my custom black Baller or a Carbonazzaire. I generally use silenced weapons, nothing too loud or messy. If things get tough though, I am partial to an Assault Shotgun in a firefight.

I hope to prove myself to the family, and am looking forward to hunting down the contracts.
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Joined: 5th Feb 2014
Rank: Associate
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5th Feb 2014

'Capo, I've been to war for this country, I worked security for high risk clients in hellholes throughout the world. I can drive, I can shoot, I can fly a variety of planes and helicopters, and I've spent most of my life getting shot at for cash and a pat on the head. I'm ready."
Joined: 5th Feb 2014
Rank: Honoured Mercanti
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8th Feb 2014

With my recent promotion to consigliere, i thought i should introduce myself. My name is Xplosmo, and I have the Don's ear. All sit-downs need to be set up through me. Now, i might look like the Don's good-looking younger brother, but in reality we aren't related and he is actually ten years younger than me. He just smokes too much and doesn't get any sleep. Now, if you know anything about Don Mercanti, you know that he has a legendary temper. This is the source of his fearsome reputation, but it can also be a hinderance. One of my main roles is to keep the family focused on business over brutality. That said, i am also a wartime consigliere. 
Hope to see you on the streets soon. You will usually see me rolling on a green Batti 800. Keep your mind on the money, and remember to always kick up to your capo. Anyone caught dealing H will be immediately executed. 

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This is the "before" photo.

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Joined: 23rd Feb 2014
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24th Feb 2014

The name's Dan. My enemies call me Skaro. I've seen conflict like you wouldn't believe. I've had partners, friends, brothers die by my side. I've seen the bloodiest of battles, from the War of Liberty City to the Vice City Conflict. I've sacrificed my people for the extinction of my enemies.

Ever since I moved to LS, I've quickly become known as one of the best drivers and pilots out there, while also having a reputation for on sight shooting. I slowly observed the operations of the Family, and realized that this is the place for me. Good luck and Ci vediamo per le strafe di LS.

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Joined: 24th Feb 2014
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25th Feb 2014

The name's Damon, but everyone calls me 'Slick', on account of my my taste in the finer things, and easiness with which I'm able to talk my way out of a bad situation. I started out in the East, living in Liberty City as a boy. My father ran a very successful investment company, leading him to acquire a vast amount of wealth over his career. Eventually, he bet the market against the wrong man, a rival investor who had ties to the mob. One day when my father was driving home, the car was attacked, and all I heard was a constant rat-a-tat against the windows, as my Dad slumped and the car careened of the road. Heartbroken, I closed down the firm and vowed to seek vengeance against the family that had had my father killed.

With a large inheritance I set out to Los Santos, to hopefully find the training necessary to strike back and avenge my father's death. His inheritance game me access to an unrivaled artillery of military grade weapons, and the newest and innovate technology of air and sea. After doing odd jobs here and there I caught wind of the name Mercanti, which led me to investigate, and that's what got me to where I am right now. I'm sure this will be a very beneficial partnership for the both of us.


Even though success is a reality, it's effects are temporary.

Al Capone (Banned)
Joined: 22nd Feb 2014
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28th Feb 2014

I go by the name Al Capone, you know, the guy who controls the Chicago gang territory, bootlegging and prostitution. I have come to Los Santos to expand my empire. Good getaway driver, tax evader, good with the guns, long range sniping, don't talk much. I keep my business quiet. Escaped Alcatraz and the feds still haven't found me.

I'm in it for the dollars, and I take this shit serious.
Joined: 1st Jul 2014
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28th Feb 2014

The name's Danny and when you want a pro to handle things I'm your go to guy. See I've done quite a few heists these past 10 years, well before I got canned and most of them, we were in and out before they even knew what hit em. So these brought me new skills and improved others, if you need a driver I'll be able to get you outta the hottest situations, if you need a shooter long or short range the job will be done and cleaned up afterwards. But my last heist got me canned as one my own guys ratted the whole crew out, served 5 years and when I got out 6 month ago I hunted down that sorry son of a bitch tortured him, you know, showed him what happens when loyalty is lost. After that I figured I needed a new start and San Andreas seemed like the perfect place for it, so that brings me to where I am now, tryin to get back into the game and ruling the streets again but this time as part of a real crew.
Joined: 2nd Mar 2014
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2nd Mar 2014

"My name is Donald Gleeson, but I've been called Mister Blonde throughout my entire, er.. career in this line of work. I was born in Ontario, Canada, but I've been doing work in Carcer City for about 8 years. Robberies, Arms/Drug deals, Escort services.... er, not that kind. The whole nine. Had to move because my 'friends' were suspicious of my productivity, and I got flushed out, miraculously alive."

"So I moved here, to LS. Nice city you got here, lots of vapid selfish rich people, and to balance it out, an equal number of minorities fighting over the colours of their skin and shirt like it's still 1992. Anyway, if I'm going to be in town a while, I figure, hey, better make friends and maybe even get paid. I'm a jack of all trades. Shooting, driving, flying, CQB, I can do it all to a reasonable extent. I excel especially in getaway, and if need be, I have fast, inconspicuous cars at my... our disposal. I'm very interested in any business opportunities you have going, and I can start anytime. Here's my card."

*I reach into my coat pocket, pull out a small blank business card with the name 'Mister B' and an illegible number scrawled on it in marker, and place it on the table.*
Joined: 5th Mar 2014
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5th Mar 2014

My name is Kidman the son of Joe kidman a capo from the Gambetti crime family in liberty city.He was sent to Los santos to open up new territory for the family.Here he met my mother Julianna Lopez my fathers real wife in liberty city was the neice of Jon Gravelli the don of the Gambetti family.My parents were killed and i was raised by my grandmother here in los santos.I come to you don because i wish to bring back glory to my name your enemies are my enemies and your word is law

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"no woman and no kids is the way of the past.touch one of mine & ill take ten of yours.

Football (Banned)
Joined: 19th Feb 2014
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7th Mar 2014

I forgot to introduce my self, my name is Eric but everyone calls me football.
I came to Los Santos from vice city,where I worked for my father.He was a very '' successful'' man and taught me everything I know, but Unfortunately he was whacked so I moved here to start a new life. I am good worker and will stay loyal to family for life.
Joined: 2nd Mar 2014
Rank: Associate
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8th Mar 2014

*Taking a can of Copenhagen Long Cut from his pocket, the associate says* .. Dallas Cinch, people from the city call me "Cowboy", and I hail from the mighty state of Montana, where I worked the feedlots most of my teenage life. I've dealt with 1000 lb steers, so 150 lb men shouldn't be a challenge.

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"In the rodeo arena I'll take my stand; I wanna be known as a rodeo man" - Chris Ledoux

Joined: 9th Mar 2014
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9th Mar 2014

The name's Mark, but everybody calls me "Beef" , I had a Family once, Down in Del Perro, Came home from work one wife, Dead!, my Son, Dead!...So i came here, for help, i want to find the son of a bitch that did this and take him down myself
Joined: 9th Mar 2014
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9th Mar 2014

Known to most as Donny Ace. Got the name from my driving and aim. I don't miss often at all. I'm good at driving, shootin', and racking up revenue. That's all it's about. Keeping yours and yours fed, right? I gotta tell you, I appreciate even being considered. Won't let you down. My word is bond.
Joined: 10th Mar 2014
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10th Mar 2014

I'm Lizzy Capra. I'm from a wealthy family settled in Santo Capra, Puerto Rico. My father is a druglord who has ties in Los Santos. I came to LS to help with the family business. When I first arrived, I was recruited by Deanwill_2, captain of a corrupt FIB departement. Did some jobs there, but I didn't really live up to my capabilities.

I get quite some attention from others, because of my good looks. That's why I'm often eye-candy or decoy.

I will say, I don't take shit from strangers, and I will crush anyone who stands in my way. So I can be usefull as an ally.

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Life is hard...

Die harder.

Joined: 10th Mar 2014
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10th Mar 2014

My name is Cheng "Jelly" Wu, I grew up in Hong Kong with my family. My career in crime started early on when I started doing work for the local triads at the age of 14. As the years went by, things got bad and I was mixed up and framed for treachery.

The only way to avoid being killed by the people I considered to be my friends was to escape. That's how I ended up here. I come to you people now, because this is the only way I know how to earn money.

Why join the Mercantis and not just go to the San Fierro traids you ask? Well.. I can't take the chances. I know that there's still a price on my head, and I want to avoid anyone that may still have connection to the people back home.

I know my way around a car. I did street races back home and mechanic work. Modding and building my own cars and such. I was also taught from an early age to use a gun.

I will prove to you that I am loyal, and I WILL clear my name and find whomever set me up.

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Joined: 10th Mar 2014
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10th Mar 2014

I go by the nickname JAM, I was born and raised in Edinburgh, scotland.
I am of Irish and Romanian Descent, the streets of Edinburgh were mine but there was nothing left that I wanted Back in Scotland so I emigrated to the US. I first moved to Vice city, but was unfortunate not to find any work of my liking, so I drove a stolen Bravado Banshee all the way to Liberty city where I got tangled in amongst the Russian mafia I got out just in the nick of time though it all went to shit when some European Fucker popped the leader. Anyway I'm here now and ready to serve all of Don Mercanti's killing, driving and trafficking desires.
Joined: 10th Mar 2014
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10th Mar 2014

DuBears here. Migrated from Scotland to the Downtown district of Los Xantos in search of a better life and soon began doing 'work' for a local crime outfit, eventually gaining rank and becoming a gun runner. This time as a gun runner taught valuable skills in piloting and remaining undetected. Strict adherent of Omerta and ready to do business in a pinstripe suit with Gusenberg in hand.

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Joined: 10th Mar 2014
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10th Mar 2014

*Sliping a Cigerette into my mouth*

'I hope you don't mind me lighting one up.'

'They call me Nova. Born in London, I made my name as a street racer but I had a side job as hired muscle. One day during my street race I caught the attention of a famous gang. They offered a space for me but I declined. The leader gave me his number and said to call if I changed my mind. This would turn out to be my best choice I made as the next day their rival gang ask me to assist in a robbery of one of there joints. I sought this as an opportunity to make some easy cash as well as take two main gangs out at once. So I accompanied them on the heist but clued the other gang in on what was happening and told them to wait for the signal. Long story short. We looted the money, put it in the trunk and I made off with it not before blowing the place both were in though. So i raced to the airport and stowed away on a plane to LS. That how I ended up here.

My skills, A very skilled Driver, A crack shot with a sniper. Demo isn't to bad.

"Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me"

Matthew Brookes

Steam: Novaraven

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