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RP Landscape: The Basic Rules
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8th Aug 2014

Roleplay Rules:

The Mercanti world is a deep and expansive place.. almost every square inch has a story behind it or a memory of some Mercanti.. Due to the depth and structure of the "Game", we have a very specific set of establishments that we control.. over 50 so in reality we have plenty of establishments from which to RP, including family homes.  this means that as a Member of the Family, yuo are not able to do the following:

Decide that a building belongs to you or that a building belongs to a specific enemy ie you cant say that this recycling plant is owned by the Sabatino's. you cannot just claim land or even a home.. we have official real estate that people work very hard for and that would be pointless if someone else decides on making a mansion their private home etc.

inventing a large fictional Rival Mafia.. Ie it means you cant decide on creating for us a huge rival in an instant. go with a currently established one e.g. The Sabatino's or the San Rico Cartel or an ingame gang e.g. the Lost.

You cannot change the diplomatic status of our Family with any other crime organization such as the Sabatino's or the Lost singlehandedly.. if the Don sees a trend towards war or confruntation, or a making of peace, it will be reflected in the official RP landscape.. so not journals saying "i just made peace with the Cartel etc.."

Avoid unrealistic items: we are a Mafia Family not a Cartel, we dont really get involved with para military type of things.. yet. there may one day be a small group who i assign to more serious jobs in the political maelstrom of San Rico but when operating in the City, keep under the radar. Avoid Heli's use only the caliber you need.. if your in one of the Street Crews, you will have to use only the weapons they have available in their storage.

Dont create your own business or racket.. If you want to do that then take your changes on the streets on your own.. we have multiple rackets and people are ahead of you in the line in terms of being able to run a street level operation.. work your way up by helping others run their rackets.. you will never lead if you cannot first follow.

So what type of work can i do?

Within these bounds, be as creative as yuo can.. look aroudn the city and look for opportunity.. research teh Mfia and see what other successful Crime Families have done in the past such as the Gambino's and even fictional Families like the Corleone and the Soprano's..
find a way to make a few bucks.. when it comes to imgur journals.. if you want to impress the Boss, yuo will do so more with a journal about a small and realistic deal then about a massive bank robbery with heli's etc..

So to simplify:

Dont change the geographic landscape of the Family. these changes must be official.
Dont invent large and powerful organization in the RP world.. a small unknown street gang or posse is fine.
Dont use unrealistic weapons or items.
Dont start your own business without clearance.

If everyone sticks to these basic rules then the depth and realism of this Mercanti world will continue to grow.. till one day its as deep and intriguing as it could be, to those who delve into it. so for those people, i cant have the others ruining it by effecting the landscape with contradictions.. ie. official mercanti line says that this building is the Sabinto's compound.. and yuo decide this building is the playboy mansion... it ruins the depth of the experience.

But there is still a lot you can do.. you can create little gangs and street level stuff. you could take a photo of a place in a way that makes it look like a random building rather than what it actually is.. find how best to be creative within the laws of the street, the family and the universe : )

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21st Jan 2015

Hi, I am alberto and have just recently signed up for the mercanti family and would like some work If you could provide any work at all I would greatly appreciate it. Thankyou
Joined: 31st Mar 2015
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3rd Apr 2015

i am new to the mercantis and i need jobs
Joined: 31st Mar 2015
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13th Jul 2015

I need some work anyone got some for me
Joined: 19th Jun 2016
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19th Jun 2016

Hello , I'm the new kid around the block. If anyone got any work that pays respect or be it otherwise , I'd be more than glad to take it.

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Joined: 14th Aug 2016
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14th Aug 2016

Hello All. I am new to the Mercanti Family and I am looking for work so that I can begin making a name for myself and earn your respect.
Joined: 23rd Nov 2016
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23rd Nov 2016

New to the family and looking for work or a better grasp on what it means to be a Marcanti. My gt is Jigsaw WMMC
Joined: 1st Mar 2017
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1st Mar 2017

Anybody need a little assistance? Im here

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15th Mar 2017

I'm new around here, names Sal, looking for some work
Joined: 22nd Mar 2017
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22nd Mar 2017

Name's Vinny Satino, you can call me Bear though. I'm looking for work so if anyone can hook me up I'd appreciate it.
Joined: 9th Oct 2017
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25th Oct 2017

Hello yall, im an associate of the mercanti family and im currently looking for a way to get some paper, if yall got a job for me yall can count on me.

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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » The Italian Restaurant (1st Read)
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