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"Understanding how this Crew works" - 1st Read
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In this Family, we have ways of showing our criminal work. We do Mercanti Journals (photo Journals using snapmatics).  These jobs gain us Points which go onto our profile which unlocks Wealth Awards,

You are new here.. You currently cannot make Points from your journals, not till you are Muscle. Everyone in the Family starts out from nothing. The goal is to learn the Family business and start making some money to provide for you (Your current Roleplay Character) and your children's (Your future Roleplay Characters) future.

To become Muscle you will need to create yuor first Mercanti Journal, and submit it in the "So what have you been up ... ot; (Imgur Journals) . Only once you show that you have learned how to make a Mercanti Journal will you be ready for what happens once you turn Muscle and Join the "Game"

Currently, you are an Associate of the Family.. you know of us, and we know of you, a little..

Earned 0 Point.

As you Earn more Points, you will become Richer. Right now you are Broke.. Probably why you are looking to the Family to earn some money. As you get richer you will be able to afford better and better lifestyles. This is reflected by Wealth Awards. Each Wealth Award will unlock new things for you to own. Right now, you are able to have the following included in your Mercanti Journals and use in Closed Crew Servers.. Ie, your Roleplay character has the following:

Conditions for starting out in the Mercanti Family Role Play World:

- 1x Car/Motorbike $10,000 or under
- You can take any room in an 'Apt For Rent' or 'Hotel/Motel' in Mission Row/La Mesa/Rancho/Davis/Chamberlain Hills/Murrieta Heights/Cypress Flats/La Puerta or LSIA


This means that you need to check out the

Master Vehicle Value List

and select any 1x Car OR Motorbike that has its sell Value at $10,000 or under. This single vehicle is now YOUR Starting Vehicle. Until such time as you gain a Wealth Award indicating a higher value, this is the only vehicle you can say you own in our Role Play (meaning Mercanti Journals, and in Closed Crew Servers where we Role Play).

If a Buy Price of the car you like on the Master Car Value List is blank, look at the Sell Price, add a zero to the end, that is the cost of that car. Ie a Declasse Voodoo sell price is listed at $1,200, making the Buy Price $12,000, ie too expensive for you, currently with a max of $10,000.


Drive around the city, in the suburbs mentioned above, any Residential type building that has an 'Apt For Rent' sign on it, or has a sign saying 'Motel' or 'Hotel', can be chosen as your place of current residence. You can pick a room number and this is where you currently live in our RP world. NOTE: the apartment does not need be enterable.. its a Roleplay Rental.


You start with only a Black, unmodified Pistol. no Silencer or Extended Clip. And any Melee Weapon is fine to start.

It is highly recommended that your first Mercanti Journal be about introducing your self, your car and your apartment. Until you are Muscle, you post your work here in the "So what have you been up ... ot; (Imgur Journals) section as mentioned above.

Once you posted your first Mercanti Journal about your Character, its likely you will be promoted to Muscle, then it will be possible to submit your Mercanti Journals in the Official "Game" Journals which can then gain you Points, which unlock Wealth Awards and hence better vehicles and nicer areas to live.

Id Also recommend checking out some Mercanti Videos which will help you understand what your getting involved in.

Here is the Mercanti Youtube Channel, look for Playlists to narrow down what your looking for.

Note: This is a Role Play Crew. You will need to be active in searching out people and establishing times to RP. We do this in Closed Crew Servers, if you want to just muck around, take it to Invite only server or Public Server.. Understand what your getting into here.

Read below for more information, then head over to "The Boss wishes to meet you.." Thread and introduce yourself to some of the guys.

Free-Roam Gangsters & Role-Play Entrepreneurs!

We are a Mafia Role-Play Crew that utilizes the incredible landscape and depth of Los Santos to play as if GTAV Online was our "Organized Crime Simulator".

This means we live the life of a Criminal rising through the ranks of a Crime Family. You start off as an Associate with access to some 'Family Business' and work your way up to become Muscle for the Family. As Muscle, you are able to get access to the Mercanti Family Street Crews, and the "Game"... Oops, i have said too much.

On our dedicated Crew Website we list Original Content in the form of 'Family Business'.

These are a selection of Free-Roam Role-Play Jobs that require teamwork, and often interactions with Civilians, Call Girls, Gang Members and sometimes Police in a way that evokes a reaction from them. Based on their reaction you handle your business in different ways, E.g. Upon being 'Bumped', the Stall Owner walked away = he paid his protection money. Stall owner runs away = He refuses to pay etc.. We have 'Family Business' that involves Extortion, Pimping, Robbery, Contracts, Unions, Rivals and even a Scrapyard Scam that we must protect from the Armenians.

We play as if Evidence was a real factor, We use Getaway Vehicles stolen from empty Carparks and side streets, we avoid Police at all costs and only fire back if our life depends on it. We plan our moves. We play like there are consequences, and its more fun than you might think.

Recruiting Status:

T he Mercanti Family is open to anyone who is interested in joining and being a part of 'This thing of ours'. the only requirement is that you are looking to join us long term. this does not mean you need to be or remain active, it just means that we are NOT interested in people who will jump ship if, or when things get tough.

We are looking for good drivers, Role-Players, creatives and in general people who are going to enjoy just cruising around Los Santos looking for something to do together in no particular rush.

I f this sounds like you, then register today on this Site and on The Mercanti Family SocialClub page.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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24th Jul 2014

OK, firstly welcome to the Site. This is the main base of operations for the Family. Without being involved in this Site your experience in the Crew would be similar to any other, albeit when you see us from the Site you might not understand what we are doing, and why we are doing it..

What is the Mercanti Family?

We are a Crew for GTA 5 Online. We use Role-Play (RP) to make the State of San Andreas an Organized Crime Simulator. This means that both on this Site, and Ingame, we play the character of someone who is rising through the ranks of a Mafia Family.

Style of play:

A basic example would be that we avoid shooting at Police, as this would incur a great Police response and increased Heat on the Families Operations in future. Although the Game it self does not make that a fact, we Role-Play these things in order to increase the feeling of realism. We add mechanics such as Evidence into our Role-Play. This means that if we are seen in a Crew vehicle by Police directly after a serious crime, we must destroy the Vehicle and the evidence that it represents. We will often change into nondescript dark clothing for serious crimes and then later change back into that Kashmir Suit. We take our time when we play and dont need to feel rushed. When driving with Crew members, avoid crashing and bumping into traffic. If you cant drive smoothly then avoid driving your Crew mates.

Family Business:

The main aspect of the Crew is the concept of 'Family Business'. This is a set of 'Jobs' that can be performed by members in Online Free-Roam. These jobs are repeatable and essentially utilize teamwork and or interactions with Civilians (NPC's) to play out a scenario. A quick example would be 'Pimping 101'. To do this job you need to roam around searching for Hookers. You walk into them till they react. If they run, that means they are not going to pay you. if they walk away, it means they have paid and are knocking off for the night. in either case your reaction to the situation would vary. There are other more impromtu and less common jobs that come up as a result of RP in the HQ threads of Mademen, so keep an ear to the ground and be ready to get business taken care of.


Each piece of 'Family Business' is designated as part of a category, e.g. Racket, Gang Hit, Contract etc.. Rackets however are the most common. Lets take the Racket of Escorts (Pimping). The Rackets primary Job is 'Pimping 101' however there might be some other jobs that pertain to the racket as well such as finding and killing the (NPC) 'John' who smacked up one of our girls. or taking one of the Escorts for a drive out to the desert etc.. Remember unless specifically stated otherwise, all 'Family Business' is in Free-Roam and done by interacting with civilians, working with team mates, and or collecting objects such as a certain type of Car.

Starting out:

When you join the Crew and make it to this site, find some time when you are free to read through the Forums. This is the most important first step and most of your initial questions can be answered like this. Otherwise speak to someone on the Chat and ask for some advice. Essentially you are a criminal who has gained a contact in this Mafia Family. You arrive on the Site and start trying to impress members of the Family and become a useful and dependable Associate. Be sure to show respect to the higher ups and earn yuor place in the future. Keep your head down and show that you are a man of honour. Find the threads with (Family Business) written in them, read the jobs and perform them on Online Free-Roam. Take a snapmatic of your work. that Snap will automatically be loaded onto the SocialClub site. There the Don can see who is putting in work. To really stand out, you can copy paste your snapmatics directly to and make Imgur journals of your work. CLICK HERE TO SEE JOURNALS This is becoming the most popular way for members to show the Family their work. By reading through all the threads you will know where the imgur journal thread is, among other important Establishments.

To be continued.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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24th Sep 2016

i would like to meet in game with family member if possible
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1st Jul 2017

Hi I was wandering if anyone needed a driver on san
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