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This section will help you understand what is expected of all members. A good guide to confidently go forth into the RP Community knowing your doing the right things.


Our three principals are Respect, Initiative & teamwork.. but lets really take a look at them:

Respect. This is only partly referring to the notion of Respect shown upwards to the Leader. It represents the mutual Respect that everyone in a Family must have for each other, themselves and the concept of the Family as a whole. Every member receives a minimum level of respect, we do not haze or demean a new member instead we look him square in the eyes and see what he is made of on the streets.

Initiative. This is an important notion within the Family. Initiative refers to Members using their own motivation and research to find answers to their own questions as well as create stories and content within the RP Rules of the Family. To try and recruit good prospects without being asked and to actively try to lead a full Role Play experience IN-Game where others lack the confidence to commit to it.

Teamwork. This means bringing in others to your RP. Creating and accepting jobs from others and finding ways for you and other members to work together on semi complex jobs and tasks. The more interaction you create with others the better you will do here.

Loyalty. This is the most important one of all and can be sometimes misunderstood.  Loyalty is not just from lower ranked members to higher ranked. It is members being loyal to the soul of the Family. It is higher ranked members being loyal to the lower ranked members and visa versa. Anyone who is genuinely loyal to the Family, despite their faults will always be defended and fought for within the Family. People can be taught how to do complex things however it takes a special person with natural qualities to create loyalty. There will be ups and downs in your experience in the Family, its how you handle the downs that will define your progress.


Don. Grand Father. This member is the leader and policy maker of the Family. This is not a democracy and the mafia has always followed the Military hierarchy and this extends to the operations of the Family and the website too. The Don needs to have the freedom to make the changes he sees fit to further realize the dream of creating a Realistic Mafia Simulator. please keep in mind that the Don is involved in daily communication with multiple people as well as averaging a high amount of posts and website changes ,application reviews and website management so this is why he can sometimes be a little blunt or straight to the point. Essentially the Don is trying to provide for others the experience he would like to enjoy him self and does this as a volunteer, and is not looking to screw you over or do you wrong. he will however always put the concept of a Realistic Role Play Crime Community, and attainment of the concept, above individuals wants and needs.

Honoured Mercanti. Father. These are Members who attained at least the rank of Mademan, and have retired in good standing with the Don and leave behind a positive legacy. They are rewarded with the Title of Honoured Mercanti and their name and efforts become part of the Mercanti Lore and history. This is the ultimate goal of a member starting out in the Mercanti Family, to end up retired as a symbol of strength and honour with your name going hand in hand with that of the Family it self.

Consiglieri. Great Uncle. These are Advisers whose duty is only to the Don. They can be given more hands on duties at the Dons discretion but at heart it is a title for a trusted member whom the Don might seek council. These members should be stabilizing influences on the Family as a whole.

Capo. Uncle. These are made members who are given the position of captain. This gives them management rights over Mademen to a degree. Capo's will be expected to be more involved in assisting with the Admin of the Family such as recruiting and applications etc.. Capo's also have a political function in that they can greenlight the whack of a Mademan. Capo's must be ready to follow the Don into hell if that is where things go. The Don gets his advice from the Consiqlieri, but his results from the Capo.

Mademan. Son. Full Made members of the Family. These are people who have come along way from asking questions and are now able to help pass on the traditions and the knowledge that they learned on their way up. Mademen represent the Don and are Official Members of the Family, which is always very small compared to its total numbers. Mademen are sometimes referred to as Soldiers or Soldato by Members of the Family, outside that they are referred to as Mr. or other signs of respect. Mademen need to continue the path they were walking as an Enforcer and always remember it was the mentality of an Enforcer which got them the Promotion, the job of a Mademan is very much similar however with more doors open and being almost untouchable to the lower ranked members.

Enforcer. Nephew. These are Muscle who have excelled. Posted many good jobs, they are providing some RP work for other members, looking to engage and add content for the Family. They understand the rules of the RP landscape such as not interfering with the Official Nature of Establishments.. within the Rules they do well at adding to the richness of the community. They are also expected to be ready to step up and take out any target for the Don at a moments notice.

Muscle. Cousin. Muscle gain a lot of new opportunities. They have proven their basic abilities, now is a question of if the Member will join the "Game" and a Street Crew and really get involved, or they can always remain outside the "Game" and work with all members as a regular Mercanti. In any case Muscle have no real responsibility however higher ups are looking expectantly for these members to continue to refine their understanding of the Mercanti way and their skills on the streets with RP, and aim for the rank of Enforcer.

Associate. Friend. The newest faces around the socialclubs of LS. These are Criminals who operate in Mercanti territory who for one reason or another have come into contact with Mercanti Members and have been given an opportunity to work the Mercanti Rackets. It Means your on our radar and we are looking to see if you can excel and become someone we can rely on (by creating a imgur journal and saying hi in one of the Chats is a good start). The main responsibility of an Associate is to learn the Mercanti way, and show that you can step up and become a part of the operation.

Mercanti Hitman. There is a mysterious Group that operates under the radar of even well connected Mercanti's. A world of Hitmen who are ready to step up and make the tough hits for the Don. The Front line against enemies of the Family. By the Time you realize they are Hitsquad members, its too late.

Shot Caller. The highest ranked Mercanti in a Street Crew is known as the Shot Caller. Their job is to run a mini Crew within the Rules of the "Game" and in the interest of the Family and the community as a whole. They are mainly tasked with making the tough decisions on Street Crew strategy, recruitment, and planning out intra Street Crew business deals and drafting up the required official journals etc.. One should give it some thought before deciding to go for this position.

Point Man. Shot Callers appoint Point men to each Suburb the Street Crew controls, the Point Mans job is to fulfill any requirements for Journals that the Shot Caller gives them as well as know their area and be able to provide Jobs for others in their suburb.. this is currently underutilized.. A Point man is the Go To Mercanti in that Suburb... Thats pretty big time if you get this role make the most of it!


Imgur Journals. read the Mercanti handbook on the Front page to learn how and why we do this.

RP In-Game. you will not make it to the Rank of Enforcer unless you are able and enjoy Role Playing in game, which means driving normally, not shooting cops and just in general playing realistic when with other Mercantis. This is what this whole website is for, to make the In-Game RP more exciting.

Parachute system. We use Parachutes like they are backpacks.. its a good visual symbol of who is carrying what contraband etc..

Official Establishments. Read the RP landscape rules for clarification however a basic tenant of our RP world is that Establishments and their usage and meaning must be synchronized with the whole community.. if some people say Building A is a Illegal card game, and some other people say its a loan shark operation then the Rp authenticity breaks down, so in your RP and journals try to avoid claiming buildings as being a specific place unless its an officially listed Establishment in our RP.

Getting Made. This is a custom that dates make to the beginning. If you get asked to... well ill just leave it as a surprise, few reading this will attain that honour.. are you one of them?

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » The Italian Restaurant (1st Read)
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