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"Want some work..? (Family Business)
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*You get called over to a table near the kitchen. A large man is eating Pasta out of a salad bowl and he points to the seat in front of him. You sit down and wait for him to finish his mouthful*

"Got some problems need taken care of.. Do it right and there will be something in it for ya. This is good Family turf right here so get going"

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

Joined: 1st Feb 2014
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18th Feb 2014

QuoteThe Vespucci Street Tax
Vespucci Beach and the Pier.
Crew: 1+ Members
Racket: Protection/Extortion.
Info: There are numerous Portable Retail Stands around this area and they all pay us for Protection. However one or two of them have stopped paying us so need to be dealt with.
Equipment: Transport to Vespucci. Baseball Bat and grenade or Gasoline.
Plan: Walk up to the stall and determine reaction (walk into him for 2 seconds etc..).
If the stall holder wants no trouble he will pay up and walk away or say something nonthreatening.. this means he has paid his Tax.
If he is not there, then find the nearest person who is standing and smoking.. this is the Stall Holder not doing his job.. laziness does not equal regular income so this guy needs to be taught a lesson, give him a beating but don't kill him, just leave him unconscious.
If you approach the Stall holder at his stall and after walking into him he shoves you or says something disrespectful, handle the situation how you see fit, anything from a beating to blowing up his stall.. your call.

QuoteRival Mafia

Crew: 1+
Whack: Rival Mafia Members in suits standing in groups of 2.
Info: there are other Mafia Crews who claim business in Los Santos, some we are close to others not so much.
Equipment: Getaway Vehicle, Weapon, Gasoline or Sticky Bomb.
Plan: If you are driving around in a not so wealthy neighborhood and you spot two suited men standing and talking with each other, it means you have stumbled across two rival Mobsters. If its possible for you to do so Whack these two on the spot and high tail it out of there, avoid the cops at all costs and destroy the Getaway Vehicle if there were ANY witnesses.. if it happened while you were in a Modded Crew car, then destroy it and call your insurance and tell them your vehicle was stolen an hour ago by some "hoods"

QuotePeeling the Union

Crew: 1+
Racket: Union Embezzlement and Corruption
Info: Due to our infiltration of the Union, we are often needing to send clear messages to certain loud mouths and trouble makers who attempt to enlist support in their efforts to remove us from the Unions. Other times we need to crack a few heads to get a job going, or to get a job delayes etc.. whatever the individual case may be, we are always in need of good Mercanti Muscle to pay these Workers a visit and remind them who they are dealing with.
Target: any workers dressed in high vis, working the docks or construction.. pictured above.
Equipment: Vehicle. Baseball Bat. Fists.
Plan: Approach Site in vehicle at normal pace. exit vehicle and approach the workers we are having an issue with.. And with your fists or with your bat give them a solid beating.. leave their money as this is not a robbery, its a message, and we don't want nobody to be confused.

QuoteMade in China

Crew: 2+ Members
Racket: Protection/Extortion
Info: The Vespucci Clothing Retail stores on the beach front have banded together and are not paying us for protection any more. We must make our case that its better in the long run to pay us our due.
Equipment: Gasoline. Grenades. Getaway Vehicle.
Plan: Drive together to the beach in a recently stolen vehicle (stolen without witnesses of course) aka a Getaway Vehicle. start pouring gasoline at the entrance of the Mask store, and the clothing stores that are next to it.. there are a few stores to hit so a decent group is recommended.. ignite gasoline and throw grenades into the stores.. keep civilian causalities to an absolute minimum.. this is a strong message, not a terrorist attack. Take a Snapmatic of the flames engulfing the stores for Respect amongst your Family. The Don will be pleased to see the results. Save the last grenade for the Getaway Vehicle.

QuoteDebt Collecting 101

Crew: 1+
Racket: Loan Sharking
Info: Some of the higher up Mercanti Members run Loan Sharking operations and they are always in need of Collectors.
Target: Any Civilian who you decide owes the Family money.
Equipment: Vehicle. Some type of weapon for intimidation.
Plan: Approach Civilian who is standing, not walking or running. Walk into them for 2 seconds to gain a reaction. You decide if their reaction means they paid, or have refused, or asked for more time. Handle the situation accordingly but remember that a dead man cant pay his debts.

QuoteHit & Run

Crew: 2+
Whack: Targeting highest ranked Online Player.
Info: Take a look at the players in your server, choose the highest ranked player outside the Family. This person is the Target. They are a Rival Mafia Mademan and must be killed quickly and without getting drawn into a firefight.
Target: Highest ranked Online player in your server.
Equipment: Vehicle, Weapon and ideally Lester's ability to remove blip from radar.
Plan: work together with your Crew to plan the Hit. There are infininite ways to approach this Whack but make sure it is done smoothly and without any Crew members dying. Use Lester's ability if possible and get right up close.. maybe draw them into a trap, the options are endless get creative. The Hit is successful if you kill the Rival Mademan and get away to safety.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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17th Mar 2014

QuoteGrand Respect Auto

Crew: 1+
Racket: Tribute
Info: You are making your way up and understand that paying respect to the Members above you is a good way to go. Perhaps you want to Start working for the Mademan in Vespucci, or want to get on the Capo's Radar, delivering a brand new, untraceable stolen car might just get you noticed.
Equipment: Getaway Vehicle.
Plan: Decide which Mademan or above you want to pay Tribute too. Find out where they operate E.g. Auto Repair in Davis, or Strip Club in Strawberry. Steal a car from a vacant parking lot so that no one sees you. Take a joyride to look for a nice car driving around. You may have to get on the Great Ocean Highway to find something very nice. The important thing is to pull this car over, knock the driver unconscious and take the car, Without damaging the Car. Take it to any Chop Shop that we control and change the color of the License Plates. Now deliver this vehicle to the HQ of the Member you are paying tribute too, Take a Snap and put a description and send the link to them so they receive it. The nicer the car, and the better the condition, the more impressed they will be.
Example of this Job:

QuoteStore Protection By Glarke

Crew: +2
Info: Two people have been planning to rob a store under our protection.
Weapon, Getaway Car.
If you see two people standing and talking outside a store, e.g. Liquor or Clothing. They are planning to rob the place, one of your pull a gun and scare them off in a certain direction. The other members are waiting in that direction to kill these two robbers away from the CCTV cameras out front of the store. When you escape take the Vehicle to either Glarke's Auto Repair or "Ace" Scrapyard to have the Plate modified.

QuoteTraffic Stop

Crew: 2+
Whack: Rival
Info: You are driving along with the Crew when you spot who you think is a Rival Enforcer driving a car up ahead, You tail them till they stop at a redlight and you make yuor move.
Equipment: Vehicle (Ideally Getaway Vehicle)
Plan: If you see a Black Sedan you can announce that it "looks like Joey 'Two Toes' Sabatino" or whoever you like it to be. If the Ranking Member in the Vehicle gives the Greenlight, Tail the vehicle, do not ram it do not block it. when it stops at a redlight, at least one person gets out and sneaks up on the car from the side and shoots to kill. However dont forget this is a street wise Enforcer most likely and wont just sit their while you take aim so the best Free-Aim shooters will need to make the Hit. If he manages to escape before the Shots hit their mark, the driver must follow him and is now allowed to use his car to ram or block.. this is desperate measures and may result in Jail Time as it will be a wild chase. Alternatively, you could let him go and call the Hit a Failure. If you successfully kill the Enforcer, one member should jump in his car (pretending that he did not just throw the guy onto the street) then take the body and the both the cars to be disposed of.


Crew: 2+
Whack: Payback
Info: You decide to do some payback for some crimes committed against the Family. Gangland Style.
Equipment: Stolen Black Baller. Black clothing
Plan: Decide the Target first, maybe its a Street Gang or a Security Guard, up to you. Take a Crew vehicle and get into Black street clothing. Then search around together till you see a Black Baller, ideally in a Carpark however you can Jack one, but change the License Plate at a Chop Shop if so. Whoever was driving the Crew Car should hide it in a good place. Now you are ready head towards your target as a group in the Black Baller. Driver should not drive to fast, and the shooters should lock on and fire on the enemy. Quick attack then get out of there. If unseen by the cops drive directly to the Hidden Crew vehicle, if seen, evasive tactics will be needed but avoid shooting at cops unless your life depends on it.


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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » Vespucci
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