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We have discussed what Jobs are before, now we will look at Actions.


They work the same way as Jobs do. However, Actions are Jobs that have a direct impact on another Character.

Actions do not receive any Points. Use the Template at the bottom and post it on the Official Timeline to complete an Action.

There are two types of Actions, Whack and Beatdown.

Unlike Jobs, which can be done by either Image Journals or Videos, Actions MUST be done by Action Video.

The Action video must be recorded by pressing F1, and using Rockstar Editor, or by using some screen recording software. If using Rockstart Editor, select Game Camera so that we see exactly what happened as it happened from the Attackers Point of View, it must not be edited.

You can accompany it with a second link which includes a Image Journal or another, more stylized and edited Video, if you wish to do so, but the Action Video is the proof.

Action Rules:

You cannot pull out a TWO HANDED weapon, such as an Ak-47, Micro SMG or a Baseball Bat, from nowhere and use it. If you wish to use a Two Handed Weapon, you must retrieve it from one of the following places:

A vehicle - That you own or are using, not a motorbike, and not the victims vehicle.
A bin/dumpster.

To do this, go up to the Vehicle/Bin/Dumpster and while standing or crouching up against it, equip the weapon.

All single handed Weapons can be used at any time. i.e. you can pull a knife, pistol or SNS Pistol out at any time for an Action.

There are some Two Handed Weapons you CAN pull out of a Motorbike:

Sawed Off Shotgun
Double Barrell Shotgun
Tactical SMG
Micro SMG


If a Character is killed in-game, and that is recorded by an Action Video, it can be posted on the Official Timeline using the Template at the bottom of this page. If this happens, the victim is permanently killed. The Player who controls the Character that is the Victim, will lose 90% of their Points and all of their Investment Properties, except 1. Those remaining Points, and the chosen Investment Property will be inherited by the Players next Character.

To Create their next Character, see the Character Section for more information.
Admins will need to deduct the Points and help facilitate the required Changes.

A Whack is the most serious action in Bloodlines and should not be met out lightly.

These are the only weapons you can use to do a Whack:


  • Knife
  • Antique Cavalry Dagger
  • Machete
  • Switchblade


  • Ceramic Pistol
  • Combat Pistol
  • Heavy Pistol
  • Heavy Revolver
  • Heavy Revolver mk II
  • Marksman Pistol
  • Pistol
  • Pistol mk II
  • Pistol .50
  • SNS Pistol
  • SNS Pistol mk II
  • Vintage Pistol
  • WM 29 Pistol


  • Double Barrel Shotgun
  • Musket
  • Pump Shotgun
  • Pump Shotgun mk II
  • Sawed-Off Shotgun

Submachine Guns & Light Machine Guns:

  • Combat PDW
  • Micro SMG
  • Mini SMG
  • SMG
  • SMG mk II
  • Tactical SMG

Assault Rifles:

  • Assault Rifle
  • Assault Rifle mk II
  • Carbine Rifle
  • Carbine Rifle mk II
  • Compact Rifle
  • Service Carbine

Sniper Rifle:

  • Precision Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle

Thrown Weapons:

  • Pipe Bomb


  • Car Bomb (not sticky bomb)

Here are some examples of Whacks that have happened previously. Remember, these Characters were permanently killed as a result of these Whacks. Note that many of these were done before the new rule regarding Actions being done in Video form, or the limitation on Weapons used in a Whack:

Example Character is Whacked for getting involved in some consequential Chinese whispers.

Example A short Video showing a Whack of a Character.

Example Another short video, this time a Character is lured to a meetup in order to be Whacked.

Example A Character chose to commit suicide instead of receiving a Beatdown.

Only one Character can be 'Killed' in a Whack. If there are multiple Victims, the creator of the Whack must specifically state which Character is killed, any other Victims will be considered 'Beatdown'. e.g. if a car bomb explodes a group in a Car, only one will be killed, and its up to the Character who submits the Whack in the Official Timeline, to decide who.


A Beatdown works much like a Whack. A Character will be 'killed' in-game, but instead of being considered Permanently killed on the website, a Character is instead considered to be severely injured. From the time a Beatdown is posted on the Official Timeline, the victim is unable to post Jobs or Actions on the Official Timeline for 7 days.

The rules regarding Two handed weapons apply just like they do for a Whack.

These are the only weapons you can use to do a Beatdown:


Baseball Bat
Broken Bottle
Golf Club
Pipe Wrench

Here is an example of a Beatdown:

Example Two Cop Characters Beatdown a possible DUI.

Use the Template below and post it in the Official Timeline.

Action Template:

Type of Action:

Is it a Whack, or a Beatdown?


Who is effected in this Action?

Description of the job:

Insert a description of what happens in your Job or Action here

Link to the job:

Link to Job - Must be a Action Video. You may also choose to post additional links to an edited Video or an Image journal.


If they are Whacked, they are dead, if they are Beatdown, they must not post for a Week on the Official Timeline.

Carlo, Son of Aldo.

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