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Its possible to become a Policeman. You can become a Policeman from any rank, as long as a Police Chief or Captain hires you, so speak to them. Police can be Dirty or Clean, its up to the Character and the Chief.

To become a Police Officer, an 'Admin' will need to change your Rank to Police Officer.

Police Can do Jobs or take Actions like other members, and post them on the Official Timeline to receive Points. They don't receive a traditional Turf or Backroom Business Bonus like Criminal Members. However, they can include their Police Precinct and use it like a Backroom Bonus. and the Suburb their Precinct is in acts like a Turf Bonus. So Police will have the chance to gain Wealth Awards by doing their work.

The only Actions available for Criminal Characters to perform on others are Whack and Beatdown. Police can do these as well, however they gain one extra Action, They can Crack Down on Turf. See Turf for more details.

Other than that, Police are unable to effect the RP world greatly. They cannot arrest other Characters or charge them with crime's (unless that Character agrees to an RP plot).

It is advised that The Police Chief hires Police who are prepared to take on 'Admin' roles to help the game function and to police the use of the Game. But it is not mandatory.

Carlo, Son of Aldo.

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