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Wealth Awards will allow your Character to improve their Residence, Vehicles and begin an Investment portfolio. Lets look more closely at Property and how it works.

The types of Property are:


You will start out renting a Small Residence, either an apartment or a small dilapidated house. Certain Wealth Awards will unlock higher quality Accommodation. You are then able to scout out a suitable in-game Residence, take a photo of it, and add it to your Character Profile to include in your RP under the section Residence. Use the Master Property List below to make sure you are selecting the right type of Residence.

Master Property List


Much like your Residence, you will start out with access to Entry Level Vehicle's only. Certain Wealth Awards will unlock your Characters ability to drive higher level Vehicles, and include them in your RP. Below is a guide on the three levels of Vehicles. Make sure your Character is driving or riding Vehicles appropriate for their Wealth.

Master Vehicle List

Investment Properties:

You will start out with no Assets. Certain Wealth Awards will give you the opportunity to buy Investment properties, which you can add to your  Character Profile using Template 2. You can then include it in your RP. Use the Master Property List below to make sure you are selecting the right type of Investment Property. See the list below.

Master Property List

Backroom Businesses:

You are able to establish an illegal businesses in each Investment Property you own. These can give Bonuses to other Characters who do business with you.

Here are a list of examples:

drug den, brothel, fight club, counterfeit operation, gambling den, chop shop, money laundering front, fence, cybercrime hub, smuggling warehouse, contraband warehouse, bootlegging operation, car theft ring, HQ, Moonshine operation, drug lab, art theft syndicate, weapons dealing operation, Loan sharking office, Hideout.

Backroom's are a key function of Bloodlines. They will generate RP content and provide a backroom Bonus for other players who use it in their Jobs. Those who gain true wealth in Bloodlines, will be those who can 'convince' other Characters to use their Backrooms, and pay a fee for doing so.

When you receive a Wealth Award that enables you to Add to your assets, there are some important things to understand.

It will be up to YOU, to make sure that the upgrades you select, are within the intended framework of the Wealth Awards. For example, if you gain a Wealth Award that states you can now buy a Small Investment Property, you must take a look at the Master Property List, and make sure that the Property you pick out to be your new Investment, is considered a Small Property. If you are establishing a Backroom Business, make sure it would A, physically fit within the Property it's in. B, be appropriate as an illegal Business. For example, An illegal airplane manufacturing plant would not fit or be appropriate in the back of a Clothing store.

It is a natural human response to try and squeeze out the largest type of Building you can for each Wealth Award, bending the rules to allow you to get as much as you can. However, take a step back for a second. The best RP opportunity may be with a more modest option. The best RP'ers will achieve more respect and status while driving an understated Sedan, than an Addar. They will excel without having to try and bend the rules to get a larger Property than their Wealth Award dictates. In fact, you may even insult those above you, if you try and undermine their success, by claiming Property that is above your own level. So take a second to think about your choice, and consider if making enemies is worth choosing that Building which others might see as being considered larger than what your Wealth Award has stated you can now own.

Carlo, Son of Aldo.

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