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We have previously discussed Points, and how to earn them with Jobs. Now we will go into Wealth, specifically, Wealth Awards.

As you obtain Points, they will accumulate on your Profile. At certain escalating milestones of Points, you will receive a new  Wealth Award.

14 Tycoon (8000 Points) – 1 mega prop – 1 medium prop - Yacht
13 Mogul (4000 Points) – 1 large prop 
12 Made of Money (2000 Points)  – 1 large prop – Private jet
11 Filthy Rich (1000 Points) – 1 med prop – 1 small prop
10 Rich (700 Points) – Large Res - 1 small prop
9 Very Wealthy (500 Points) – 1 medium prop
8 Wealthy (350 Points) – High End Vehicles – 1 small prop
7 Affluent (250 Points) – 1 small prop 
6 Well Off (200 Points) –Medium Res
5 Prosperous (150 Points) – Mid-range Vehicles
4 Comfortable (100 Points)
3 Poor (50 Points) 
2 Broke (10 Points)
1 First Taste (5 Points) – Get into Official Timeline.
0 Starting Out (0 Points) – Small Res – Entry Level Vehicle.

Each new Wealth Award you unlock represents your increasing wealth, power, connections and status etc.

Many Wealth Awards will unlock new RP options for your Character in the following categories:

Residence - Small - Medium - Large. Your wealth Award will determine what type of house you can live in.

Vehicle - Entry - Mid Range - High End. Your Wealth Award will determine what type of Vehicles you can RP with.

Investment Property - Small - Medium - Large - Mega. Your Wealth Award will determine what type of Properties you can own.

You will learn more about how these various types of Properties work in Property.

In general, Wealth Awards will be a reflection of your time and effort in Bloodlines. It can take a long time to earn the next Award, so try not to grind for it. Enjoy each stage of your Characters Development.

You will never have to 'spend' any Points to improve your Residence or buy an Investment Property. The Economy is simplified in Bloodlines. Having a certain level of Points represents your Characters ability to live in certain residences, drive certain levels of vehicles and to own certain types of Investments. Investment Properties Accumulate with each new Wealth Award. This means if you somehow make it to Tycoon, you would:

Have a Large Residence, be able to drive High End cars, and have 4 small, 3 medium, 2 large and one mega property. You'd also own a private jet and a yacht. It's likely the only way you will attain the highest levels of wealth in Bloodlines, is to make passive income by having other Characters attribute some of their earnings to you when they post jobs on the Timeline. For example a Don might require his men pay him 'tribute' while an MC President might require his men pay him 'Dues'. etc.

Carlo, Son of Aldo.

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Forum » Systems » Wealth
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