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31st Aug

In Bloodlines, there are three systems that need to be authenticated by Admin:

  1. Points
  2. Wages
  3. Promotions

Points - will be authenticated on the Official Timeline, not here. Admins will view the Job, make sure that the Turf, Backroom and Character Bonuses are correct, and then will distribute the Points accordingly. Once they have done that they will make the Comment 'Paid' in the Job reply comments section.

Wages - The Mayor, and Admin receive Wages in Points for their work running the Game. This will be authenticated in the MAYORS OFFICE.

Promotions - will be authenticated here. Essentially, Characters will post in this Topic alerting Admin to their needs, so that they can be authenticated in a timely fashion and in a centralized location.

There are situations whereby Characters require Promotions. For example, 3 Characters ranked Criminal get together and form a Crew. The Leader would come here and make a Reply informing the Admin of this happening, requesting promotion to Crew Leader. Or, a Don has room in his Group to promote someone to Capo, and another to Mademan. He would make a reply here requesting these changes to be made. The Admin would then confirm that these Promotions are within the Rules for Groups and Ranks, and then make those changes. See HERE for how to change someone's Rank.

Making a Group:

If you are a regular Character and are wanting to create a Group, make a Reply here including the Members, Ranks, and Group type (e.g. Crew or MC etc). An 'Admin' will confirm you have made the group, and then will change your Ranks to reflect it. Make sure you are eligible to make a Group by clicking HERE.

Carlo, Son of Aldo.

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21st Sep

Street Crew has been established

Crew Name: Farlo Corporation

Crew Leader: Charles Farlo

Crew Members: Lenny Farlo, Chris Johnson, Alaric Delano, Negan Wesker, Blain Allen

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I am the head of the Farlo Family. I will treat you like my own until you turn on me.

That's when I send my blades...

Joined: 17th Nov 2014
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21st Sep

Street Crew has been established

Crew Name: Solntsevskaya Bratva

Crew Leader: Ivan “Ghost” Zakhar

Crew Members: Viktor, Tony Mortelli, Samir,

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C. LeaderSam "Lefty" Vario X1Vario
Joined: 16th Sep 2014
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21st Sep

Street Crew has been established

Crew Name: Vario Crew

Crew Leader: Samuel "Lefty" Vario

Crew Members: Sam "Lefty" Vario, Connor "Scotty" Vario, Michael "Shorty" Vario, Fredrika Schmidt, Milo Mosconi, Joe Hun

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War does not determine who is right only who is left - Bertrand Russell Motherfucker pay up now! - Sam "Lefty" Vario

Lou Ma PC (Banned)
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24th Sep

Street Crew has been established

Crew Name: Twin Dragon Ring Triads

Crew Leader: Lou Ma

Crew Members: Lou Ma [Patriarch], Huang Shen [Vice Patriarch], Yao Shen [Enforcer], Xiao Zhang [New Blood]

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"A family is only as strong as it's weakest link."

Last Edit: 25th Sep by Lou Ma PC
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4th Oct

Street Crew has been established

Crew Name:

Po Sing Tong

Crew Leader:

'Grandfather' Wei Yuneji 

Crew Members:

Wei "Smoke Lung" Qigang
Kiang "Scorpion" Tung
Mikey "Lich" Capriani

Notable Figures: Charles "The Twin" Blackwell (Deceased), Marcellus "The Bull" Harper (Deceased), Viviane "Viv" Bennett (Retired), Wei "Smoke Lung" Qigang (Alive)

Last Edit: 17th Oct by Wei "Smoke Lung" Qigang P4
C. LeaderNegan WeskerFallen
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15th Oct

Street Crew has been established

Crew Name: The Fallen Saviors

Crew Leader: Negan Wesker

Crew Members:
Negan Wesker
Milenko “Mac”Levitsky
Jake "Daken" Law P4

Well, here’s a little refresher on who the hell I am. I wear a leather jacket, I have Lucille, and my nutsack is made of steel. I am not dying until I am damn good and ready.

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16th Oct

I, Viktor Levitsky, establish myself as the De Facto leader of the Bratva with the Blessing of Carlo Mercanti, until further notice.

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