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In Bloodlines, Characters can Claim 'Turf' for themselves, their friends and Criminal Groups. Having Turf will give the claimant(s) power and prestige.. As long as they can retain it. Being a Claimant of a Turf gives you a Points Bonus for any Job/Action which in part takes place in that Turf.

Turf can be Claimed by a Character for himself, for his friends or for his Group in the following way:

Go to the Territory tab at the top of the screen. Select a Turf, lets say La Mesa. Click on the Topic called "La Mesa - Turf" and scroll down to Reply Button. Copy and Paste one of the following 4 Templates as a new Reply:

I, __, Claim this Turf for my self.

I, __, Claim this Turf for myself, and "Insert the names of up to 4 other Characters".

I, __, Claim this Turf for myself, and "Insert name of up to 8 Groups".

I, __, Claim this Turf for myself, and "Insert name of up to 4 Groups, and up to 4 Characters".

Once you have done that, you may add a message before you click "Post Reply".

For example:


I, Mike Mendez, Claim this Turf for myself, "The Axe Hounds MC, and Dion Bruce"

You can do work in our Turf, but don't Touch the Motel.


Whoever has the latest Claim in a Turf Topic, is considered the Controller of that Turf.
This means that if someone else comes along and Claims the Turf , they would now be the latest Claimant and would be considered the Controller of that Turf. In the above example, Mike Mendez, the Axe Hounds MC and Dion Bruce would no longer be considered to Control the Turf. Naturally, there could be consequences for Claiming Turf that is Controlled by other Characters or Groups.

Benefits of Controlling Turf:

If you are a Turf Claimant, ie Control Turf, or your in a Group that Controls Turf, you will gain a +5 Points bonus for any Job you do on that Turf and post in the Official Timeline.

For example:

Posting any Job in the Official Timeline will give you a base pay of 5 Points. So if you do a Job in a Turf that you or your Group Claim, you will get 10 Points for that same Job.

  1. The Job/Action does not have to be solely located in that Turf, but some part of the Job must involve that Turf.
  2. You can only receive one Turf Bonus per Job/Action.
  3. A Turf cannot be Claimed within 24 hours of a previous Claim.
  4. Police Characters can nullify the Bonus of Turf by "Cracking Down" on it. To do this, a Police Character can copy and paste the following Template into a Turf Topic.

I, ________, am CRACKING DOWN on this Turf. The Points Bonus is now nullified until:
1. I stop Cracking Down on this Turf (by deleting this Reply).
2. Another Individual or Group Claims this Turf.

When about to post a Job in the Official Timeline, quickly check the Turf you will be claiming a +5 Points bonus from, to make sure that:

  1. You are still the most recent Claimant.
  2. That the Turf has not been Cracked Down on by the Police.

Use the Templates above, don't just wing it.

Now you understand how Turf works, consider how you could gain Control of some in order to make more Points. Just be careful who's toes you step on.

Best of luck.


A word on Strategy:

Some of you reading this would have started to see some stratagems available with the Turf system.

Because you can Claim Turf on behalf of multiple people and Groups, its possible to make deals and agreements with other entities, by sharing access to your Turf. Perhaps you can build an alliance with another group by sharing some of each others Turf. Maybe your winning a war with another Group, and could offer to cease hostilities and have a non aggression pact if they gave you access, or indeed handed over some Turf. You could have an agreement with individual members of multiple other groups and Claim a Turf together. Be creative. Use Turf to your advantage.

Carlo, Son of Aldo.

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