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The Republic of San Rico is a Latin American style nation situated north of San Andreas, USA.

Its Geography follows natural boarders and its landscape is hot, mountainous and largely untouched.

History Lesson:

"Aldo & Mike Mercanti made their first big payday from a trip to San Rico where there goal was to purchase a Suit of Coke.. Things did not really go to plan however and the two came back with both the Coke AND the Money, allowing Aldo to purchase the Vanilla Unicorn and kickstart the Process by which the Mercanti Gang, became a Crime Family." 

- Written in 2014.

Or so the myth goes..

How San Rico works:

You may travel between San Rico and San Andreas legally, or you could cross the boarder illegally. Depends on what your looking to do there.

San Rico is a beautiful and wild place. Paleto Bay City is its Capital. The other major metropolitan area is San Grapeseed, which shares a Check Point boarder with Grapeseed, a US Town. The United States has a Military base Called Fort Zancudo which is located in San Rico.

There are many reasons to go to San Rico. You could go up there with some friends to let lose. The drugs, women and weapons are all cheap. So is life in San Rico. Or you might seek out business opportunities such as producing Drugs to sell in the US Market through a Big Job. There are lots of things to do there.

Be careful though, San Rico is a lot more dangerous and lawless than San Andreas. This country is always in the middle of political instability, corruption is rampant and the Cartel does not play around. Repeat they do not play. They get serious real quick and all effort should be taken to not step on their toes.

When in San Rico, Remember this statement in the Jobs section:

  • A Job should not heavily effect or alter the RP world. For example, a Job should not include an element where you kill the Vagos leader and they disband as a Gang, or you Make an alliance with the San Rico Cartel and they now work with you. Or you run a Politician for President and they get into office, as these would heavily effect the RP world.

So you can Interact with the San Rico Cartel, and even do business with them or other elements of San Rico, even political. But you cannot claim a special relationship with them; it should be minimal and in a way that does not Change or alter there place in the RP world.

Carlo, Son of Aldo.

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