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Name: Viktor Levitsky

https://imgur.com/a/vXr01 ... mN

Nickname: “Lev”

Description: Viktor was born in Yugoslavia in the Mid 70’s. His father was a Russian and mother was a serbian When the Bosnian war began, Viktor was only fourteen. His mother and father were both killed. After the war ended, Viktor Traveled to Russia, his paternal uncle lived there and reached out to Viktor after his parents were killed.

Viktor began working with his uncle who was a small time thief. Viktor, alongside his uncle, were both eventually arrested and put in prison. While in prison, Viktor would slowly become a full fledged member of the Bratva. When he got out, he moved to Carson city, in the united states.

Viktor and his uncle would both live in a rundown apartment in the city, both working as mechanics in an Albanian auto shop. Viktor got in a fight with another employee, nearly killing this man but his uncle stopped him. Both men were fired. Later that night, the employee and a few associates located Viktor and his uncle and did a drive by, resulting in the death of Viktors uncle.

Now feeling guilt over his uncles death, he fled the city, and 3 months later, he found himself on a ship heading to the west coast, too the city of Los Santos, a man he had met in the prison back east had gotten in contact with him and informed him that the Solntsevskaya Bratva had established itself there, with nowhere else to go, he took the next ship out.

Residence: Viktor Lives in a rundown one room apartment on pillbox hill.

https://imgur.com/a/kBgGv ... eX

Work: Viktor works for the Zakhar oil corporation.

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`Milenko “Mac” Levitsky.
https://imgur.com/a/QDo9Q ... 4W

`Milenko “Mac” McKenzie was born in san Andreas, 1996. He is the son of Irina Levitsky, and Steve McKenzie. Irina is the sister of Bratva member, Viktor Levitksy. When the Bosnian war began, Irina listed herself as a mail order bride and was brought too the united states.
Mac was named after his grandfather who was killed during the war in Bosnia. Although Steve was okay with his name, he felt other children would laugh at him, so he nicknamed him “Mac”.
Mac now does odd jobs. His uncle Viktor introduced him too the criminal lifestyle, although Mac is more interested in chaotic mischief, rather than Organized crime.`

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