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Thomas Balotelli (formerly Barnes)


Thomas "Bruiser" Balotelli, formerly known as Thomas Barnes, is an Italian-Australian gangster and former associate of the Mercanti crime family. His parents immigrated from Napoli to Australia where he was born and raised. He was sent to America to live and work with his uncle and cousins in Los Santos after he had run afoul of the local Mafia in his hometown after a botched job.

When he arrived in Los Santos he didn't intend to revert back to a life of crime, but old habits die hard and he was pulled back into mob life after a series of unsuccessful business ventures and dead-end jobs. Although Thomas never officially became a made man in the Mercanti family, he was recognised as a good Earner for the family, running a Bordello and Protection Racket for the Del Perro Barons street crew during Don Aldo's time, and earned his nickname "Bruiser" because of his propensity for violence when it came to collecting money.

Once the Mercanti family dissolved, Thomas went on the lam to avoid heat from the police and rival organised criminal outfits who moved in on his businesses once he had lost the protection of the Mercanti family. He changed his surname from the English name his parents adopted back to his family's original Italian name to better embrace his heritage, rather than attempt to hide it like his parents had while they were fresh immigrants looking for work in an environment that was hostile to Italians.

But with the return of the Mercanti Family, Thomas has once again set his sights on the criminal underworld of Los Santos, and is looking to make his mark on the city.


0325 S Rockford Drive

To be added.

Those who have nothing, will do anything.

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