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How to get your first set of wheels
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30th Dec 2015

Time to get a cheap and unreliable Vehicle

If you ever plan on getting a job on the West Coast, your going to need a Vehicle to get around.


All those times you flew around the city in super sports cars.. They were just dreams.. Wonderful dreams. Your back in reality now, and you can only afford a very cheap second hand car.. it might be some time before you get your hands on a leather steering wheel. As you progress, and make more Points, you will receive Awards. These Awards will outline to you, What new items, such as Vehicles, you have unlocked. The richer you get, the more vehicles you can own at once too.

Choosing your first Vehicle:

You will need to select a Vehicle from the Car Price Index.

You can select any Vehicle that has a 'Selling Price' of $1000, or less..

Yes thats correct. One day you will look back on your crappy Motel room and yuor old Stratum and think how far you have come.

1. Once you have chosen your Vehicle, go back to your Character Profile and update your Garage.

2. Have you got a roof yet? NO? go get one HERE. If yes, see below:

3. If you have got a roof and some wheels, that means you are now ready to go make some money. Rent and fuel aint free! welcome to the rat race:

Step 5: Do a legit Shift

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » New Members & Getting Started » Buy a Vehicle
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