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How to get a bed to sleep in
Forum » New Members & Getting Started » Rent Accomodation
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30th Dec 2015

Time to Rent Something Affordable

Now that you exist, you need to look after your self.. Cant be sleeping on the streets if you ever want a chance to impress.


OK so your young, and here in San Andreas looking to make something of your self. But you have only a little money in your pocket, enough to rent a crappy apartment or stay at a cheap motel.

Choosing rental Accomodation:

You can only stay in valid rentals in the following Suburbs:

Mission Row
La Mesa
Chamberlain Hills
Murrieta Heights
Cypress Flats
La Puerta

Valid Rentals are:

*Any Motel or Hotel in those Suburbs.
*Any Community Housing, or Apartment Block with Doors with Numbers on them. Choose a Door number, this is your Room.
*Any Residential Building that says Rent on it. Or;
*Any small retail Commercial Building, that appears to have a residential apartment on top of the commercial building.
NOTE: You only take one room/apartment within a Valid place.

Valid rentals are not:

*Single houses, family homes, houses in general. no commercial properties, businesses or any other place which would not be rented to people for accommodation purposes.

Once you have started renting, you need to add your new Current Residence to your Character Profile. Do this by clicking Edit on your Topic, then click on Advanced Edit so you can edit with HTML Buttons.

Have you got a car yet? NO? go get get one HERE. If you have already.. Read below.

If you have got a roof and some wheels, you are ready to go make some money, rent and fuel aint free! welcome to the rat race:

Step 5: Do a legit Shift

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » New Members & Getting Started » Rent Accomodation
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