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30th Dec 2015

Create Your Character

What kind of Character will it be? Where will he/she go in this world?


OK so you know what we are about, you have registered, and its now time to setup your character and begin. The next few steps will show you most of what you need to know to be successful in The Mercanti Family Role Play World 3.0. The rest, will come through experience.

These are the Rules for making a New Character. This also applies to all 'son or daughter characters', however, if you are joining as part of a Crew of 10+ Players, Refer to Character Authorization for Merging groups.

All Characters starting out in our Role Play world as Solo's, or having joined by them selves in other words, are required to start from the bottom. This means your character will be young and poor. It also means that even if in a previous Crew you were the man, here, you are starting from the bottom.


1. Your Character starts with your In-Game Character.. Your Online Avatar. Load up GTA V and go to the barber and decide on your look.. There are only so many different looking faces in GTAV, so we encourage you to define your own unique style. the combination of hair, facial hair and hair color (and sunglasses) will be a large part of what makes your character, your character. And believe me, in this world, people get known, people are remembered.. Show me a photo of a Mademan who hasn't been around for 6 months, chances are we will know him by his face.

Its highly encouraged that you do not change the hair and facial hair styles as your character goes on. This will also help yuor character become remembered and well known. Instead, there is a process of aging. Ie Only Character who have been alive for a certain amount of time will be old enough to grow Grey Hair. tattoos on the Hands, Neck, and Grey hair will be symbols of success in the Family, not easily achieved. So to make it clear, you may not Start with Grey hair. Once yuo have decided on your hair at the barber:

2. Go to the Tattoo Parlor and remove ALL Tattoos. In TMFRPW3.0, lol, that wont work.. In this Role Play world, tattoos are symbols of success and status and rank, and you must start as a clean skin. your tattoos will tell your story as you progress.

3. Go to the Clothing Store, and get your self some Cheap clothing, No single item can cost above $550.  OK once you have done this, you have completed the physical side of yuor character creation, next is the aspect of this character that needs to be represented on the Site through photos and text:


1. Create a Profile Picture of your actual In-Game Characters portrait. Look at the Don and the Honoured Mercanti on the Side of the page, you can make yours like this if you edit a Snapmatic into a Square in a basic photo editor.

2. Fill out your profile, add a banner, write a signature, personalize your account in general.. Because your account is becoming your character.

3. This next step will make your Character Official, as well as helping you to establish your Characters style and personality. Click to go to the **Official Character Database**. Here you will need to create your own Topic by following the instructions and copying the Template. In this Crew there is a reasonable amount of Template copying, so its good to learn how to do that correctly early.

4. Now that you have created your Character, yuo can begin to set them up with a vehicle and a place to rent. Also note, from now on there will be no distinction between you the 'Player' and your 'Character'. The character will be referred to as 'You", or "yuo" as i often mistype it. This means we are switching from OOC to IC from now on.. Next Step:

Step 4: Get Accomodation and a Vehicle

Signature Picture

I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » New Members & Getting Started » Character Creation (For Solo Members)
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