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29th Dec 2015

Out of Character History

A look at the man behind The Mercanti Family.

My Alias is Don Aldo Mercanti AKA TacticalSpray and I Founded The Mercanti Family on the 26th of Nov, 2013. Growing up I was usually not allowed to play video or computer games, and would annoy my friends by wanting to spend much of my time playing Sim City 2000 or Command and Conquer: Red Alert at their houses whenever i got the chance.

As a teenager I got my first laptop for school. Everybody started playing Counter Strike at lunchtime and after school. I wanted to join in so bad but for some reason I was unable too.. I dont remember why exactly I remember sometimes just running around in a empty server with no bots, wishing I could play with someone (not to sound sad lol). I usually played sport all lunch time. Anyway my point is this, I grew up without a computer or video games, was hardly allowed to watch TV.. I had to sneak watching even the Cricket! So anything above G rating was not in my radius of influence. I say this only because it is what helped me to view video games and television and movies as something more mystical, something I was excluded from, and something wondrous. While others were desensitized to how good video games got, I was feeling lucky to get browser based games to work.. I found these games to be particularly influential even to this day, in fact.

I played a few of these browser based games, all or most at least, relating to the subject of Mafia - a sub community that has interested me since i can remember. In these browser based games, you control a character that you make. you do actions like clicking on the screen on a button, and a new page pops up saying you have accomplished that action, such as pick pocketing another player, or working out at the gym. there is no animation, mostly no pictures either, there is just text, and the even greater subtext. The problem with these games is that they work based on clicks and pages seen, and so they make these actions available every 3 minutes.. This means that to do well in these games you must click the button for saying pick pocketing every 3 minutes for as long as you can each day.. Then there was a larger action like robbery which you could do once every 2 hours..  Its an incredibly addictive proposition once you start investing yuor self into a character. This system fascinated me.. On one hand it created an unhealthy and unproductive, nay life consuming habit, on the other hand, it meant you really were invested in yuor character and would want to protect them.. from perma death. These games were rough.. you could work for a month building a strong character, and then get whacked one day for no reason, to a very small one. They were absolutely about survival of the fittest, smartest and the strongest.. really fascinating places where it took real diplomacy and real smarts to navigate your way through this.. One of these games.. I made a character called Aldo Mercanti. Aldo went on to become the number 1 undisputed mobster in the game, and to this day it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Dont get me wrong i have traveled the world, had great relationships and been overcome with joy on different occasions.. but there were handfuls of times playing this game that i actually was so immersed that i cried or i loved and i went through the effects of Aldo's experience. Due to the minimal nature of the game, almost anything was possible.. Associations, culture, law were created in the furnace of strength. A world where the people set up the systems of power as they went and as things changed. This imaginary world in which i played was so amazing to me that i still cant believe it. One time, on Aldo's way to the top, he killed the second toughest guy in London, second behind Aldo. due to the nature of this game, the victim could not be 100% sure it was in fact Aldo.. later on PD members of the game could possibly receive information and Aldo may in fact of done time over it or been convicted, although by that time no cop would lay a hand on him unless Aldo wanted to go to jail to improve his toughness and skills sharpening shanks and doing gym.. the point is though, that after doing this kill.. I literally did not get over it for a few days. I knew what effort this guy had put into his character, as i was putting in the same. To get to that point though was tough..

There was Ace Hood in NY where Aldo started out before moving to London. Ace Hood was tough and gangster as hell. Aldo had to be real smart to survive around Ace. There was the Yakuza in Tokyo, these guys were on top of the drug business supplying all the cities. Aldo managed to get a supply line with the yakuza Coke, and gave some of the profit to Ace hood.. Aldo understood that to become successful you first need to survive.. and to survive in this world you need to make the right people rich. By making money for both the yakuza and ace hood, Aldo had more reason to be kept alive.. would yakuza or ace kill Aldo while he is making them money? especially considering he was respectful, did not talk back to them and showed consistency? would others kill Aldo who is making these groups money? while Aldo is keeping his mouth shut and being respectful to everyone? Aldo saw many stupid gangsters come and go.. He discovered the biggest killer of men in his business was their own mouth. To Aldo, it was easy, he honestly could not understand why people would do certain things, knowing that they would get killed for it.. So by never creating an enemy he could not defeat, and by making the top guys money, Aldo was able to live long enough to get strong.. Eventually, the boss of the yakuza authorized Aldo to make a Italian mafia replacement of the Yakuza, when the Oyoban died of old age which he did.. But Aldo was not handed the empire.. By that time, he had earned it.

I had to do things through Aldo that cut to the very core of my own values, it challenged them and made me realize how able we all might be to adjust our morals or our views to our goals and our deeper urges or desires. And this internal conflict was fascinating.

This game, The Mercanti Family Role Play World i hope to grow into a tree, that developed from seeds planted in my childhood and teenage years. I hope to improve on these types of games and present one that is without that 3 minute grind, and yet contains those moments of incredible realism where you actually feel anxiety, happiness, sadness, regret and maybe even love.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » New Members & Getting Started » History of The Mercanti Crime Family
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