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How this Crew Works
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How This Crew Works

A basic look at how this crew works to help you understand what we do and why you might be interested in Registering.


My name is Don Aldo Mercanti AKA TacticalSpray. The Mercanti Family Role Play World 3.0 is a Role-playing Crew for GTAV Online for all consoles. Members need to be registered to this site, as well as on The Mercanti Family SocialClub page. Registered Members are able to participate in our Role Play which consists of Creating a Role Play Character, and operating withing the guidelines set out on this website. A key component of this Crew is the Website/In-Game Connection. As well as the unique Geography that connects GTAV players from all consoles as shown in the Map below:


Please understand what you are potentially signing up for. To Start as a Solo Roleplayer in our system, it will require you to remove all your tattoos and you wont be able to use your grand apartment or your many golden cars in our Role Play, at least to start. Its highly likely you will never fire a sniper weapon or an RPG while being a Mercanti, although there is a Private Military Aspect to the RP which can be engaged in to 'let loose'. Largely, this is a semi realistic Crime, Law and Life simulator. If you are part of an established Crew in GTAV, its possible for your whole Crew to join us, in a way that allows your members to keep their tattoos, a sign of that Crews' history.

The basic process of becoming a Mercanti is outlined below, containing some of the myriad of possibilities for your characters life and career. Perhaps unlike this character below, you will choose to become a legitimate political reformer, or a humble paramedic role-playing an honest and realistic life. Remember, in 3.0 you have more freedom than ever to Role-play in the Mercanti world, without necessarily being a part of the Crime Family.

1. You hear about us and check us out.
2. You like what you see so you Register.
3. You get accepted and become an Associate.
4. You follow the New Member & Getting Started Steps.
5. Your Character can join a number of career paths.
6. Your Character will start gaining Points, our official currency.
7. You more Points you gain the more things you unlock.
8. You can spend Points on things you unlock, or as barter/bribe.
11. You start your very own Business in the field of Retail, and enjoy visiting your Shop In-game.
16. Pay a known Capo of The Mercanti Family 50 Points to Whack whoever Robbed your Retail Shop In-game.
18. .
20. Set up a Backroom Business in your Retail Shop, running a Gambling Den.
24. Start a Corporation with your business partner, the Mayor of New Angeles (P4).
26. Wake up to see your Character is on the front page of the Mercanti Times accused of Defrauding the City of New Angeles.
29. Conspire to corner the Cocaine Market in San Cali
31. Become an Official Mademan in the Mercanti Family.
34. Reluctantly participate in the In-Game Beatdown of one of your good friends because he bad mouthed a Capo you dont particularly like.
37. The Don made you a Capo! You set up your own Street Crew.
38. You accumulated over 10 Heat and an Investigation on you has begun by a PD member.
39. You are arrested In-Game by PD Members and now must go through the Site based process of Court.
40. You are acquitted of all charges!
44. You are whacked by a member of your own Street Crew.
45. The Don makes you an Honoured Mercanti and your legacy will be known to future generations of Mercantis.
46. You make a New Character on this Site and keep the same last name, but choose a different First Name, and begin Role-Playing as the 'son or daughter character' of the slain Capo.
54. You get revenge on those who killed your father.

How to Role Play:

Role-playing in this Crew means the following:
Creating a Character and being consistent to it. We have two terms, IC = In Character. OOC = Out of Character.. we dont say IC as all communication is expected to be IC unless specifically stated as Being OOC.

OOC should be conducted among as small a group as is necessary.. Ie if you have an OOC question, dont ask it in the Casey's Diner Chat, ask someone in private chat who is online, ie 40 people dont need to hear your OOC question as it breaks the immersion of the IC RP for others.

Role-playing also means In-Game. When In-Game, it means driving without damaging your car, not speeding too fast. not shooting random civilians.. It means acting with your character. At first its awkward for some people, but soon its normal and once you are able to play 'through' your character you are open to some really unexpected and heart raising experiences. The best Role-Play sessions are ones where people are all in character, and very importantly, are in no rush.. nothing kills a good role-play session by someone saying, "im bored, so what are we doing then?". The best Role-Play servers are Closed Crew Servers in which everyone is just doing their own thing, sometimes meeting up for a beer or doing a criminal job together and documenting it for the Site, and to gain Points.

Mercanti Journals:

The main process in the Family is the Mercanti Journal. These are Photo Journals we create using In-Game Snapmatics. We Make these in a way which tells the story of our actions In-Game and applies them to conditions on the Site. An example, If you document your self robbing a Liquor Store by way of Mercanti Journal, and you submit that journal on the Official Timeline on this Site, you will have gained an Item of Cash, which translates into a certain amount of Points on the website, (the launder rate changes depending on who is controlling PD, Mayors Officer, FIB. Ie If you attain a certain Job position or title, you can influence the very economics of the World we Role-Play in etc..). Note. Its possible to use videos instead of photos for this purpose.

The Website/In-Game Connection

As stated above, this is one of the most significant aspects of this Role Play World, and something this family continues to pioneer in. The character you create is represented on this Site, as well as In-Game on GTAV Online. This means that if your character buys a Monroe on the Website, your character can now Role Play with a Monroe in the game. Another example would be that in our Role Play world, If you are killed In-Game, and someone can prove it by photo or video on this site, your character is now dead on this site as well as In-Game as they are the same character.. If that happens, Members are able to make a 'son or daughter character' of the slain character, and Role Play again, playing as the new 'son or daughter character'.

Ok for now that is enough information.. If you want to get started, head to the next Step:

Step 2: Registration

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » New Members & Getting Started » A Summary of this Roleplay World
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