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Forum » New Members & Getting Started » Step 6: Get paid for your work
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30th Dec 2015

Get Paid

Learning how to bank your Points is an important part of success.. Akin to having a mattress to put your cash under.

Make it official:

You have the Imgur Link Copied and your ready to go. Now go back to the Busines located in the Business Section - Legal Enterprises. Remember it can be found at:

New Angeles

Post yuor Journal Link in the comments along with the number of Points you gained. Remember that the Points will be listed in the Business, how much they are paying you for yuor one Legit Shift, lets say 5 Points purely for the rest of this guide. Once you have posted it there, you are entitled to add those new funds to your Bank Account.

Collect your pay and Bank it:

Now go to your Character Database Profile, go to your Bank Account section, and add to the Comments your Deposit, write:

(Journal link here without the brackets)
+5 Points

and then immediatly edit the Postand change the 0 to a 5 to accurately show yuor updated Account Balance. Your account balance should now be 5 with one comment showing that you gained the Points and the journal that is evidence.

QuoteThings you dont need to really know yet but if so far you are on top of everything this might interest you for future reference:
At some point in the future, the owner of the business will submit your legit shift journal along with any others onto the Timeline. Not long after that, a Fence Clerk will get to this Timeline submission, and will add those 5 Points to your profile. These Profile Points go towards unlocking Awards. These Awards will help yuo get to rent in nicer areas, buy better clothing and vehicles.
At such time as you receive yuor first Points from the fence clerk, you will receive yuor first Wealth Award. These awards unlock the use of better vehicles and access to better accommodation and investments. This is how one day you might run a Corporation and have Investors and business people form all consoles(cities) working for you.

Points in your Character Database Bank Account, can be used as currency, swapped and traded between players for services or bribes. You can use them to setup small businesses and rackets, one day its possible to turn those into statewide corporations and criminal groups etc. but remember any time you take out points to give to someone else, you must record this in the Comments section of yuor account with a link to the other Persons Character Database profile. If at any points your account balance does not match up with your receipts (comment section) you will be brought back to 0 Points.

Ok so great.. Its been complex, but you have learned the majority of things you will need to know.. the rest, you will find out as you go. Now its time to head out into the open Mercanti Role Play World, and see what happens.

The Final Step will help you make that move. Step 7: Go forth, the teller o ... or, and have no fear.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » New Members & Getting Started » Step 6: Get paid for your work
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