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Forum » New Members & Getting Started » Step 5: Do a legit Shift
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30th Dec 2015

Working for the man

Bills, rent, gas.. This shit wont pay it self. P.s. The guy in this photo.. His Name is Kodi "Gas" Torello, and he later went on to become a much respected Capo, and retired as an Honoured Mercanti, the highest honour a Mercanti can receive. He started from the bottom just like you.

Go find some work:You are going to be taking snapmatics or screen shots of yourself going to work at an In-Game Business. You will then be using those snapmatics to create a Photo Journal which will be evidence of your having worked. That will be used later to gain Points, aka payment.

QuoteYour first Job, simplified:

1. Photo of Character/Accomodation/Vehicle.
2. Arriving on work site.
3. Working.
4. arriving home after work.

1. Finding a Place to Work:

You will need to find a place that is offering work. To do this go and take a look at your City Forum. Take a look through until you find the Business Section - Legal Enterprises

New Angeles

Ok so you found the legal enterprises section of yuor city's Business section. Take a look through, find a preferably active Business. You currently have no specialty so you will not be able to work jobs that require one. Once you have found a place that is looking for work, take note of that location as you will need to go there In-Game.

2. Going in Game:
Make sure you start at your Rented accommodation, In-Game.. The first photo of this job should contain your character, your accommodation, and your vehicle. In future you can do a job anyway you like but its important to get your first journal done correctly. Ideally you will have someone taking photos for you or with you, but most likely this will be a solo job where you take your own snapmatics and selfies.

3. Meet the Foreman:
Go to the In-Game location of the legl Enterprise you plan to work at, find the NPC (Non player character) who looks like they are in charge of the situation.. Go and speak to them and ask for some work.
4. Doing the shift:
Take a Snapmatic of the location including the foreman, manager or clerk etc... Role Play working that shift however you choose.. If your doing a shift as a truck driver, take a photo of you looking out from the cabin of the truck on the highway. If your at the docks, take a snapmatic of the Docks etc.. Its does not have to be much, dont over think it, you can always explain that you were working at those Docks later in the text description part of the Mercanti Journal, so dont worry too much.

5. Finishing the shift:
Once you have finished working the shift.. Head home, or perhaps you will want to extend your Mercanti Journal to include you going to get a beer after work, or meeting another Mercanti Member.. Up to you, just keep it realistic.

In any case, to finish your first Journal, you should take one more photo of you returning home after work.. if done right, the journal will look something like this when yuor finished:

Daniel Kross PC first journal:


(remember that Journals do NOT need to be very in depth and do not need to have a lot of writing or photos, they should be, however, clear evidence of what they are trying to achieve. In this case, they must show your character, vehicles, accommodation, work place. You may enjoy writing out longer journals as do many others but again, this is not required)

6. Back on Website:
Once you have these photos, snapmatics screen shots or video footage (yes you can make a Mercanti Video however we will continue to refer only to Mercanti Journals), your ready to get these photos and build your first Mercanti Journal.

Did you know? We show our work by using Mercanti Journals. These are Photo journals made on Imgur using the Snapmatics we take in game, a "Mercanti Journal." Yes you probably knew that.

7. Imgur:
 Sign up to and create your account. Name it after your characters last name. ie Bensons Mercanti Journals, or something like that.

As a general rule, while we are doing any type of work, be it legal or illegal, we document it by taking snapmatics. later we use those photos to create a Mercanti journal if need be.

NOTE: There is very little in the way of minimum requirements in the Family. You are under no pressure to do weekly journals or do detailed journals. If you prefer to focus more on In-Game Role Play, that is great. Being good and interested in making journals will certainly be required to gain rank, however at the end of the day Don Aldo looks for loyalty, personal character and ability to Role Play realistically more than anything else. And besides, those who work hard can find them selves in a position where they simply review journals that others make for their business. its possible at some point for yuo to run a business that operates on journals but yuo dont make them.. for example this job yuo are doing now, is making another Member money too, the member who owns the business yuo are working at.

Ok now you are all set up with an imgur account and ready to turn yuor In-Game work into a Site based profit.

8. Make that Journal: To build your Journal you will need to copy the photos from yuor SocialClub profile page, to your imgur account. From there, you can create a new Album and insert the photos. Then you can add a description for each, or some photos. This will help turn your photos into a story. Once you have made this journal, you are now in possession of a piece of evidence.. Evidence in this case, simply of you going and getting some work and doing that job...

But what about getting paid? what do you do with this journal you made? if you have finished making the journal.. Your ready to collect payment:

Step 6: Get paid for your work

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » New Members & Getting Started » Step 5: Do a legit Shift
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