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I understand this information?

Yes totaly got it.
yeah i pretty much got it.
Ill get it more as we go.
This is complex...
ehmmm, Im out.. Lates!

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24th Mar 2014

Alright, get ready this is going to be something..

I have been working on some significant changes and i think they will all help to add value and create interactions. However if you have not yet got a few pieces of "Family Business" under your belt this may be too much info for you. There is a lot in this thread so take some time and worry not, it will become clearer as it gets put into practice. If you have any questions put them in the Comments section and they will be answered. Lets start slowly but surely.. Make sure you comment "Read" if you have read it but not fully understand it, and write "Understood" if you have read and understand it. This will be important so please make sure you do that for all four threads in this section.


The New World:

One Family Two Cities:

Most of you will know that we operate as if The Mercanti Family is in control of two cities, Los Santos, LS (PS3) and Los Xantos, LX (Xbox). All LX cities contain an X for example East Xinewood.

Below you will find a Map i have created that now demonstrates, for both In-game and RP purposes, how these two great cities are connected. It explains how you can travel to the other city within your own (console related) limited way.

San Rico:

There is now a new country that sits between LS and LX. This is the Small island nation of San Rico. It is purely fictional but i have based it on a mixture of Cuba, Colombia and Mexico. Cuba for its political and ideological differences, Colombia for its Cartels and Mexico for its border security.
You will actually be able to go to San Rico as part of the northern section of the map has now become part of San Rico. Ok now is about time you should see the Map..

Understanding the Map:

If you are on PS3, view the left portion of the Map. Xbox on the right hand side. You will now see the relationship of LS and LX. Notice the thin red line that cuts through the northern half of SA. this is the border between your city, and San Rico. The border security is tight so the central column of the map indicates the three ways of crossing the Border. There will be other ways and adjustments to those current ways as we go however this is a good place to start, all three ways of crossing the border have been tested and work pretty well.

The Map!:

OK you have had a look:

Ok lets start from the East. You will notice that the town formally known as Grapeseed (ingame) is now a town on the border, in two parts. Grapeseed and San Grapeseed. There is a partly dry channel that runs through the middle of Grapeseed and this is now the Border Line between LS and SR (San Rico). Now for our members in LX, they would go to Graxseed and then cross the border into San Graxseed.

Border Crossings:

The political situation between the Rich cities of LS and LX, and the poorer more corrupt Nation of San Rico means that the border patrol is on high alert. So before crossing a Border, you must gain two Stars in order to simulate a Border Patrol response.

As can be read on the Map, the crossing at Grapeseed is called 'The Gambit'. There are currently three locations where you can attempt to make a crossing, and you must follow the guide on the Map. The only two ways to make the crossing without alerting (2 stars) Border Patrol, is either by flying at night time, high over the Alamo Sea, or finding a Security Guard or standing Police Officer in Grapeseed or Sandy Shores and bribing him for a one time pass. You cannot Bribe when carrying or delivering Contraband items.

The Swim:

The second way to cross the border is over, under or on the Alamo Sea. Two stars must be gained unless flying high above and straight over the Alamo Sea. Boat is a good bet, swimming might work. Best way is wingsuit flying from on one side to the other then pulling parachute low.. many ways to cross it.

The Gambit:

The most difficult way, or at least the one that takes the most planning and probably a Sniper Scope to really find the right spot.
This Border crossing can be done on Motorbikes, or Off-Road Vehicles. Two stars must be obtained before attempting of course. watch out for the Military Base, get around it, hide where you need to.

What is San Rico City and Villa Bianca going to be?

They are two cities in which we cant really go, though we could cheat it and use an actual location in game say we wanted to shoot a movie etc.. Their primary use will be as a RP Hub for the interaction of Cartels, and Corrupt third world Political parties.

So, Why would i want to go over the Border?

In San Rico, things are slightly different. It is a Latin American country. Soon as you get over the border you will look up and see mountainous ranges and lots of trees, a big difference from the Desert like northern section of SA. You will practically be able to see the Cocoa Plants growing and the Marijuana on the back of hillsides swaying in the breeze. You have entered a Corrupt and dangerous place. Cartels are almost as dangerous as their Governments. Cheap Coke is on offer for those with the right connections. Luckily Don Aldo has been building assets in this country for some time and has a Connect or two. Family rule is that you must speak to the Don before arranging your own Connect in San Rico. There is great opportunity in this wild place if approached the right way. The 4 main (enter-able) towns in San Rico are: Paletox Bay and Paleto Bay. San Graxseed and San Grapseed. Fort Xancudo and Fort Zancudo.. Other reasons why you might wish to go over the border will become more clear as it develops.

If San Rico is in the middle how do i get to the Other Mercanti City?

The fastest way would be to fly from LS or LX airport, fly north and go over the Alamo Sea. keep going over San Rico and when you get to the tip of Paleto Bay (end of map), tip the wing and turn around and come back the way you came.. Now you are faced the way you came and aiming back towards the City.. If you closed your eyes while making the turn lol, your mind might really feel like your still flying and your heading towards the new city, when in reality your flying back to your own. This will come up more and more in large family business. however if you are in LX for example, and want to do a job or something at a LS establishment, unless the Imgur journal you will make would be better detailing the trip over, you can just go to that location in the city and do the work. its really up to you how far you want to RP ingame. i would suggest that is half the fun, to take it slow and live the life, in game. But i will certainly also cheat flights to LX if its just me or the job is more about the destination than the travel.

Ok so this is the World we Live in.



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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » The New World, Mike Mercanti, Street Crews and Rackets 2.0
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