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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » The New World, Mike Mercanti, Street Crews and Rackets 2.0
Hmm do i get this?

Lol yes of course i get it
Yeah i get it... like it
Yeagh i get it... dont like it.
i kind of get it.. think it will be cool
i dont really get whats going on..
i dislike the idea of Street Crews
Where am i? i just want to play GTA!! *Sobs*

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25th Mar 2014

Alright, so now you know the world we live in, who was behind Mike's death, and the changes in how Rackets and in general Crime in the Family is structured. However there is one more aspect that is being introduced.

What are Street Crews?

They are groups of Mercanti Family Members based out of a Territory, E.g. South Central or Vespucci. As apposed to a Suburb E.g. Vespucci Beach.

How do they work?

They are Organized by the ranking Members of that Territory. For example, if there are two Mademen and a Capo in the Territory of Vespucci, they all will organize the Vespucci Street Crew.

How do they work within the Family Structure?

Street Crews are there to form bonds and increase Teamwork. Their End, is in that of the Families best interest. They will exist as long as they do not override the loyalty to the Family and the Don first and foremost. These are not Street Gangs that grow apart over time, developing their own colours and culture. These are simple Street Crews containing some of the Families most promising Members, organized into more manageable groups. Its function is to make us more effective. In essence, you are a Mercanti Member first, and a Street Crew Member third. This is an important distinction, and you agree to it by entering a Street Crew.

The way to think about it is like this. Say someone asks you for something or tells you something, ask your self this question: "Before the induction of Street Crews, would i have been able to do this?" if the answer is yes, then you can do it. E.g. If you want to do a job for a Mademan that is not in your Racket, you would ask that question and the answer would be yes of course. If you wanted to start working on different things after some time and on a different racket.. the answer would be yes, as you are not bound to a Street Crew.. A Street Crew is a Hub for people to work out of a specific territory, they are welcome to work in other territories if the Ranking Members give them access.. If street crews do anything to segregate or make Members feel like they must "stick to their street crew" they will be removed without warning. You owe no more allegiance to your brother in your Street Crew than you do any brother in any Street Crew in the Family. I stress this point and i will be proactive about enforcing it. If i see someone saying something like "oh your in a diff street crew though" etc.. i will come down hard upon thy. Im not a tyrant or power hungry leader, but yuo will see a dark side of me, those who do anything to disrupt this unity, this thing that makes this family so strong right now.

I like to conceptualize:

Imagine a square fish-tank. Every 4-5 inches their is a little mound of food spaced evenly across the ground inside this fish-tank, these are the Street Crews. There are many fish, these are the Members. for some time they are all happy finding a place to eat, spread out effectively, then over time they try other areas to eat. there is no net or blockage between the mounds of food. there is only showing respect to the mounds of food by being thankful for the time that the fish had had there before they try a different mound of food. However, its also does not mean that you should jump back and forth between Street Crews quickly, be respectful that when a Ranking Member accepts you they might have plans for yuo and it would become a frustrating situation indeed if the Mademen and above could not keep up with the changes of personnel. So, Street Crews are a case of finding the middle ground but remember these main points, particularly the Bold and Underlined points. Also the nature of Street Crews are subject to change based on how i perceive their influence to be on the community as we go... if that was not exceedingly clear already : )

So then Don, What is their purpose then you wild and crazy guy?

They are SIMPLY a way of organizing people into groups for the following purpose:

*Shared Time Zones.
*Interest in working a particular Territory.
*Interest in working a particular Racket.
*Similar play-style (e.g. PvP, Driving, RP, drugs etc..)
*increase effectiveness by using a business model philosophy to specialize roles and to be able to manage a larger membership base.

The Don awards each Mademan, an Illegal Enterprise/Business, known as a "Racket" to operate. Street Crews play a big role in keeping the Racket working in good order, making money for the Family. So Take into account the type of Racket, the *Activities of said Racket, and the Ranking Members. When making the decision to try and work your way into a particular Street Crew, be sure to take this info into account.

How will they Operate:

Each Street Crew has a thread which can be found in Members - Street Crews. Members of that Crew can submit posts and communicate about Street Crew (Territory) related Business.

Each Mademan has a Racket to operate for the Don. Next to the Mademan HQ threads there will now be a Racket Thread. This will be a thread that shows the information such as what type of crimes and operations this Racket deals in, and the baseline jobs for this Racket such as Pimping 101 or Debt Collecting will also be listed. Racket related business can be discussed here. Note that you do not have to be in a street crew to participate in a Racket. Also note that some Street Crews will have multiple Rackets that need to be worked by Members of a Street Crew. You do not need to join a Street Crew, doing so implies that yuo want to get deeper into this thing of ours.

Your Freedom vs Mercanti Establishments:

 As i stated in a Crew Message i sent out recently. Anyone is clear to do any job or crime they wish. Doing high heat and unrealistic jobs though will not help you gain promotion. They are still at your discretion to do as you like, until:
You bring a Mercanti Establishment into the situation, then the Operator of that establishment is liable to be unhappy about it due to the fact your drawing heat to their place of operation. So to summarize this quick point:

You can do whatever jobs you can come up with, however:

*High Heat jobs do not win you respect amongst the hierarchy.
*paying your dues and earning the right to do bigger jobs by starting small is respected by the hierarchy, and noticed. HOWEVER NOT ENFORCED.
*You can never bring Heat back to a Mercanti Establishment. No cops especially. (This will be enforced)
*I rank people personally and how you conduct your business is a crucial factor in that process. Among other things like Loyalty, stability of personality, lack-o-whininess, no sense of entitlement, adds value, subtracts my admin time, helps others, is approachable and helpful and does not assume the worst intention from things others say and do. someone relaxed but pretty damn into this thing we doing.
*Initiative is a foundational tenant of the Family, so this is why i will not make heavy rules governing what you can and cant do. Ill treat you as adults and give yuo the information and see how gets it and who doesn't.  So i encourage you to come up with smart escape plans and pieces of work and express your creativity and interest in this concept. I dont want to stomp on your enthusiasm so instead i shall just promote those who operate "Mercanti" and the others will soon learn which way is more effective.

Long story short. As an associate your actions don't come back upon the Family. Unless you involve our HQ's. the higher up the chain you go, the more your actions reflect on the Family so the more sure i want to be about how you do business.

OK Boss, your getting off point though.. where were we....... ummmmmm oh yes thats right!  How do i join a Street Crew?

To join a Street Crew, you must be given the Password by a Ranking Member from that Street Crew. Do not ask them for it unless you have worked with them personally and feel you are ready for it. Do not ask more than once.

Check out the Street Crews here!


OK so thats it! So there is a lot of stuff here that should be a lot of fun once it gets going! : )

Alright fellers, lets get to work.


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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » The New World, Mike Mercanti, Street Crews and Rackets 2.0
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