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Rackets 2.0 (3rd Read)
Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » The New World, Mike Mercanti, Street Crews and Rackets 2.0
Joined: 1st Feb 2014
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22nd Mar 2014

Racket, as they have been so far:

Rackets have been divided by strict type. Pimping is separate from Loan Sharking etc.. This is how they have been defined so far. This is changing.

Rackets 2.0

Rackets will now be "Illegal Enterprizes" that may contain a variety of areas in which it operates. Where before, Ms Rose had been assigned with Pimping to run, now her Racket will have other elements too such as Loan Sharking and Embezzlement, however Pimping will be the Primary Racket function. I have also designed Rackets 2.0 to incorporate more inter-Family cooperation in Family Business, teamwork and communication by separating roles. For example: Drugs. Now the process of procuring, moving, smuggling and dealing has been defined more clearly in the Racket. One Racket will involve the procuring of drugs, another with the Running of drugs, and yet another with the final distribution of drugs. Loan Sharkers will loan out money to Civ's, and will require contact with another Racket that operates in Debt Collecting to actually make the collection. At the Dons discretion Activities can be changed, added or subtracted from Rackets to incorporate the right balance as we go, this will certainly happen as we gain More Mademen so Mademen should be flexible with the changes, a quick example would be that With another LX mademan, The "money Cage" Racket would lose either Drug Running or Drug Distribution - Sales. etc... Essentially, When a member becomes "Made" by the Don, they will receive a HQ within a suburb, and a Racket to operate. The Racket will have a name and a list of activities that the racket operates in. Some of the activities will be more RP based, others will require more Ingame activities. Below this list of mademen and their rackets, there is a description of each Activity. *** = Primary Responsibility. ** = Secondary. * = Tertiary.

Strawberry (South Central)
Racket Name: The "Little Tiffany Foundation"
***Corruption - Politics
***The Mercanti Family Hitsquad
**Armed Robbery

East Vinewood (East Vinewood)
Racket Name: The "Labour United Co."
***Corruption - Labour

Davis (South Central)
Racket Name: The "South Central Connect"
***Drug Distribution - Turf Management
**Drug Distribution - Sales
**Debt Collecting
*Vehicle Theft

Eagle (X)
Altax (East Xinewood)
Racket Name: The "Money Cage"
***Drug Distribution - Sales
**Drug - Running
*Armed Robbery
*Dept Collecting
*Vehicle Theft

West Vinewood (West Vinewood)
Racket Name: The "Midnight Escorts"
**Loan Sharking
**Drug Distribution - Sales
*Vehicle Theft

La Puerta (La Puerta)
Racket Name: The "Scrapyard Scam"
***Smuggling - Import
**Chop Shop
**Evidence Disposal
**Drug Distribution - Sales

Prince Onion
La Mesa (La Mesa)
Racket Name: The "Pit"
***Drug Wholesale - Procurement
**Chop Shop
*Armed Robbery
*Dept Collecting

Morningwood (Del Perro)
Racket Name: The "Morningwood Hustle"
***Smuggling - Export
**Corruption - Business
**Vehicle Theft
**Drug Distribution - Sales
*Loan Sharking

Joey (X)
Elyxian Island (The Dox)
Racket Name: The "Boat Shed"
***Smuggling - Import
***Smuggling - Export
**Corruption - Labour
**Loan Sharking
*Evidence Disposal

Vespucci Beach (Vespucci)
Racket Name: The "Vespucci Shakedown"
***Drug - Running
**Debt Collecting.
**Vehicle Theft

Types of Rackets:

*Corruption - Inciting dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, through Bribery, Blackmail, Extortion, strong arming, infiltration, cronyism, direct threats & or other means. *Political. *Business. *Labour

*Loan Sharking - The Practice of lending Money at exorbitant rates to those,who for many reasons, are unable or unwilling to seek legitimate lines of credit. You must seek a third party to collect the debt.
Using RP and impromptu jobs, come up with scenarios in which you have lent money to a particular entity. get in contact with someone from a Racket that has *Debt Collecting, and they will organize the collection and take a % for their work.

*Dept Collecting - The practice of collecting money owed to a third party. One should avoid collecting for their own Racket as in a court their would be Motive. When someone gets in contact with you, or you see someone posting a Loan Sharking job for example, you can offer or accept taking the responsibility to Collect that Debt and take it to them and receive your %. Use Snapmatics.

*Vehicle Theft- The procurement of stolen vehicles.
A Racket that has this *Vehicle Theft means that the Don is paying Bribes to the right people to allow a somewhat regular and systematic carjacking/car theft ring to exist here. the vehicles should be taken to a racket that has *Chop Shop to be organized for either resale or spare parts. Either way its good money.

Chop Shop - The Moddifying, chopping and or re-badging of stolen cars.
This Racket allows others to bring their vehicles to the HQ of the Chop Shop for things such as repairs, modding or being taken apart and cleaned so as to eliminate Evidence. No one should ever bring Heat back here. always shake the police first. This is a very useful Racket Activity for Mercanti's to use so treat the plce with respect.

Extortion - obtaining money, or services from a person or entity through coercion or the credible thread of retaliation. Sometimes framed as a "Protection" racket.
Essentially robbing a store, but in a stylized way that represents receiving payment from the owner for this weeks due. can also be used as a basis to RP extortion with other un-enterable businesses and RP operations, including stand-over man work on small time criminals.
Pimping - Deriving financial gain from the prostitution of another.
Pimping 101 and other directly associated Pimping work. Although it should be noted that Debt Collecting and Enforcement are needed to collect debts or enforce Mercanti Rules. IF a Racket has Pimping but not Debt Collecting, if a John owes big money you will need to get in contact from someone in a Racket that specializes in Debt Collecting or Enforcement. Again, to create separate due to the possibility of proveable motive. (Also for the added Teamwork it will add)

Evidence Disposal - A place in which there is a system to dispose of evidence.
A place where one can bring items and vehicles to be crushed, converted or somehow destroyed or removed.

Smuggling - Import - The process of the illegal Import of contraband.
Involves having the manpower, equipment and connection to successfully receive contraband.

Smuggling - Export -The process of the illegal export of contraband.
Involves having the manpower, equipment and connections to successfully send contraband.

Drug Wholesale - Procurement - The planning and act of receiving wholesale amount of Illegal Substances. Usually involving an armed transaction and a drop off. This is always to be done in Public server to heighten the risk.
Involves a team of capable Mercanti soldiers to deal with the purchase or obtaining of wholesale quantities of Drugs. once procured, its taken to a place to be dropped off so that *Drug - Running personal can pick it up. This is done using a snapmatic as the Drop point.

Currently not used *Drug Processing - Coke-Crack: The process of cutting Cocain with Baking Soda and treating it with heat to create Crack (Not Active)

Drug - Running - The movement of illegal substances within domestic boarders. As apposed to Smuggling something over borders.
The process of picking up quantities of Drugs from one location or party, and delivering it safely and silently to its destination(s). Experts in the safe and reliable passage of Drugs.

Drug Distribution - Turf Management - The organization of Distribution through the managing of resources. Holds street ready products and accounts fow how many are sold though the use of Forum Posts titles "Connect"

Drug Dealing - Sales - The finals stage is dealing drugs to the end customer in small weighed out amounts.
The process of Street Dealers finding the "Connect" Post and going their Ingame. Picking up the Backpack and selling that to customers. Dealing must be done in groups of at least 3. This is further explained below in the section explaining the New Drug System.

Armed Robbery - The plan and execution of procuring a commodity, through the use of weapons and coercion. E.g. Hijacking a truck or robbing a store.
Armed robberies are sometimes required. this involves wearing nondescript clothing and protecting your identity as much as possible while using weapons to rob our victims and or their specific loot.

Enforcement - The action of causing property or personal injury without concern for making an agreement or collecting something. A message and a way to insure the integrity of a threat or a racket.
Some rackets require actions to be taken purely to keep the threat of a Mercanti, as bond on the streets. maybe someo

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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22nd Mar 2014

maybe someone owes a debt and they cannot pay it. Or a Vagos disrespected the club, or a John hit one of our Escorts.. If a racket does not have *Enforcement they must seek a Meracnti in a Racket that deals with this type of thing regularly.

Embezzlement - The fraudulent skimming of money or commodity by a person who is in a position of trust, such as an agent or employee.
Mainly an RP based crime.

Laundering - the process whereby the proceeds of crime are transformed into legitimate money through the use of a semi legitimate business.
requires someone to bring cash to your HQ (snapmatic), and when it has been laundered they should be notified to come and pick it up.

Fence - An individual or business that knowingly purchases stolen property and then resells the items to others.
A potentially endless RP crime that will allow all members to come up with journals about procuring some stolen item and taking it to the Fence who may or may not want to buy it. Or the otherway around a Fence can offer up some type of RP or actual commodity to be bought. Nothing bigger than a Mule.

Major new Concept:

Instead of looking at one thing, e.g. Pimping as a whole, i have broken things up and seperated who should do what. So Loan Sharks, while previously in theory they would be primarily posting jobs of collecting debts. Now they are setting out RP Loans that require Debt Collectors to do the Collecting. No racket will contain both Loan Sharking AND Debt Collecting. This is to really encourage more intra Family business dealings and communication. It also works in an RP sense of breaking up work so that their is distance between the one who has motive, and the one who fixes the problem. For example lets say that you give out a loan to some chump, and he does not pay yuo and yuo beat him up or kill him.. Who will the police go to about it.. The guy who had motive to kill him or beat him up, you. So best to get someone else from the Family who specializes in this sort of thing to take care of it. In this system Mercanti's will be working and seeking out each other for all kinds of things making it an even more interactive place. The Public Bar chats potential will be realised with all kinds of requests and offers for work. And with the introduction of Street Crews, Mercanti Members can choose which Street Crew interests them based on the Activities of the Rackets in them.

Call and response Journals:

Due to the design, there will be a lot more call and response type journals. Meaning that someone will make a journal leading up to a point, and someone else from a Racket with the right *Activity will be called on to do the job and will create a response journal. E.g. Setting a Loan, and Collecting. Procuring Drugs, and Running. Pimping, and Enforcement. Vehicle Theft, and Chop Shop. A Call and Response journal is not mandatory, especially for smaller jobs, the benefits of working with others is already there. However for some larger Jobs such as the process from Procuring to Selling Drugs should be documented in this way.

The New Drug System:

There are now multiple stages involved from procuring the stuff, to selling it to the end customer. It will involve good teamwork and communication and will make us a stronger team, and a more profitable Family. The following roles and activities are meant to be done by members of a Street Crew whos Ranking Members Racket contains the following *Activity.
*Drug Wholesale - Procurement:
Once you have confirmed a Plan with the Don, meet the buyers and pick up the product at Location A, . Usually from someone or a group in San Rico (In Online Mode in Public Server). Take the product to Location B. Each pickup is 3 Kilo's of Coke. 3 Backpacks (parachutes) must be enabled at the Deal. If someone holding a Backpack dies, for any reason, they cannot re-enable their Backpack, that Kilo has been lost!
*Drug - Running:
Pick up the Product from Location B and take it to Location C and pass it over. There might be more than one location to take it, in which case they would be Location C1, Location C2 Etc.. Enable the 3 Backpacks or as many as were successfully brought to Location B, by the Procurement team.
*Drug - Processing: (Not Currently Used)
From Location C, cut the Coke and create Crack. You now have x3 Backpacks.
*Drug Distribution - Turf Management:
From Location C, organize and manage the inventory. Account for how many Backpacks are in possession and keep tally of the inventory till it is all sold. If you have been delivered 3 Backpacks by the Runners, you have 3 Kilo's of Cocaine. (coke, Cola, Charlie). For each Kilo you receive, you now package it into groups of 10. So if only two backpacks have arrived (2 Kilo's), you cut it into 20 backpacks containing 100g of Cocaine each. If all three backpacks arrive, you cut it into 30 backpacks, each containing 100g, if only one backpack makes it, you then cut it into ten backpacks each containing 100g.. Once you are stocked up, create a post in your relevant thread titled "Connect" and list the amount of Backpacks of 100g are available, e.g. 20, and at which location they can be picked up. Make sure everyone knows to respond by deducting 1 from the Comment before their own, while attaching an Imgur showing their Sales. the Comments list will be a count down to zero when the stash has all been sold. The money should then be laundered at the right place by the Ranking Member.
*Drug Distribution - Sales:
Check the relevant thread titles "Connect". See if there are any Backpacks of Coke available to be picked up and from where. If there is at least 1 Backpack left, you can decide to get together a small crew and try and sell a Backpack. Each Member can only be involved in Dealing 1 Backpack per day. You must do the following to sell the product:

Drug Dealing: Advanced
Crew: 3+
Info: You have picked up an official bag of Coke from Location C. If you die and this Backpack is lost, it is gone and you cannot re-enable it. In any case now you wish to sell it.
Equipment: Backpack (Parachute), Weapon.
Plan: You will need to organize two other members to join you. Each of you will have a role in making sure this is sold without being too obvious. Do not wear anything too fancy or noticeable. You don't want to stand out. Go to an area in town that is suitable, be smart in where you decide to sell your product, as this may become YOUR corner, who knows... OK you have found your spot:

Bag Man: One member stays off the street maybe in an alley way or somewhere not visible from the streets. note the exits in case something happens. This member must have the Backpack equipped. Backpacks CAN be passed by standing next to each other and "swapping".

Money Man: This is the guy who will be initiating business. He will be standing out there on the street gauging peoples interest as they walk past. When a civilian approaches on the pathway, the Money Man should start walking side by side with this Civ. Maybe letting them know the great deal they could be getting, and how our shit is the best in town etc.. if the Civ agrees (RP) tell them to keep walking and your man will bring the product. take the money (but never bump them, touch or alter their course) and give the "signal" to your Runner.

Runner: Your job is to hang back, but in sight of the Money Man. You will see him walking next to civilians. If you see him perform the Action "Bro Love" this is the "signal" that the customer has agreed and paid for the package. Now your job is to get to the Bag man, and receive a bag of product from him, 10g. Walk back out and find the Civilian. walk next to them fror a moment and then perform the Action "Bro Love" to give them the Product. Do not trouble them. We will lose a good business reputation if they buy from us then come up dead or beaten. Once the Runner has given them the Product, the Money Man should go to the Bagman and hand them the money, so that 95% of the time, the MOney Man and the Runner are not holding anythign incriminating. then rinse and repeat. If you see a police vehicle at any point... Make sure that the Bagman escapes. even if the Police car is just passing by. Get the bag man out of there, Money Man and Runner stay cool.. Each sale the team makes (for the sake of ease as apposed to realism) is 10g. So ten sales and the Bag is finished. Now the bag contains Money. Take that money Backpack to Location C. You will receive your cut at the door. Now go to "Connect" and add a Comment including the number of Bags left in the Comment before you, -1 of course. Also add a simple journal with at least three snapmatics of you dealing the bag with your crew. One at Picking up, one at Dealing, One at drop off. Do it right and enjoy the whole process, take your time.


Current Assigned Activities.

So i have assigned each Mademan with Activities that i think suit them. Also it allows a certain number of pathways and interactions that i think will work. Here are some examples:

Drug System:
Prince_Onion and the La Mesa Street Crew will buy the Coke.
Gastoeter and the vespucci Street Crew will Move the Coke to Glarke
Glarke and the Street Crew will organize the coke between who needs what.
Gastoeter's Crew will Run the rest of the Coke to Ace, Rose and Trevor.
Ace's Crew will Sell the Coke.
Rose's Crew will sell the Coke.
Trevor will Sell some coke, and also Export some Coke to Joey.
Joey Will receive the Coke.
Eagle will pick up the Coke, then sell it.

The above is all outlined by what Drug Related *Activities you are allocated in the Racket you operate. Lets say for example that another LX Member was made tomorrow, they might receive operating rights of a Racket that contained *Drug - Running. in which case the dynamic would look like this:
Joey will receive the Coke.
XXX will move the coke to Eagle/
Eagle will sell the Coke.

Loansharking/Debt Collectin

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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22nd Mar 2014

Loansharking/Debt Collecting:
Joey can use the Pension fund of Local 32 to be a Loan Shark. Eagle can get the Cage to Debt Collect for it, profits are split.

LS can export to LX through Trev (though Morningwood will most likely become an Import place once another Mademan is setup in LS particularly in Docks.)
Joey can import from Trev through Ponsonby's shipping, and Joey can export to Ace to the scrapyard (by way of shipping then freighting etc.. this will be improved when LS gets a better Export channel.

Aldo has Political, Joey Labour, Trev Business.. these are pretty heavy RP however you must speak to the Don before initiating any Corruption as this can have significant RP implications etc..

Car Theft Ring:
Eagle can organize car thefts and then have them shipped by Joey to LS for sale at Prince or Ace Chop Shop.
Gastoeter glarke rose Trevor can have the St Crews steal cars and sell them at Ace or Prince's.

Glarke eagle rose gastoeter and trevor run the Extortion operations so should work together to set up who extorts what.

Evidence Disposal:
Ace for LS members (Scrapyard) and Joey for LX members (Local 32) are places where you can bring evidence that you want to get rid of without resorting to explosives and gasoline. We now have the resources to get rid of Evidence in a more sophisticated way. At scrapyard just leave any vehicle/evidence you want in a far corner. and at Local 32 possibly drive it or throw it in the water... Not right next to the place but in Elyxian Island

Joey Rose and Ace run a Fence, so can organize things that are wanted by other members to be got or can accept stolen goods etc.. this will develop more as we go and will be a mixture or RP and direct in game Items.

Rose is the Primary Pimp due to ***Pimping, however Trev and Gastoeter have *Pimping so will attend to those girls in their own areas. Eagle has **Pimping so will make sure that there is a decent amount of money coming in from the Escorts in LX.

Post here that you have read this and let me know your thoughts.. maybe read it twice as its full of detail.

Aldo The out of Breath.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

Last Edit: 22nd Mar 2014 by Aldo Mercanti PC
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22nd Mar 2014

Just getting my head around the whole drug system, All the drugs would start from LS as Prince has the procurement racket?

Joined: 1st Feb 2014
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22nd Mar 2014

Also another cool aspect is that a few people have told me they also have access to another console, so there will be some people who can actually go back and forth between each city.. which will be pretty damn cool for Rackets 2.0 and just in general for Imgur journals.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

Joined: 1st Feb 2014
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23rd Mar 2014

Ill say it just to be sure, guys do not initiate anything till i organize and present it to the Family. in a day or so it will be up so in the meantime just think ahead but don't act on this.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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23rd Mar 2014

Everything looks awesome, can't wait for this to go into effect. Will this result in the scraping of the current LX Meth operation, or will that be assimilated at some point ?

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25th Mar 2014

Racket Threads have now been created and are located in Mercanti Establishments next to Mademan HQ threads.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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