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Mike Mercanti: The Conclusion! (2nd Read)
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24th Mar 2014

OK guys,

SO everyone is wondering what happened to Mike. We have as a Family put in some great work chasing down the info. If we had not done so we might have assumed the wrong players behind this.

OK so what we know and the order in which we came across it:

Mike Mercanti was shot outside the Unicorn. No witnesses.
The Family pushed buttons all over the city, getting info out of everyone.
Discovered the Lost MC were involved. Or at least the Vinewood Chapter.
Looked for the bigger players behind the scene as Lost would not have profited directly from Mike's Death.
We suspected the Sabatino's were behind it. We chased down the leads. They were damn near held up in a makeshift fortress for weeks, they really didnt seem like they would have wanted to try taking out a Capo.. so we looked further.
I started looking further abroad. Maybe it was not local enemies that had orchestrated this.
We pushed the Lost MC hard and came up with a few clues that pointed towards involvement by one of the Cartels in San Rico.
We found out that the Rico Cartel had setup a base just north of Los Santos! A large property they were using as a launching pad for an assault on the drug market of Los Santos.
Gastoeter and I made a trip up there. We hid and listened and watched.
A Black Limo pulled up while we were there. Out got someone who looked pretty VIP. he walked into the Manor.
Hours later the place was fairly quiet. We saw that only three guards remained outside. One in the Manor.
Gastoeter and I came up with a plan, as i had already decided we were going in there.

Gastoeter took out one of the guards.

We hit the other two silently.

We got our way inside and snuck through the place. The last guard was on the Phone to probably his girlfriend it seemed by the conversation. Gastoeter snuck up behind him and stabbed him right in the back of the neck. he dropped, it was pretty savage.

We walked quickly to what seemed like the main bedroom. knocked open the door and stood back for a moment, to see if any shots would be fired, none were. We quickly peered through the doorway and saw the old man sitting up in bed fiddling to put his glasses on as he was reaching for something in a draw next to him.
I ran straight towards him jumped and half kicked half landed on him. It knocked the wind out of him and by the time he realized what was happening Gastoeter had him by the hair was was holding a gun to his head.

The interrogation did not take much time. soon as he heard my first question he knew who we were and began spilling info related to what we had wanted to know all along.. who was behind the decision to kill Mike Mercanti.

Essentially the Rico Cartel was looking to have a monopoly on the whole drug process from manufacture to distribution. and they knew that if they could manage to setup the right networks and sell their stuff in LS and LX, in US currency, that they would make a fortune once the money was laundered back into their native currency. They were going to make an absolute fortune! They had organized a deal with the Lost MC who were going to hit a few key targets for them. Apparently they wanted Del Perro as a base for their operation hence why Mike was targeted.

So where to from here?

Well, we need to hit every last Rico Cartel member in LS or LX. search them out, they are around. They still control the compound however so we need to get a few hit teams to go up there and take them out.. really send a message that their line of influence stops at the borders of San Rico.. that they are just a producer, nothing more.
So anyone you see who you think might be a cartel member, take them out, but for god sake do it right, not mess or police.

Smokey Slim (X) compiled a report on their Compound. take a look, get to know it, for you9 will be hitting this place, and one day soon i may even buy it as a Private Compound for the Family, welcome to all members to enjoy.. however right now we got some Family Business to take care of, the avenging of Mike Mercanti.

Rico Cartel San Andreas Compound Report.


In teams, with the proper planning involved, hit the Rico Cartel members at the compound and any you spy in LS or LX it self.
Lost MC: same thing applies.. we are going to hit them even harder. do it right, do it clean. I want to see the Leader of the Lost MC come sniveling, crying for mercy and begging for me to stop the Mercanti Hand of death which doth wield the Sword of Damocles above his head.

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » The New World, Mike Mercanti, Street Crews and Rackets 2.0
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