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"Cashmere or Alpaca..?" (1st Read)
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*You enter an interesting part of town. Its a mixed and vibrant culture. A cross between Rockford hills and Del Perro, here you can see Escorts and Junkies occupy the same streets as businessmen and high fashion. Lots of opportunity in a place like this you think to your self as you enter the Ponsonbys*

"Hi there, just having a browse today?"

"No actually im here to pick up a Sebastian Fido Necktie, docket number 32"

*The Clerk looks up*

"Oh OK then sir, follow me.."

*You follow her out the back into the Managers Office. There your introduced to some serious looking individuals who are currently closing a Safe*

"OK right your here! This aint the biggest territory but this is the center of a growing Racket. Its a good place to start out making your way. There are Escorts and business opportunity about the place and you would do well to help us manage these operations. The Main Meracnti in this part of town is Mr Kahn. He is a Mademan in the Family and operates out of this very shop. Speak to him if you get the chance and he might even take you under his wing, if he thinks you have what it takes."

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I type fast, and i type a lot of words per day. So my spelling of words like 'You', will often be incorrect.

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22nd Mar 2014

Fiend and Koa had done a lot of two bit work together before the mercantis, strongarm robbery, armored truck hits, that sort of thing. Contract killing was relatively new but they were taking to the work well. When word came down that some shitskid of a person had disrespected the Don, ditched the family, and taken up with a cheap knock off of the genuine syndicate and Fiend got the call, a sickly sweet sensation filled the pit of his stomach. Trepidation about the results to his reputation if they failed warred with the pure thrill that came with the words "any means necessary".

It wasn't too hard to track the guy down, not many folks spell their name Tielor, plus he didn't screen his calls well. Fiend smiled to sound more genuine on the phone, the target had just acquired a new Vestra and wished to show it off. Fiend feigned interest as he texted Koa on the sly to get him into position. He wasn't certain how long they'd have once the shit went down and needed his bud there to confirm the hit.

Fiend waited along the highway as the orange and white vestra touched down, the initial thought of hurling a glob of c-4 and detonating the plane just before it touched down was dismissed. Koa wasn't there yet and it was not personal enough. Fiend wore the Mercanti colors openly, Tielor noticed this and commented. Fiend explained that frankly what had gone down was not his business. Not a lie, really, it wasn't..this job however was.

With the confidence and shamelessness of a sociopath Fiend boarded the plane while it was illegally landed. Tielor obligingly took off, but when he landed again snapped the wing off his new toy. Fiend hopped out, and asked Koa to snap his photo as Koa was now in position, as he posed before the flaming wreckage. As Tielor turned to smile for the birdie, Fiend blew his guts out from behind, spraying the asphalt with coils of intestine. As he fell, struggling to form the question, asking why? Fiend said simply "It is what it is." before blasting his skull into torilla chips and salsa.

Koa fired off the picture to Trevor, grinning ear to ear.
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9th May 2014

I'm Cristiano DeSanta I was told to come to you about some work
Forum » The Mercanti Family Network » Ponsonbys - Morningwood
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